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When and How to Plan Your Baby’s Name

Published on: 12 July , 2017 | Ekta

During pregnancy, you will hear several Indian baby names suggestions by friends and relatives. Deciding your baby’s name definitely features in the list of ‘Top five most exciting moments for soon-to-be parents’. Here are some things to keep in mind while you are planning your baby’s name. Pronunciations Give your baby a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. While it does not mean that you cannot give your baby a unique name, an easy to pronounce name will eliminate the annoyance of having to constantly making corrections to mispronunciations and misspells made by others. Initials Initials have to be considered while picking a name for your little prince or princess. If you’re not careful, it could lead to teasing later in life. Example: While Bhuvi is a nice name by itself, pairing it with a middle name and surname like Arnit and Deshmukh will make it Bhuvi Arnit Deshmukh with the initials B.A.D. Popularity Your child is unique. Hence you probably wouldn’t like a dozen others with the same name. You may go online and search for the top baby names in use today. This will tell you which ones are extremely popular so that you may avoid them. Names that age well While a name like Pinky or Janu may sound apt when you look at your little bundle of joy, your child may not feel the same when she grows up. Keep in mind professional situations like a job interview or client presentation before deciding the name. Meaning While giving your baby a name, do check up on its meaning as well. A lot of people believe that names add to a person’s personality. Example, a pretty name like Marisha means bitter which is why you would probably want to avoid it. Hence, do cancel out the names from your baby name list that don’t ‘mean’ well. Family Another way to name your baby is by using the name of a dear family member or the mixture of two or more family members’ names. When is the best time for me to decide my baby’s name? In actuality, there is no one specific time when you should decide your baby’s name. Some people start listing baby names from the first trimester itself. A few others start the decision-making process in the second or third trimester. Some parents even wait till their baby is born before making their decision. This lets them consider their baby’s traits when she is born. For instance, some babies kick a lot, and parents who are avid football fans may pick names from among famous footballers. With the Pampers India baby names generator, you may search for names starting with the alphabet of your choice. You may even base your search on the meanings or themes of some names. To ensure that your baby gets the perfect name, you may use our baby name finder to browse through our vast collection.
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