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Fostering your child’s authentic path to success – Iris Art Lab

Published on: 8 February , 2024 | Ekta

What do you want your child to become in the future? If your response is to let them discover their passion, then this blog is for you - influenced by the words of authors Don Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle.

As parents, our innate desire is to provide the best for our children, meeting their material needs and engaging them in various activities to uncover their passions. However, there’s a critical step we often miss in helping them find their true passion: authenticity.

For a child to be truly happy and successful in life, they must follow their inner passion authentically. Unfortunately, the domestication process we impose often causes them to lose their authenticity. Allow me to illustrate this with an example: A child sits at a dinner table with a full plate of food, savoring the flavors. When their tummy signals “enough,” that’s their authentic emotion. However, we often encourage them to finish or eat more, marking the beginning of domestication. This happens unconsciously, and as the child grows, even when their authentic self urges them to stop eating their favorite food, the domesticated mind overrides, compelling them to finish.

How can we guide children back to listening to their authentic selves? One effective approach is to help them slow down, be mindful, and focus on what they are doing. Consider the following examples of mindfulness: When we cook our favorite food, the first bite is delightful, but after a few bites, the food hasn’t changed; it’s our brain playing tricks. We get lost in thoughts and distractions, hindering us from truly enjoying the food we craved. Similarly, in the shower, we start with perfect warmth but quickly find ourselves immersed in thoughts, missing the opportunity to live in the moment.

Understanding this, it becomes evident why it’s challenging for children to focus on any activity, including studying. The culprit is the brain, preventing mindfulness, with the core reason being that children lose authenticity in the domestication process from both us and society.

Drawing on insights from books on human behavior, brain function, and mindfulness, I’ve discovered that creativity is the key to bringing back a child’s authentic self. Creativity assists them in focusing, being mindful, and staying present, leading to the rediscovery of their authentic selves. This, in turn, helps them find and connect with their passions without succumbing to external judgments.

Therefore, we are establishing Iris Art Lab to infuse various forms of creativity into a child’s life. Our aim is to help them connect with their inner authentic selves, fostering the discovery of their true inner passion.

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