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Where To Go For The Best Woman And Child Care, In India

Published on: 24 March , 2017 | Ekta


There are many veneers of suffering through the process of infertility – physical, mental, psychological, financial and social, that lead to trauma, marital strife, falling into depression and suicidal tendencies. There are crests & troughs of hope and despair. You can overcome these obstacles of infertility and sail into the beautiful journey of parenthood with –

  • Knowledge that drives you towards the right resources & decisions.
  • Guidance that supports you not just emotionally but also channelizes your efforts in the right direction.
  • Experts & Doctors who are like angels from heaven, to help your long-awaited dream become a reality.

Today, healthcare services do not just include the monthly scans & safe delivery at the hospital. It has metamorphosed into a holistic experience that offers end-to-end, preventive as well as therapeutic, treatment for all ages from infants to geriatrics. So, where to go for the best woman and child care, in India?

Often, most of us lay emphasis on only pregnancy & delivery when it comes to choosing the Best Maternity Hospital for women. With changing lifestyles, stress and a conscious choice to defer or postpone pregnancy either to realize our corporate dream or to enjoy our so called “freedom” for as long as possible. But, what we do not realize is the baggage that comes along with this “WAIT”. It becomes increasingly difficult to conceive once the “ Age Of Fecundity” is left significantly behind. Life takes a colossal turn when you comprehend that you have to deal with complications of infertility or high-risk pregnancy while conceiving your first or second child, if the age gap is too long.

The stork is an uncanny creature. It doesn’t always visit the usual way. Sometimes, it takes a byway and keeps us waiting a little longer than we would have liked. The uncertainty can be a grievous time for a couple trying to conceive. For many, hope starts plummeting and dream of parenthood becomes uncertain.

Many couples don’t know how and where to start – it’s tough to discuss with family & friends (although it’s not a social taboo). But, with the dawn of fertility technology in India, several specialty infertility clinics have mushroomed across the country. With the abundance of information available, it can be quite confusing to distinguish the fact from positive rhetoric. Fortunately, we know where the stork lives and the stork may visit you sooner than you thought.

Specializing in Infertility treatments, pioneering pre-pregnancy classes like Yoga & Lamaze for pregnant women and providing world class amenities, Cloudnine Hospitals is the largest chain of Maternity Hospitals that was established in Bangalore in 2007, by Neonatologist Dr. Kishore.

With about 2.7 crore babies being born annually, the birthing experience is evolving with time. Women want more than just a maternity hospital. They are looking for premium birthing boutiques who provide great comfort, luxury, well-being prenantal classes & good hygiene to enjoy their journey to parenting. Cloudnine has been trusted by over 36,000+ mothers handling complicated cases. One such success story worth mentioning is - a miracle when 580gm girl Naysa was born as a blessing to Varun & Shery Daroch. “Gentle Hands. Strong Expertise” - beautifully describes the proficiency & dedication towards the patients.

I recollect my cousin delivering at Cloudnine, Malleswaram 2 years back. The day she was discharged, she received a courtesy call next day just to ensure if everything was fine & the mommy’n’baby were doing well. The gesture definitely deserves brownie points. Not many hospitals do this. And probably why standing tall & strong, Cloudnine is now rated the #1 Gynecology Hospital in Bangalore for the 2nd time a row by the Times Group. It is not only the best in Bangalore, but also one of the Best Maternity Hospitals in Chennai, Mumbai, Gurgaon, now in Pune & soon in Chandigarh.

Paediatric surgery, Paediatric Cardiology, NICU, New Born Screening, Stem Cell Banking, Behavioral Disorders, Food allergies & other ailments that may be difficult to diagnose or treat in a healthy-looking baby is well taken care of by performing enzymatic or biological tests to ensure good health & safety of infants & pre-schoolers. You are in you 40’s – considered as the last decade of your biological prime. Perhaps your last shot at planning pregnancy. Running out of time, you need the best in town. Menopause transition is always discussed in hushed whispers like the mystery of late Chief Minister Jayalaitha’s death. If you are around 50-54 & symptoms of menopause are creeping, you should consider a specialist if you are very anxious about the new phase.

Cloudnine offers end-to-end healthcare solutions for women of all ages – from planning pregnancy to menopause. People know that pregnancy is not an illness & thus it should not be clubbed along with other specialities in a hospital. And the new generation is willing to pay for this experience. If you are looking to consult a doctor at Cloudnine.

Have you delivered at Cloudnine? Happy to hear your experience. To fix an appointment or to know more, please visit Cloudnine. Happy Parenting :)

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