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Gempetit Gold Jewellery For Kids | Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

Published on: 31 March , 2017 | Ekta

There is something about accessories & women! Remember those days when you tried to imitate your mom by furtively digging into her trinket box & hauling out her lipstick & nail polish in her absence, just to do it up yourself & look as beautiful as her? We all know children are great imitators & ape their parents – absorbing all things, good & bad like a sponge. And while jewellery & diamonds are a woman’s best friend, why will the young girls fall back? Though a burgeoning demand for purchasing specialized kids jewellery in India, there are limited options for parents. But parents need not worry now as Gempetit has the best gold jewellery for kids!

Why is gifting gold to your child the best gift?

  1. Instead of buying an expensive remote control car or a doll house which your child will outgrow in a year or two, your 5year old will learn to value & treasure gold jewelry because it is precious and expensive. It’s like a legacy passed down generations!
  2. Since time immemorial it has been proved that wearing gold has numerous health benefits on the mind & the body. From stimulation of cellular growth to release of antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties, it is allergy-free & very safe to your child’s sensitive skin.
  3. To inculcate the sense of responsibility in your child. Gifting them precious gold jewellery is an ideal way of teaching them how to be responsible and careful.

Meet Dhriti Goenka, the Founder of ‘Gempetit’ - fondly called the “Baby Tiffany” of India. It was a no mean task to master creation of stunning & impeccable 18k gold jewellery exclusively for infants, toddlers, kids & teens. Often, as parents we end up buying rings or balis for kids that obviously doesn’t excite them. Gempetit has churned out accessories with exemplary detailing from Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Maang Tikkas & Rings to customized Kurta Buttons for boys; now that’s bespoke! Gempetit also offers screw back earrings with threaded posts, as it is the safest because they are difficult to remove and are very comfortable even when the child is sleeping.

The myriad of choices from the assortment of stunning collections include the below –

Le Fluer, Nazariya, Bows & Ties, Pugs & Paws, Pop Art Silver, Gemberry, Bugs & Bees, Story Book, Young at Art, Baby Love & Simply Classic. From Florals to Honey Bees, Strawberries & Apples, Cupcakes to Elephants, they have them all! Your style is your pick!

Take a sneak-peek into few of their products:

The Birthday Princess Crown Ring

The D-day was arriving and Tanya couldn't curtail her excitement. All her friends were invited for the ‘Frozen’ theme birthday party & the sweet-little munchkin would blow the candles & cut her personalized cake while everybody would sing for her making it a great grandeur. A princess gown, lots of games & gifts and so much fun! Overjoyed & trembling with excitement, Tanya wore her birthday crown ring in 18Kt Gold gifted by her Grandmom on her 8th birthday! Demonstrating the amalgamation of elite & elegance, the Birthday Princess Crown can also be bought along with Princess Earrings, Pendant & Bracelet.

Made in 18k Gold with Enamel (adjustable size) is priced at Rs.12,163.

It’s A Girl! Bracelet

Mittens, booties & oodles of pink! Hurrah… It’s a baby girl! The ‘Baby Love’ collection drawing inspiration from elements of colours, fun & simplicity, is a testimony to the innocence & the breathtaking beauty of the little angel who is the ‘Darling of All Hearts’ and is loved by one and all. She is adorable & classy. The gold bracelet clearly displays the ‘fine line’ of difference between average and amazing. A bracelet handcrafted with pearls and motifs of a milk bottle and soother.

Made in 18K gold & Pink Enamel is priced at Rs.18,283

Hush Hush Little Bear Pendant

‘Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Touch The Ground

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Polish Your Shoes

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Off To School’

The Teddy Bear has been an integral part of everyone’s childhood. Bedtime stories, gifts from aunts & rhymes at school, this soft, plumpy & cute little teddy bear will be your child’s favourite pick. The smooth edges also ensures that it does not hurt your child

Made in 18k Gold & Enamel priced at Rs. 9652

Shades Of Blue Fire Fly Earrings

Flighty & feisty, meet the elegant modish FireFly with enchanting appeal & unparalleled charm & charisma. Turning moments into memories, Gempetit designs jewellery for those who are young at heart, art & age. Amplifying your child’s happiness, this line of collection is a differentiator and steals your heart with it’s innocence & bright colours. Made in 18k Gold is priced at Rs.7600
Gempetit stocks fun-filled, aesthetically designed 18k gold jewelry for kids with a dash of fashion & loads of SWAG! It’s quite intriguing to know what goes on inside the minds of the young turks and what excites them. Every time you want to gift something to your child or a close family member, you draw a blank. Dresses & games are too mainstream & electronic gadgets & smart watches are a big NO-NO because children are exposed to more than what is required. While kids and vanity is not something that we strongly promulgate, there is something special about gifting your child something precious, like a ‘legacy’ that can be passed down generations. If you would like to foray into the world of glitter & gold, you can visit www.gempetit.com to gift your child something enchanting!

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