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Eureka Forbes Ivac- Robotics Vacuum Cleaner

Published on: 30 October , 2021 | Ekta

Eureka Forbes – one of the most trusted brands when it comes to Health, Cleanliness, and Efficacy holds a proud legacy for delivering the best for 39 years. And this time yet again, keeping in trend, they have ventured into the Robotics operated Vacuum cleaners.

Welcome the new-age Eureka Forbes Robotic vacuum cleaner, completely suited to the common Indian household. The idea behind the concept is to make cleaning hassle-free and totally human-intervention-free. 


Now is the time to take out that guitar and strike those chords of melody. Do you love painting? So take out those brushes and paint your magic. Do you miss those once-upon-a-time long drives along with the efficacy, we welcome Forbes Robo Range- IVAC.

Because you live Life only once. And Life without a Passion is a Life not well lived. So why not start today? Bring in this festive season with the iVAC Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and discover the carefree bird in You.

What makes iVAC Robotic Cleaner so efficient & dependable?

  • Absolute user-friendly. An automated Robotic cleaning device that has the triple advantage of time-saving, hassle-free, and hygienic cleaning makes this product an ideal choice. Especially in this current scenario of work-from-home.
  • Time-saving. Imagine having a couple of hours at your disposal. Yes, women, Forbes Robo iVAC Vacuum Cleaner makes your cleaning simpler, efficient, and at your complete disposal. The run time is 90 minutes.
  • Efficacy at its best: Making cleaning not just a one-time affair, but an anytime affair. This automated machine helps you have a hygienic surrounding throughout the day.
  • Lifestyle upgrade. Who does not wish for a clean and sparkly house? Forget the common cleaning practices and up your lifestyle by welcoming the latest trend in the field of House Appliances.

The ‘WOW’ Aspects of the Robo iVAC Cleaner:

  • Dual function for maximum cleaning:

Dry Vacuuming & Wet mopping at the same time. How? It vacuums dry dust, dirt, and debris with ease. It is equipped with an ultra-premium microfiber cloth which cleans any wet spills or stains instantly. Finer particles that are not always detected by the eyes like dust, dirt and waste, kitchen floor mess, and cornflakes are a child’s play for this Robot. 

  • Remote Control Operation:

An automated device that helps you give commands with ease, set modes, steer and charge the device from any corner of your house with just a click.

  • Multi-surface floor cleaner:

Unique cleaning marvel which can be used across any kind of carpets, wooden and marble floors, glass furniture, or even kitchen tops. What more can you ask for? Just set the mode and go for it.

  • Auto-Cleaning Mode:

With its adjustable automated cleaning mode on, it can adjust to the environment and perform accordingly with utmost efficacy. So, be it a wet floor or an uneven surface like the corridors, don’t worry about a thing, the Auto-cleaning mode will take care of it.

  • Edge cleaning:

Afraid of the corners and edges being missed out? With regular cleaning, this could have happened. But not with Robo iVAC Cleaner. It is capable of accessing & cleaning every nook & corner of the room.

  • Schedule at your ease

Set a cleaning schedule at your convenience, even when you are not at home.

  • Smart Sensors

Equipped with smart sensors that detect, dodge, and navigate its way around furniture & obstacles. So no fear of the machine getting stuck under some piece of furniture or falling off from the stairs. 

  • Multi-cleaning Mode

It is equipped with multi-cleaning mode- spiral cleaning, random cleaning, S-shaped cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning.

  • Battery back-up

Dura cleaning battery provides uninterrupted cleaning with a run time of 80-90 minutes.

  • Smart Auto Docking

Equipped with intelligent auto sensors, this unique feature helps the Robo to automatically dock in the same place of source where it was plugged in. Yet another time-saving feature making it a total worth buy.

MRP: Rs. 17,990/- available on Amazon.in. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

How it has made our life easier?

With people moving to work-from-home with both children and adults spending all their time at home, it is inevitable to have messy homes. Well, let’s not discount the construction work in our neighborhood house or the harmful dust coming in from the road. A surface-level sweeping & mopping does not thoroughly clean your home.

Eureka’s Robo iVAC cleaner has made life much easier as it does its job while you are doing your chores. It requires no human intervention, reaches those corners under the bed and sofa that you & your domestic help possibly won’t on normal days.  Most importantly, it has given us the satisfaction & happiness of ensuring we are giving the “best” to our family. A clean home is a healthy home. We believe in investing in good health & a clean environment rather than hefty hospital bills. What’s your pick? :)

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