Interesting Innovative Ways To Make Birthdays & Anniversaries Special

Interesting Innovative Ways To Make Birthdays & Anniversaries Special

Birthdays are one such special occasion where the whole world wishes and greets us, and who does not want those special warm wishes from someone special in your life? Birthdays and Anniversaries have become an affair of grandeur where parties are theme-based, out-sourced to event managers who give a keen eye to every small detail to make the party a memorable one. These are Interesting Innovative Ways To Make Birthdays & Anniversaries Special.

While so much time, money & resources are spent to ensure it is a “PERFECT PARTY”, people leave no stone unturned to make that day, that occasion one of the most happening & talk-about parties of the season. There are several ways to etch these moments in the memory for a lifetime. Some of the innovative ways you can make these occasions special are –

  • Theme parties – From travel to retro & bohemian to cartoons – you can align the décor, the games, the outfit, return gifts & dessert counters to go well with the theme.
  • Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! – It is always good to surprise your spouse or kid by inviting family & friends over for a crazy, fun-filled house-party. While, family dinners at fancy restaurants make all of us happy, there is always something about being with everyone & celebrating together!
  • Personalized gifts – There is no dearth of gifting options for special occasions. But personally I like to stick to personalized gifts or those which have good value for money. From personalized champagne flutes, school bags, quilts, photo cakes to something I recently discovered – “Personalized Birthday Songs”. You could surprise your special one with not just an ordinary “Happy Birthday to You” song, but an added twist to it. But, How???

What if you can–

  • Personalize your song
  • Add groovy music to it
  • Add your loved one’s name
  • Attach a special birthday message
  • Make a personalizedvideo or e-card with songs of their names
  • All in your budget

Is it even possible?

Interesting Innovative Ways To Make Birthdays & Anniversaries Special

This is sure to make the birthday boy or girl go “Wow”! I’d been to a birthday party at Hyatt recently. It was the 16th birthday party of my cousin & her parents had played a song personalized with her name. It was so cool! They had also screened a video to showcase important milestones & funny pictures of the family & her friends who just turned “Sweet 16” J The audience was amused to hear the personalized songs. I was eager to find out from where they got it done. It was from an online website called

The website offers four songs at present-

  1. Happy birthday to you(traditional song)
  2. Baar Baar Ye Din Aaye(in Hindi)
  3. Sing along – A Happy Birthday Song (In English)
  4. Happy Din Aaye (In Hindi)

To have a personalized song, you identify your name in the songs list and download it. All the personalized birthday songs are designed and created by the fun-loving team. You can also personalize songs for wedding anniversaries at The site also offers an option to download the song and save it in the CD/pendrive in case we wish to save it for life!

Birthday parties are so much fun. Often, we are at a loss of good gifting ideas. We search for something unique for our family friend, which nobody else has ever thought of. This site is especially designed for people who are looking for out-of-the-box ideas to make birthdays and anniversaries special. We can play this song during the cake-cutting and entice all the guests. To create a personalized birthday photo e-card with song is very easy. You just have to follow these steps:-

1}Search name
2}Select songs
3}Click on order selected songs
4}In the checkout page mention your name, email ID, and phone number
5}If you are using debit/credit card , net banking select PayTm or PayU
money or else make payment using Paytm wallet or Mobiqwik wallet
6}Once you make the payment please do not go back or refresh the page
7}You will be diverted to the download page .you may download song from
there and an email will also be sent with songs as an attachment.


Every birthday has a stereotype Happy Birthday song. But, wishes to add magic and make your dedication a memorable one! These personalized birthday cards are available for more than 6,300 names, an exhausting list of names. Some names, due to their uniqueness, might not feature in the names list. But, fret not. The website has made a provision to write the name in the provided space to make things simple and convenient. They also have a Special Names page (Relation) for songs that can be used for most people.

All things special come with a special price tagged along with it. The usual fad is that anything unique, has to be priceless and is generally expensive. This personalized birthday song is unique in the sense it is totally affordable! It would cost you a meager Rs.75/- for one song and if you choose two songs, then it is Rs.100/- only. Unbelievable, right? So, what are you waiting for? Flatter your loved ones with these totally cool personalized birthday songs. Let the magic spread in the air!

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37 Comment(s)

  • by Geethica Mehra Posted July 22, 2017 11:42 pm

    I love reading your blogs Ekta. They are always flooded with new information. I simply love theme parties. And this is awesome if I can have songs etc customised according to me.

    • by Ekta Posted July 24, 2017 12:41 am

      Thanks Geethica.. sweet of you to acknowledge our efforts. We all appreciate value for money gifts or ideas. These score a 10/10 for cost & ease of use.

  • by Priyadarshani Panda Posted July 23, 2017 4:01 am

    Wow that really a nice website …and personalised gifts have so much of emotions

    • by Ekta Posted July 24, 2017 12:40 am

      One of a kind – we don’t hear personalized songs too often. Do we? 🙂

  • by misha jain Posted July 23, 2017 10:20 am

    lovely Ideas Ekta like ever… i am now waiting for a day to come soon