Yummy, healthy food! Can that be for real?

Yummy, healthy food! Can that be for real?

Yummy, healthy food! Can that be for real? As adults and as parents, we all have firmly come to believe that food can either be yummy or healthy and that these two attributes are always at war with each other. Our belief turns into conviction when we look around. And what do we see? That every other child you come across is a fussy eater who fusses over every kind of food and that every other parent you come across, is a frustrated person struggling to keep her calm and trying to feed the fussy child. That’s the unfortunate and sad story of little kids and their parents, these days. But give any kid a chocolate or ice-cream, pizza, burger, noodles or any kind of junk food, you will see their eyes popping out of their sockets and their hands eagerly reaching out to devour the junk.

In this war of “Junk Vs Nutrition”, who wins?

Good question. The answer is usually the one who wields greater emotional power – the Mom (parent) or the kid? If the Mom does, nutrition wins, if the kid has more pester power, then junk wins more number of times leading to guilty Moms.

Whoever said ‘food makes everyone happy’, probably hadn’t seen fussy eaters and parents of this tribe. Parents can come up with a laundry list of complaints about the eating habits of their children for which most do not have an answer. A glance at this list:

  1. They don’t want to eat
  2. They are always busy playing
  3. They never feel hungry
  4. They hate home-made food
  5. They always want something different
  6. I don’t have time to make new recipes every day
  7. They like outside food and junk food
  8. I have to feed them and it takes hours of my time
  9. They don’t eat till you switch the TV on

Why should Moms lose their sleep over Gen Z and their food habits?