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This Coding Revolution Can Make You A Part Of The Guinness World Record!

Published on: 19 April , 2021 | Ekta

Learn To Build A Face Recognition App in AIForIndia Event!

Is coding good for kids, and do they need to be exposed to the same this early? It is a topic of discussion that is up for quite a long time now. 

Well, GUVI, the best learning platform for technical skills, suggests that there is no possible harm in the same. Exposing kids to learn new things, especially in such challenging times, can engage them in learning and hone their analytical and critical thinking ability.

Today, Artificial intelligence is marking its presence in all the facets of our life. From tiny toys to hi-fi home appliances, everything has a touch of AI. So, our kids imbibe the technology at their fingertips, right from their age of 1 or 2. Little wonder they are excited to invent new ideas themselves!

Science fiction books, hi-tech movies, and YouTube Videos all introduce them to future AI ideologies. Above all, 270% more businesses are acquiring AI and progressing rapidly all along. That said, kids need to be aware of the technology that is booming so hugely. 

Generally, we tend to grab the coding skills when we feel it quintessential for our jobs. But,  Co-Founder & CEO of GUVI, Balamurugan SP, explains that the trends will soon change. He stresses that coding should reach every individual as an art or skill so that our outlook towards coding will change altogether.

We need to ensure that the future is coding-ready! Partaking the same thought, the experts at GUVI are organizing an AIforIndia 1.0 event. Come, let us dive deep into details here. 

#AIforIndia 1.0  in a look

GUVI, in association with AICTE and co-sponsored by BUDDI.AI, is launching the AIforIndia event on April 24th/25th, 2021. This event attempts to impart the skills to build a Face Recognition app using Python and help kids and adults, equally, Master the Python skills. Free Of Cost! 

Be A Part Of World Record With GUVI

GUVI intends to initiate a coding revolution through this AIforIndia 1.0! 

What makes the whole event further intimidating is that this grand event will possibly make a Guinness World Record of upskilling 1 million learners in a single virtual event. 

Yes, you read it right. AIforIndia is registered with the Guinness World Record and extends an opportunity for you to be a part of the World Record.

This AIforIndia is a step towards a techy tomorrow! 

Who is GUVI? What makes them stand out from the crowd?

GUVI is an IIT MADRAS incubated company. It provides more than  200+ Programming & IT courses in programming languages and other technical courses like Java, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and many more. GUVI extends this learning in multiple native languages like Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and many other languages along with English. 

GUVI Coding Platform

GUVI even provides 200+ Tech-Skill Certifications and Job notifications. GUVI’s CodeKata & WebKata are the most demanded programming skill-building platforms. You may check the trending Tech-Courses on GUVI’s website. 

HackerKid Coding For Kids

GUVI has an individual segment of coding for kids- the Hackerkid. It is another innovative segment that brings in a new methodology in coding for kids. Children can learn and explore on the user-friendly platform of Hackerkid with zero assistance. Well, obviously, the mentors keep track of the kid’s progress and jump in as and when needed!

  • Free Access to Python Course. 

Python appears to be the top pick of all the kids coding institutions. Coding with Python is captivating and easy to learn at the same time. So, we bet your kids will enjoy the session the most. 

  • Learning to build a Face Recognition App is a matter of confidence in itself. Children will be fascinated to create their app with the expert supervision of the GUVI professionals. Nothing can stop kids from creating things that they can save hold-on to years. 
  • The Guinness World Record can be a star on your kid’s collar. Children can hone their skills and flaunt their proficiency with GUVI Certifications marking the World Record Participation.
  • Children can look back to free Expert Sessions on AI. GUVI is a platform meant for learning. Kids can unlock an entire trunk of learning and exploration with the GUVI platforms. You would not ask for anymore, we are sure! 
  • Kids can master AI skills along the AIforIndia journey.

Being a part of the Guinness World record and making India Lead among the Top 3 countries in Artificial Intelligence will be a moment of pride for all of us. Let us hold hands for this webinar and make this event a grand success!

Build A Face Recognition App

Sharing adds value to the learning by heaps and bounds. Share this with your friends and family. Because even sharing will make you win! What??? Yes, a share and win program is aligned to this event. You can share more to win more. Prizes include gifts ranging from Rs. 500/- Coupon, free Netflix subscription to iPhone X. Wow, it is an all-profit deal! So, spread the word and let the awareness make India learn.

Register here @guviofficial & Get GUVI’s Python Course Free for learning 

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