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Delivery at a Specialized Children’s Hospital vs a Multi-Specialty Hospital

Published on: 27 February , 2017 | Ekta


The journey to motherhood is divine and gratifying. They say “A mother is born when a child is born”. But that is not completely true. You are a mother the day you conceive and not on the day you deliver. You are already nurturing your baby & preparing yourself mentally, physically, psychologically & biologically to take care of the new life inside your womb. We as mothers are anxious about what these 9 months will unfold for us. Some mommies-to-be are fortunate to have a normal, smooth & safe pregnancy. However, some may experience complications like developing gestational diabetes, high or low blood pressure or common but severe symptoms like persistent nausea and vomiting. As motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities, it is important that your family, friends & doctors are very supportive and you choose the Best Maternity Hospital & Gynecologist to cruise through your pregnancy smoothly. So, how is delivery at a Specialized Children’s Hospital vs a Multi-Specialty Hospital.

I recollect visiting my relative at one of the multi-specialty hospitals few months back. As I was waiting the visitor’s lobby, I noticed a 3-year old boy pleading to his mom to leave the place. I wondered, why was he so restless? He looked healthy & they too were perhaps waiting to see their relative or friend. I drew closer & offered a chocolate, but that didn’t help much either. He looked at his mom for approval & gave a faint smile, said thank you Aunty. Surprisingly, he didn’t open it immediately. He kept tugging his mom’s dupatta and beseeched to leave. I realized that it was the place that made him uncomfortable. And why not? The odour, the ambience, the hostile & busy staff, worried people frantically moving from one floor to another to either make payment, meet a consultant or get medical tests and scans. Clearly not what a toddler enjoys seeing.

Décor & Ambience

Children love bright-coloured décor & furnishing, friendly staff & doctors, a play room and an ambience that is cordial & soothing. The hues & themes used in a surrounding influences human behavior & better recovery by relating & enhancing the body, mind & soul. And that’s exactly what a Children Specialty Hospital will offer. State-Of-The-Art facilities & décor that pleases the eye & relaxes the mind.

Expertise & Specialization

While a multi-specialty hospital may offer an array of specializations & treatment for diversified needs, only a ‘Specialized Maternity & Children Hospital” will offer complete end-to-end services that include –

  • Complete digital & physical medical records of mother & child
  • Regular reminders & notifications for vaccination schedule & appointments
  • Specialization in infertility treatment – A common scenario in today’s world considering the rapid changes in food, lifestyle & physical activity. The dedicated experts are well-experienced to handle any complications during pregnancy.
  • Equipped with the latest technology to handle any emergency or complication during delivery or combating any problems like gestational diabetes, bleeding or spotting, excruciating abdominal pain, breech or any other severe complications like giving birth to conjoint twins, pre-termed labor, low-lying placenta or neural-tube defects.
  • Neo-natal & pediatric specialties like NICU, nephrology, oncology, cardiology, orthopedics & neurology.
  • Preventive & Emergency services for children in case of accidents, critical illness or psychological problems.
  • Comprehensive holistic care for women’s health advanced techniques like minimal invasive techniques, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, urogynecology & pelvic floor procedures, menopause clinic & cancer screening under one roof.
  • Focus on holistic mother’s health like conducting maternity pre-natal classes yoga, lamaze, labor & breast-feeding.

If you as a parent can correlate to the benefits of choosing a specialized Children’s Hospital, you should consider Rainbow Hospitals. Established on 14th November 1999, Hyderabad head-quartered Rainbow Hospital has many feathers to it’s cap –

* Best Pediatric & Gynecology Hospital in Asia – 2015

* Best Children’s Hospital in Hyderabad

* No. 1 Children’s Hospital in South India & No. 3 in India – survey by TOI

Rainbow has a presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Secunderabad and is now expanding to Chennai & Vishakhapatanam & Delhi. When I evaluated multiple children’s hospitals for their overall infrastructure and doctors, Rainbow Hospitals definitely offers a superior experience for the perfect delivery and entry into parenthood.

If you’re planning a pregnancy or already pregnant and not completely happy with your gynaec or hospital, definitely check out the Rainbow Children’s Hospital near you.

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