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Celebrities Spotted Using R for Rabbit Products

Published on: 21 April , 2022 | Kanchan V

With vacations setting in, and travel plans on our minds, we prioritize our child’s safety over everything else. This may be your baby's very first travel abroad given Covid restrictions have no eased up. Which is why we suggest R for Rabbit Falcon Flight Stroller for the utmost safety of your child and convenience of us, parents.

The mid-day short naps is made alot more smoother with a stroller or a pram.

Can you deny that varicose veins are caused largely due carrying your child for hours together everyday?

Evening walks become a routine now with your baby clasped safely in the pram.

These and many more several benefits of buying a good functional stroller makes it a must buy for moms of infants & toddlers.

Celebrities Spotted Using R for Rabbit Falcon Flight Stroller

Here are some celebrities who have been spotted using R For Rabbit products!

Key features of a safe and an ideal Stroller:

  • Safety – being the topmost in the to-be List, Certification from EN Certification is a must.
  • Design- a Stroller/Pram which is least fuss-maintenance, and utility at it’s maximum. This is what one must look out for.
  • Portability- easy to carry, easy to fold and kept in any corner of the room, or even car trunk.
  • Safety harness point- strollers come with a 3-point safety harness system, 5-point safety harness system
  • Weight capacity- holding capacity of minimum 11kgs should be fulfilled.
  • Storage facility- A stroller has to have a huge storage basket so that it is handy for us to keep baby essentials.
Sucheta Pal's Child

What to look out for in R for Rabbit Stroller?

  • It is EN1888: 2018-2 Safety Certified. This Certification is as per European Standards to ensure safety of your baby & toddler is very well taken care of.
  • Designed to hold your baby in a spacious, yet a comfortable position, this stroller is a perfect blend of minimalistic design and classy looks.
  • 3-position recline- Adjusting to the mood swings and demands of your younger one, it is having a hook at the back, which when released, can be taken to 3 different positions.
  • Huge storage basket- The stroller has a huge storage backet to make us feel at ease with the baby essentials and our stuff too.
  • Made of alloy steel, this stroller is definitely a sturdy and a compatible one.
  • Has a canopy to cover your baby when she/he is asleep, and makes it easy to monitor through the canopy.
Deepali Pansare


Product Dimensions:

L 86 * B 57 * H 107 cm

Carrying capacity – upto 15 kgs

Weight 9.9 kgs

Brake type- Line brake. It allows your car to turn pedal pressure into stopping power. It has the best suspension technique, making it ideal for Indian roads.

Reversible handle makes it very convenient to swivel or even lock your pram while your baby takes a nap.

It has a 2-positionleg break, making it easy for the baby to rest her leg.

Handling issues: None. Can be folded or opened even single-handedly, as you hold your baby in one hand. Making it a child’s play.

Wheels alignment- wheels are made of good quality of nylon and plastic, thus making it totally viable for Indian roads. Plus safety aspect also taken care of.

Recommended age group 0-3 years

Colour options available: 6

Value for money: Yes

Gender: Unisex

Price: Rs. 8,199/- you can buy it on Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry and all leading e-commerce websites along with their own website.

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