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Best 5 Online Classes For Kids In India 2022

Published on: 24 August , 2022 | Ekta

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. Over centuries, we have learned, and sharpened zillions of skills driven by many reasons — survival, bonding with each other or simply a fun way to engage ourselves. 

Due to lingering coronavirus challenges, many parents are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged constructively. Academic enrichment programs are available in abundance, but today, with formal education going virtual, if we want to expose our kids to the screen anymore, we definitely want it to be for holistic development (rather non-academic oriented). That which the child enjoys. That which opens a plethora of options to pursue his / her passion.

If you are looking for Online Classes for kids, pre-schoolers, kindergarten or teenagers, we have you covered. Here are the Best 5 Online Classes For Kids In India 2022.

Creta Class - Best 5 Online Math Class For Kids Between Ages 3-8 years

Creta Class - Best Online Math Class For Kids In India

Do you remember how we dreaded learning Math at school? Memorizing abstract concepts and hypothetical equations, unsure if you will ever use Calculus & Algebra ever again at work. Our children are no different. They probably feel the same way!

Its scientifically proven that memorizing random concepts without understanding the logic only harms rather than help the child in the long run. Children who performed well at math are the ones who used number sense and evoked a strong liking for the subject since they applied what they understood from the concept. Are you geared to ensure your child excels in logic reasoning & analytical skills?

Awarded as the "Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award" in the mobile App category, Creta Class is a Singalpore based math program developed by education experts and designed for kids ages from 3 to 8.

The Mom’s Choice Awards Names Creta Class Among the Best in Family-Friendly Products because the systematic program provides a 5-stage plan, with each stage consisting of 240 lessons, 1,200 animations, and 12,000+ interactive exercises making Math super fun for kids.

Creta Class’s 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week approach makes learning math fun and easy with bite-sized daily sessions and AI-backed learning paths.

Enrol for a Trial Class today on Creta Class Website today, email service@cretaclass.com.

Kutuki - Best Online Classes For Kids In India 2022

Kutuki’s Certified Online preschool Program promises Premium Early Education for your little one. Kutuki offers hundreds of engaging learning rhymes, stories, games and activities made for Indian pre-schoolers between the age of 2 – 6 years. Meet your learning partners –

Kutu – A tiny, tumbling boy he may be, but when he pulls up his pants, it’s time for some serious business. Little Kutu is inventive and curious, a tiny thinker.

Ki – Excited, energetic and adventurous, Ki is a cartwheeling, sommersaulting thunderstorm. She loves her little brother, Kutu.

Minku – Kutu and Ki’s best friend - a gentle, playful and baby elephant who loves little children and of course the bananas. She is Kutu and Ki’s partner on their learning adventures.

What skills will your child learn?

  • Language & Phonics
  • Math & Science
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social & Life Skills

Content created around several themes including –

  • Space
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Indian Festivals
  • General Knowledge
  • Emotions & Feelings

Enrol for a free demo today, call 7676186955 or email support@kutuki.in

ZILLSKILL - Best 5 Online Classes For Kids In India 2022

At ZILLSKILL, you will be awed by the range of activities that children indulge in and how it brings us all together as one big family. How distance and language diffuse to build a stage where the passion of sharing our skill takes the spotlight. Founded by a team from IIM, IIT, BITS Pilani, Jabong & Groupon and 2 of 3 founders being parent's themselves, ZILLSKILL has all you need for holistic development of shining star!

Best Online Classes For Kids In India 2021

ZILLSKILL is a wholesome one-stop destination for all things hobbies, activities and skills for kids. The platform has exciting features like free hobby classes, full-suite workshops, a fun assessment test (ZILLSKILL Assessment program), daily challenges and kid-friendly news to encourage kids to explore and discover fun hobbies. 

Choose from various activities:

  • ZAP: ZILLSKILL Assessment Program which entails 8 types of intelligence tests is created in partnership with Dr. Shefali Batra, a renowned child psychiatrist based in San Francisco, USA. If your child knows what his/her strengths are, they could master the skills faster. So, your child should take the ZAP assessment today to unleash, understand & build on their interests & master skills they always loved as a child. When you know your strengths, you can master skills that you were naturally designed to shine in! Doing what we love is effortless, isn't it? Ready to find your SuperPowers? Let’s go!
  • Coding – Equip your child with 21st century problem-solving skills.
  • Martial Arts - Isn’t that super cool? :)
  • Singing – Gear up your child for the next Indian Idol!
  • Health & Fitness – Let kids not become couch potatoes any more.
  • Cooking – Custard or curd, let’s cook up a storm. It’s never too early to learn flameless cooking!
  • Dance – Music is so liberating! Bollywood or Jazz, let’s get grooving! Our personal favourite!
  • Art & Craft – Origami, Doodling or calligraphy – let the creative juices flow.
  • Sports – Zumba & Kalari – let your child be the jack of all trades!
  • Puzzles & Maths – Vedic Maths and Numeracy concepts that will be your child’s secret best friend!
  • Reading Corner - We are shelving the best for the last. Have you ever heard of a strawberry moon? Did you know how Sunil Chettri Beats Lionell Messi? These and many more amazing facts you will love to read with your child - only on ZILLSKILL.  Kids can find Kids friendly news and interesting short reads here which will help them increase their general knowledge.
  • Free Workshops: ZILLSKILL offers many free workshops through the month across didfferent age groups for which you can register your child. Introduce your child to new things & let him/her discover what they love the best!

