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Best Organic Rice Brand In India – Spirit Of The Earth

Published on: 11 September , 2019 | Ekta

Simple changes in our lifestyle can make a strong impact to our health. Many families today are cognizant about the tremendous health benefits of Organic Food, and are hence switching to mindful eating & holistic nutrition. Rice has been a staple food of our meal plan. We bring to you the Best Organic Rice Brand In India – Spirit Of The Earth.  


  • Gobinda Bhog a speciality “Khaas Dhan” from Burdaman district of West Bengal is offered as prasad to Lord Krishna during the Janmashtami celebrations. It is a short grain rice, with a buttery flavor which works well as a table rice.
  • Kaatuyaanam cultivated in Tamil Nadu grows over 7 feet tall & keeps diabetics and arthritis under control, boosts immunity & protects against skin problems. Rich in folic acid, it helps strengthen the pelvic bones so it is regularly given to pregnant women.
  • Mapillai Champa as the name suggests is given to the Bridegroom the night before the wedding. The night before the wedding, this rice variety was soaked in water. In the morning, the bridegroom would drink the supernatant water of the soaked grains, which was full of enriching nutrients and prove his strength and valour by lifting a heavy boulder. This rice is said to improve digestion, cure mouth ulcers, diabetes, increases hemoglobin count and is believed to fight cancer.

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, one of the greatest teachers of Vedanta and a spiritual leader, the Founder of Spirit Of The Earth aims to create a sustainable future. With over 180 varieties of organic rice varieties grown in India that have well-researched, proven health benefits, Spirit Of The Earth also supports the lesser-privileged and differently abled people from smaller villages to make a better living.

“The Gift Of Goodness”

While India is a country of festivals, “Gifting Goodness” on these occasions is very common. ‘Spirit Of The Earth’ has great gifting options for family & corporates. Gifting sweets and chocolates is mundane, unhealthy & old-school. Beautifully packaged, this ‘gift of good health’ is getting popular among the conscious consumers.

Recently, I attended an event conducted by Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal – a culinary chronicle teacher who specializes in Indian Food Studies & ‘Rediscovering the Dals’. Not many know the intrinsic history of dals that permeates in India. They are the easiest & the most cost-effective way of consuming proteins. From using it as a dish or as an ingredient, it has travelled with us across centuries in varied diasporas.

It’s a wonderful initiative by ‘Spirit Of The Earth’ to bring back the lost paradise of good food. It’s nice to give back to Mother Earth, and to the society as a whole. If you would like to know more, you can visit http://spiritoftheearth.in to shop for their products & take a step towards better conscious living.

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