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Orchids International School – The Best International School In India 2021

Published on: 25 February , 2021 | Ekta

The moment our child is born, we parents are on the lookout for the best – be it clothing, baby care essentials, best school in India to provide early childhood education, engaging activities and environment that play a pivotal role in the early stages of your child’s development. It is important for parents to introduce Education, Knowledge and Technology in the most interesting, receptive and an interactive manner. This is where a “great school” comes into play. Introducing Orchids International School – The Best International School In India 2021

The best International schools in India 2021

Orchids International School emphasizes on the importance of “Learning by Doing”, as they believe that the kid’s enthusiasm and zest for knowledge is what helps them to Dream, Aspire and Achieve.

Orchids International School – an Insight

They are a chain of 37 International Schools with it’s branches in major cities namely Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai. All the chains including schools in Chennai,  strive to provide quality education through an amalgamation of innovative techniques and a unique teaching philosophy. They believe that a strong values system and a robust learning environment is what it takes to shape our future global leaders.

Is your child future-ready?

  • We do not want children with bookish knowledge.
  • We do not want kids who are fiercely competitive and carry the burden of heavy books at the cost of enjoying small things we enjoyed in our childhood.
  • We do not want to limit their learning to formal education.

 It's a CBSE school where we want children who are problem solvers, who can embrace change gracefully and those which can adapt quickly and develop a great personality – that which will help them go miles ahead.

Why Orchids International?

Their philosophy is unique, they call it “SHARPER” with an aim to make each child self-sufficient and capable of bringing out the best potential out of every child.

Orchids International School SHARPER theory

S stands for Self-Discipline

H stands for Hard Work

A stands for Applied Science

R stands for Research

P stands for Physical Fitness

E stands for Exposure

R stands for Reflective thinking


SHARPER Curriculum devised by Orchids makes a child self sufficient and composed, always keeping in mind the psychological and emotional quotient of the child. This helps the child to deal with stress and challenges coming her way. The little changes in the curriculum go a long way in making a big impact on the child’s performance and personality. SHARPER theory devised by Orchids International School forms the basis of the learning environment they offer to their future global leaders. Instilling the right values and the vigour to handle every change with ease and comfort is what will prepare the child to face the upcoming challenges that unfold before her in the future.

5 Pillars of Orchards

5 Pillars of Orchids the International School
  1. Academic Excellence – The Teaching methodologies are devised in such a manner that it becomes a driving force for every child to perform and excel in their academics.
  2. Personal Attention – Their Mantra for success is – To keep alive the fire of curiosity. It is this curiosity which is properly attended to by their able team of Experts who are skilled and succeed in giving a hands-on-experience to their students.
  3. Holistic Development – This is the most important focus of the School, trying their best to keep their kids in par with the changing times. This necessitates that the School imparts the important life skill where extra curricular activities are a must.
  4. Best in-class Infrastructure: The Infrastructure to support academics and sports is one of the best.
  5. Safe campus: Comprehensive measures along with all the necessary precautions are taken to ensure a safe and secure environment.

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Infrastructure offered at Orchids

  • Smart classrooms making learning more effective and easier with the help of digital boards
  • High Tech Computer Labs which offers the latest technology computer knowledge with the best of teaching staff
  • Robotics Lab to allow the kids to allow the young geniuses to explore the world of technology and robotics.
  • Library which is fully equipped with knowledge in every aspect of life.
  • Playground which is huge and consists of courts supporting different Sports like Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Football Skating. Exclusive Courts are designed for each Sport and there are Sports Teachers which never fail to deliver their best for their students.
Benefits of International Schooling

Sports facilities

Before we take admission in a School, our top most priority is to check what the School is offering in the field of Sports. The Infrastructure offered at Orchids International Schools in Chennai is immense and praise-worthy. The School believes that a spacious and comfortable environment is a prerequisite for the growth and happiness of the child. Keeping this in mind, it has designed it’s Sports infrastructure with the motive to bring in the overall development of the personality of the child. Nothing is possible with proper guidance and care. Thus, their team of Sports Teachers are the best at their job and have successfully been able to help students pursue a career in the field of Sports. It sure has everything under the Sun to offer for it’s students. The facilities include:

  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo
  • Football
  • Throwball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics

Special Programs:

  • Art – The artistic and creative abilities of the child needs to be given the proper direction to enable the child explore maximum potential hidden in her.
  • Music – the curriculum offered at Orchids International School is in line with the Trinity College London Theory of Music.
  • Dance – Orchids has introduced an entire curriculum on kinesthetic learning to make sure that the kids get the best of opportunities to explore their talent.
  • Theatre – the curriculum is based on David Kolb’s “Experiential Learning Theory”, and they have a separate Theatre curriculum for different grades.
  • Public Speaking – The art of free expression of words and thoughts is what they aim for through this program.


The curriculum followed in CBSE throughout all it’s branches.

Early Years Program

The initial years of a student’s life have an everlasting impact on the young minds as they get exposed to new subjects, new environments and a new set of skills. To allow for the maximum learning at this stage, Orchids has devised a unique curriculum which encourages the child to practice independent thinking by offering them a hands-on-experience with the learning techniques. EYP is meant for Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K1, K2, Grade 1 & Grade2. The audio and visual aids which form an integral part of the EYP help a great deal in this regard.


The EYP makes the entry of the child into the world of Schooling & Knowledge – interesting and enjoyable. This journey continues to Primary classes III, IV and V, where the child carries forward all the values and teaches what she learnt in the EYP program. Basically Primary Curriculum lays the basic foundation - making her well-versed with the techniques of conceptual learning. Practical learning and hands-on-teaching helps the child to set goals both in academics as well as on the personal front. Assessments are held on a weekly & monthly basis; in addition to the summative and external Assessments.


The Students of secondary grades of V to X, are provided with significant understanding of each subject. Once the foundation of learning is established in the primary classes, they are further provided with required academic rigor in order to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. We provide our students with an integrated knowledge for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, in an easily comprehensible manner through our unique teaching methods.

Up to grade VIII, the teaching is as per CBSE curriculum, but the teaching methodology, assessments, and the lesson plans are as per the norms of international boards. From VIII onwards, our students are channelised towards a specific syllabus to help them focus on their class X milestone.

Orchids International School prepares their students for competitive exams like – AIPMT, JEE, NEET, CLAT etc. By offering a perfect blend of ICSE/CBSE syllabus in the international curriculum framework of the Cambridge Board.

Health & Nutrition

Health is Wealth – this is why Orchids International School has introduced ABCD assessments to ensure that no health parameter is left unnoticed. This ensures early detection, right medication and a strong assessment program with the help of food diaries.

ALPHA FITNESS Assessments – include Cardiorespiratory fitness and Musculoskeletal fitness

CARDIORESPIRATORY Assessments – to assess the heart & lungs functioning.

MUSCULOSKELETAL FITNESS – to assess the muscle strength, muscle power and endurance.

A child spends 15 years of his / her prime years in formal schooling. And while most of what they can absorb quickly is in their formative years, it is essential we introduce them to the right environment, right company and the right methodology of teaching. To enquire about Orchids, visit here or call 9513731352.

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