Enrol for a FREE Class today on zillskill.com.

GyanPro - We Make Science Make Sense !!

GyanPro is an impact first for purpose organization where we research, teach and promote conceptual learning of Science.

We are the pioneers in India for STEM education and Hands on Project based learning (PBL). We are proud that our STEAM Course (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) have inspired and created a positive impact to more than 4,50,000+ Young minds towards experiential learning. We have been promoting STEM Education for the past 11 years and have our presence in more than 10+ countries.

Our STEAM Courses are group classes for the age group of 4 to 16 years which emphasizes on Foundation Skills namely Critical Thinking, Scientific Temper, Accuracy, Concentration, Coordination, Observation, Decision making to name a few.

All our courses come with a Course Completion certificate, convenient batch slots, regular assessment & review

Courses Offered are -

Amateur Scientist

Chota Scientist

Virtual Tech Camp

Advanced Coding

Design Thinking & 3D Printing

Artificial Intelligence

To know more about the courses & to Register -


Call or Whatsapp - 8197089425

Spark Studio

90% of parents enjoy hands-free classes that their children will retain for a lifetime. The founding team comprises of alumni from IIM, IIT, Teach For India, Lead School & Zynga. Spark Studio offers extra curricular classes for kids between 5 – 15 years. Spark Studio is one of the Best 5 Online Classes For Kids In India 2021.

Courses offered include –

  • Art of story telling – Build stories & let other live your imagination.
  • Public Speaking – Most sought after 21st century skill. Become an orator! 
  • Drama – Ready? Camera, Lights, Action!
  • Debate – Got an opinion? Learn the art of being a formidable communicator!
  • Photography – Capture stunning memories you will cherish for a lifetime.
  • Stop Motion Animation – Let your imagination run wild.
  • Western Vocals – Level up from a bathroom singer. Take centre stage!
  • Art – Get inspired by global artists & find your own style.

Enrol for a free demo, call 6363701578 or visit sparkstudio.co.

Glearnr - Best Online Classes To Teach Life Skills To Your Kids

Glearnr - Best Online Class To Teach Life Skills To Your Kid

Glearnr platform allows kids to discover courses relevant for ‘Life’ and often missed in schools. As the world becomes increasingly complex, it is important for kids to learn more about ‘life skills’ of managing money, art of collaboration and discipline in life in order to succeed and become well rounded individuals.

Benefits of Glearnr:

Team work: Optimum class size ensures that kids learn the art the collaboration and team work through proper communication and empathy.

Teachers with high EQ: Teachers are selected to teach only if they score well on Cambridge University's empathy quotient framework.

Focus on Life Skills: The continuous focus is to deliver and create courses which are missed in schools but have a significant impact in overall life.

Some of the Top courses are:

Effective communication skills for Kids

Financial Literacy for Kids

How to Shine like a STAR

Also Glearnr will NEVER harass you with constant sales calls!

Glearnr have a 7 step selection process for the instructors to filter out the best tutors to teach on Glearnr platform.

Enroll Now, visit : www.glearnr.com , Email: services@glearnr.com

Crejo.Fun - Best Online Art Classes For Kids

Crejo.Fun - Best Online Art Classes For Kids In India

Experience holistic learning with Crejo.fun. Designed for kids between 4-16 years. Explore your interests, learn through play & develop skills that will remain with you through your life. Build your social, intellectual, physical, creative, emotional skills. Sessions are conducted in small groups <5 students allowing the facilitator to give individual attention to each learner. 

Courses include –

  • Yoga Tales – From fat to flexible (age 4-11 years)
  • Visual Arts – Play with colours & express yourself (age 6-11 years)
  • Hip Hop Dance – Develop, balance & focus with dance (6 – 11 years)
  • Poster Making & Puppets – Puppetry (4-8 years).  
  • Tricolour Doodle Workshop – Doodling: The latest coolest thing! (9-12 years)
  • Art & Craft – Unleash your creativity(9-11 years)

To enrol, call on 8586808283 or visit crejo.fun.

imD1 - Best Online Dance Classes For Kids

Introduce your child & explore 100s of activities covering important aspects of physical, skill & knowledge and horizontal exploration of music, art, dance, sports & beyond, right from the comfort of your home.

Learn skills & activities that are a rare find:

  • Mehndi
  • IQ Improvisation
  • Calisthenics
  • Embroidery
  • Classical Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Calligraphy
  • Arabic / German / Spanish / Mandarin / Kannada / Gujarati and many more 

To enrol for a free demo email connect@imd1.co or visit imd1.co.

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