She is not a parent, but why is she called “Amma”

She is not a parent, but why is she called “Amma”

To preface, let me say that I’m not fan of any of the political parties neither am I interested in politics. It is amusing to watch people trying to follow & decode the return of political parties to power.
On 25th March 1989, a bold statement was made by Mrs. Jayalalitha after she was humiliated by DMK ministers (like Dushasana pulling Panchali’s saree) – “I will return & attend the parliament only as the Chief Minister”. As destiny had it’s course, her alliance partner Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991. The sympathy votes won people’s hearts, & Tamil Nadu got it’s first, youngest chief minister who completed her term successfully (between 1991 to 1996). This marked as a turning point in the history of the state. As she embarked on her journey to adopt some of the unconventional strategies over the years, let’s have a look at her administration at grass root level.

Jayaram Jayalalitha

Surpassing the founder’s record of winning the maximum seats, Mrs. Jayalaitha contested & won all the 39 seats in 2014 elections. A gigantic victory for the party after the DMK scam came to light, people found new hope in AIDMK bestowing her with political fortunes. The former actress, a writer, a politician, well let’s say an educated politician who was familiar with English, Tamil & Hindi; thus making her a versatile woman.

The question arises – Why is she called Amma? Many people believe that her cult figure among poor who are dependent on her for their little necessities like rice, fan, sarees & “Amma” branded products has made her one of the most successful politicians and thus bringing her to power for the 5th time. Commendable isn’t it? Just like a mother provides you with food (pulses, oils, wheat), shelter (allotment by the housing board) & clothes (sarees & other clothing), Jayalaitha also tapped the emotion of upliftment from poverty by providing the basic necessities to luxury for the needy (free power, phone, tv, grinder & more as you read further). But what has made her the “Amma” of Tamil Nadu?

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