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Is Cancer A Disease Or A Deficiency?

Published on: 6 September , 2017 | Kanchan V

Is Cancer a disease or a deficiency? This question might sound weird to you, as it did to me when I heard it first. In today’s world, Cancer is the most researched and feared disease by far. It is making headlines every day. The simplest explanation of the Cancer disease is the state where the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues. Nobody is spared from it- the young, the old and the babies are equally being affected by it. How many of us are ready to listen to the other side of the truth about Cancer? So, is Cancer a disease or a deficiency?

Many researchers are doing an extensive research with the aim to prove that Cancer is not a disease, but merely a deficiency of Vitamin B17. As simple as it sounds, it is difficult for us to even lend as keen ear to this school of thought. There are studies being conducted to prove that the word Cancer is nothing more than a lie. Let us recall an instance from the past when sea travel was largely popular world-wide. Quite a large number of seafarers lost their lives to a disease called “Scurvy”. And eventually many other people also started dying after being affected by this disease. Many people made huge money taking advantage of the situation. Until the year 1747, when James Lind a Scottish doctor proved after intensive trials that the disease Scurvy is not a disease but a deficiency of Vitamin C.  And can be prevented by the inclusion of citrus fruits in our diet.

Cancer is also just like that. The colonizing world and the enemies of humanity had established the cancer industry and made it into a business, which yields millions of revenues to these so-called “health providers”. As sources have it, the Cancer industry was established after World War II.

Based on the statistics provided by the National Cancer Registry in India it is estimated that 14.5 lakh people are living with the disease, with over 7 lakh new cases being registered every year and 5,56,400 deaths are said to be cancer related. An estimated 71 percent of all cancer related deaths occur in the age group of 30-69 years.

The most common forms of cancer in men is lung, colorectal, lung, head, neck and liver. Whereas for women the common sites of cancer are breast, ovary, lip, oral cavity, lung and cervix. The Indian Council of Medical Research reports suggest that for every 2 women diagnosed with breast cancer, one dies. While in every 8 minutes, one woman dies of cervical cancer. A media release by CCI(Childhood Cancer International) dated January 2014, nearly 40-50,000 new cases of cancer are reported in India every year. But, unfortunately, a large percentage of cases come in later stages when it becomes increasingly difficult to treat efficiently.

How to treat cancer?

Cancer can be treated as it is not a disease, as already said, but just a deficiency in Vitamin B17. So, can we skip the Chemotherapy, surgery, or taking innumerable strong medicines which have side effects both in the short run and long run? The answer is, of course we can. There is an alternative prevention and cure strategy which can be adopted.

Given below are the super foods which are proved to prevent cancer. Included in the list is Wheat bud or wheat sprouts, being a miraculous medicine to fight cancer. It is a rich source of liquid oxygen. The other super foods rich in Vitamin B17 are :-

  • Eating 15 to 20 pieces of apricot stone or any other fruit stone
  • Eat wheat bud or wheat sprouts
  • Fruit stone of apple, apricot, peach, pear and prune
  • Common beans, grains which include bean, Lima beans and pea
  • Kernels of bitter almond and Indian almonds
  • Family of berries which offers black mulberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry
  • Seeds like sesame, flax seed and linseed
  • Groats of oats, black wheat , barley, brown rice, linseed
  • Seeds of paddy and pumpkin
  • Seeds of other fruits like peaches, prunes, plums, pears and watermelon
  • Nuts like cashews, Macadamia nuts, Bean sprouts

The above said foods are all the highest sources of absorbent Vitamin B17. Cancer is definitely curable with the root of the cure lying completely in the right type of foods that we intake and the lifestyle that we choose.


The contents of this blog are purely findings of some scientists who are working extensively on the same grounds & not my personal opinion. While we do not advocate either naturo-therapy or chemotherapy, nor discourage anyone from undergoing treatment for Cancer; it is at the disretion of every individual to believe what works best for them & consult a specialist before you choose to tread a path.

Prevention is better than cure – This is an undeniable fact. So, let’s take preventive measure by including these superfoods rich in Vitamin B17 in our daily diet.

P.S – Please share this article with as many as you can. Help others know the truth behind Cancer.

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Kanchan V

Kanchan is a doting mom to two angels and is passionate about writing. With over 3 years of experience in the content space, she strives to push boundaries and balance her personal & professional life well.

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