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“My Mom Is My Life” | A Heartwarming Story From A Daughter

Published on: 26 October , 2017 | Madhurima Chakraborty

Every​ ​mom ​​has ​​a ​​different ​​role ​​to ​​play ​​in ​​their ​​home. At ​mine, my mom ​​is ​​not just ​​a ​​mother​​ but​ ​also ​​a ​​super woman ​​with ​​superlative ​​powers. My Mom Is My Life. She​​ is​ ​the ​​best ​​gift ​​of ​​life ​​and ​​without​​ her, ​​I'm ​​nothing. ​I ​​love​ ​my ​​mom​​ more ​​than​ ​any one ​​in ​​life ​​because​​ she​ ​is my​ ​friend​ ​for​ ​forever,​ ​my ​​teacher ​​for ​​life ​​and​ ​my ​​idol ​​for ​​my ​​dreams.She ​​taught​​ me​​ that ​​what ever​​ you ​​do ​​be ​​honest,​​ be ​​humble,​​ be ​​a ​​focus​​ to ​​your​ ​goal​​ which​ ​is ​​my ​​mantra​​ for ​​life ​​andmakes​​ me​ ​be ​​a ​​seeker ​​for ​​a ​​dream.

I ​​think ​​this ​​not ​​enough.​​ It is ​better ​​to ​​write​​ the​ ​story ​​which ​​is ​​unheard​ ​by​ ​anyone​​ and ​​untold​ ​by me.

It ​​is the ​​story ​​of ​​an ​​inspiring​​ life​ ​who​ ​is ​​everything​ ​to ​​me, ​​my ​​mom, from a few​ ​years ​​back​ ​In​ ​2004…

When​ ​I​ ​was​ ​born, ​​everyone ​​was ​​so ​​happy​ ​and ​​my ​​mom's​ ​happiness​​ was​ ​something ​​else​ ​cause​ ​I ​​was​​ the​ ​first ​​child ​​to my​ ​parents​ ​and​ ​it ​​was​ ​also ​​the​ ​day ​​when​​ my ​​parents​ built​ ​their ​​own ​​home​​ by working ​​​hard​​ &​​ struggling to make ends meet. It​ ​was one of​ ​the ​​best ​​moments they'd ​​never​ ​​forget​​ in​​ life.

Everything​ ​was​​ going ​​well until my ​​dad​ ​passed​ ​away​​ from a ​​heart​​ attack ​​a year later. My ​​mom​​ was ​​trying ​​to​ ​display her strength​ although ​​her​ ​tears and​ impatience becoming second nature​​ said ​otherwise. ​I ​​was ​​a little​​ child​ ​so ​I ​​could​ ​not ​​decipher​ ​what​ was ​​happening​​ around ​​me, ​​mom ​​used ​​to work ​​and​ ​as​ ​the ​​day ​​passes​​ the​ ​pain ​​heals. ​My ​​mom​ ​and ​​me ​​moved ​​on ​​in ​​life. At​​ the age​ ​of ​​18, ​​I ​started​ ​valuing​ ​my ​​mom​ ​more ​​when​ ​I heard​ ​the ​​inspiring ​​story ​​of my ​​mom ​​from ​​my​ ​maternal​​grandmother. How as a single mother, she ​​nurtured​ ​me ​​and ​the challenges ​​she​​ she faced ​​to ​​give​ ​every ​bit of ​happiness​​ that I desired.

That ​​day ​​I ​​decided​​ whatever ​​I​ ​do​​ should make ​her ​​proud ​​and happy. So​ ​I ​​started​​ working​​ hard​ ​and​​ concentrating better on studies ​​to ​​pursue ​​the ​​dreams​ ​that​ we dreamt. As​​ months & years​ passed by, ​​I ​​was ​​finally ​​on​ ​my ​​own ​​feet, ​​I​​took ​​over most of ​​the​ ​responsibility at ​​home​ to avoid burdening mom with work and chores. She now had a ​matured child​​ to take care of both of them.

My ​​mom​ ​was ​​a ​​house wife​ ​when ​​my ​​dad ​​was ​​alive. After​​ he​ ​passed​​ away​​ she​ ​started​ ​working ​​in​​ the​ ​primary​​ school​​ along-side being ​​a ​​part-time​​ cook​​ at ​​the ​​school restaurant.​​ In my opinion, what ​​she​ has done for her family cannot be easily matched.​ So, ​I'm​​ proud​​ of ​​my ​​mom,​​ she ​​is​ ​my ​​inspiration, my ​​motivation​​ and​ ​my​ ​life.

What ​​I ​​learned​​ from​​ Mom​​ is​​ written​​ below​​ in ​​the ​​poetry​ ​

I​​ can​​ see ​​the​ ​tears​​ in​ ​your​ ​eyes,

I​​ can​ ​see​​ the​ ​pain​​ in​ ​your​ ​heart

I​​ can​​ see​ ​the​ ​scars​​ on​ ​your ​​body,

So please, don't​​ pretend​​ to ​​be who​​ you​​ are ​​not.

Ty. Love you Mom. Forever. When I say My Mom Is My Life, I mean it.

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