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Popsicle & Nigh Nigh Nightwear For Kids

Published on: 3 May , 2017 | Ekta

We have a hunch that if children knew how precious sleep & bedtime becomes in adulthood - shuttling between home chores & office, there would be minimal tantrums. But unlikely this wishful thinking comes true, we have to recourse to the conventional lullabies, rocking & rebuke after 37 minutes of incessant efforts & entertainment.  You should sneak-a-peak into Popsicle if you are a free-spirited, unwilling to let go of childlike vibrant dreams & innocence. Creative, quirky & unconventional, read more about Popsicle & Nigh Nigh Nightwear For Kids. Stylish kids clothes especially night wear & bedding sets are so hard to find in India, especially in the tier-2 & tier-3 cities. So, we bring to you mompreneurs who are doing a fabulous job in adding a whole new dimension to kids wardrobe & decor. Popsicle is one such adorable brand created by Roopali Piramal and Swati Gavaskar with all products designed in-house, using only 100% pure premium quality cotton with an astounding attention to detail, concept and style. Unquestionably why Popsciles has recently won the Best Nightwear & Bedding Collection brand in 2016.  It is always intriguing to know what’s going on in a mother’s mind when it comes to safety & comfort of her kids. Children love anything colourful & vibrant. If their clothing or surrounding doesn’t excite them, then what’s the point? The below are our top 3 picks from Posicles- Nightwear For Kids "It's a lazy summer day, The birds are singing & chirping, And a hot-air balloon with a colorful gondola, Is floating up, up and away!" As cool as it looks, this is a perfect pick for your little princess for all seasons. Nightwear comes only with full-sleeves. Would love to have few options with slack sleeves :) If you are particular on short sleeves, you can consider nighties for kids. Just above the knee, cool & comfortable, these nighties are a sure winner during summer! Some other artistic designs include Dinosaur, Chess, Music, Flip-Flops, Panda & Ikkat. Priced at Rs.1300 you can buy this here. Bedsheet For Kids If you can fly like an eagle or a plane, And are every wily villain's bane, If you can turn gigantic, mean and green, Or have the coolest sword hidden unseen, If you can a spider's web spin, You know you're a superhero within! Mommies of tiny brats please do not be disappointed. While most things cute & colourful come for the young princesses, the nightwear & bedding for kids is super suave too. Daddy’s lil superhero strong & stylish woven in 100% premium luxurious cotton. Some of the other eccentric prints that include Farmhouse, Christmas, Sailor, Boat & Anchor & Fairy Wings. Priced at Rs.2100 you can buy the Superheroes Bedsheet here. Jhablas For Infants Popsicle also offers a good variety of infant wear like rompers, swaddles, cribset & jhablas. Jhablas are indispensable part of infanthood. Tie-ons are most convenient when your new-born’s skin is gentle and delicate & the ease to wear & remove has to be uncompromised. Soft premium cotton ensures your baby feels warm & comfortable. In different designs like cup cake or the classic popsicle, these can be clubbed with the charming Dohas for gifting.Priced at Rs.1200 you can buy this here. What we love the most about Popsicle & Nigh Nigh Nightwear For Kids: Quality – 9.5/10: ‘If Popsicle Kids ‘had to be spelt differently it would be “Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y”. Made out of 100% Premium Allergy Free luxurious cotton, makes it perfect for the Indian hot & humid climate. Aesthetic designs - 10/10: Whimsical & alluring, all the products are unique, designed in-house, “Made In India” – remember? We are big fans of desi products? Concept – 9.5/10: Theme based designing, tuning the concept into a fantasy your kids will love is palpably your child’s conqueror. What we would love differently: Assortment – 9/10: For obvious reasons, we like to see more from the house of Popsicle. Limited array of products and many that are sold out, we would love to choose from a wider range. After all, children quickly outgrow their clothes. Isn't it? Price – 9/10: Agreed, great quality comes at a premium price, but 3 jhablas for Rs.1200 is a slight premium for the offering. Every time we want to gift something memorable to a close family member or friend we run out of options. Popsicle designs stylish, creative & long-lasting products that have a shelf life beyond a few day’s wear or play. Popsicle as gifts serve as beautiful gifts to some close friend or family. The search for stunning nightwear for kids ends here & choosing from the fabulous designs begins here.
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