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How To Deal With The Problems Faced By Teenagers?

Published on: 8 February , 2017 | Ekta

Teenagers face real problems on a daily basis during the most awkward growth stages of their lives; between 13 and 19-years of age. Teens feel overwhelmed when faced with unprecedented stresses concerning school, college, choosing the right career or dealing with relationships with the opposite sex when they have a strong adrenaline rush. How To Deal With The Problems Faced By Teenagers?

The issues that teenagers face today vary depending on the various factors including family, environment, value system, educational institution, social standing, socio-economic status and so much more. But these issues can be dealt with easily if parents can understand the symptoms of their problems. Parents need to approach their children, who have been suffering from one or more teenage problems, carefully as a friend for the children to open-up 7 feel comfortable discussing their problems. Many teens feel misunderstood. It is vital that their feelings and thoughts are validated and that the validation comes from their parents.

Some of the most common problems that teenagers face today include:

Self-Esteem and Body Image

This is one of the major problems faced by teenagers. Teens undergo numerous body changes including physical, mental, hormonal & psychological. It is important that they overcome them with appropriate guidance & support of their family & friends to some extent. Some teenagers feel too conscious about their height, weight, complexion & personality. The problem with this feeling is that it affects their self-image. As a teenage boy or girl's body changes, so does the self. When they do not like something in themselves, they have self-esteem and body image problems. They also perceive others, particularly schoolmates, to view them as they view themselves.

What am I supposed to do as a parent?

In my experience, kids develop self-esteem by doing things that are difficult or challenging for them. To give you an example, when your child was young and learned to walk, you were probably proud of them and praised them for it. But now that they’re older, it’s no longer something you probably applaud them for. The point is, you want to compliment your child on things that are difficult for them to do. When your child solves a problem that’s challenging and relevant to them now, it builds self-esteem.

If you want to challenge a child who’s having behavioural issues and is low on self-esteem, you have to step into their shoes & wear their thinking-hat to justify inappropriate behaviour. Kids need parents to be consistent and solid – to be their rock and follow-through with expectations. Kids feel safer when parents are clear and matter of fact, this objective lens can help you put your child’s negative emotions into perspective.


Bullying is one of the severe, common and infact universal problems faced by teenagers. Bullying causes fear in the minds of children as a result of which they refuse to go to school or college every day. The teenage children may be subject to heavy bullying as they may not understand how extreme it can get & how to tackle it. Any form of bullying is relentless, causing them to live in a state of constant fear. It can be very cruel when it comes to physically attacking the victims. Some targets maybe attacked physically while others are victims of repeated surge of verbal insults, affecting the psychology & self-confidence.

What am I supposed to do as a parent?

If you know or suspect that your kid is being bullied, but the school or college hasn’t communicated the situation, you should contact your child’s teacher immediately. Knowing your own child is being victimized can evoke strong feelings of anger & frustration. But you would get much more cooperation from school personnel if you stick to the facts without becoming overly emotional. While you may want assurance that everyone involved is punished severely, your prime focus should be to put a definite end to the bullying!


Depression is one of the worst problems that may arise from poor self-esteem, love-break-up relationships, sexual involvement, physical abuse or body image problems. As a parents you should talk to the teen, listen, comfort him or her, and accept your child for who he/she is. These symptoms in teenagers may be exhibited in various ways. Changes in sleep patterns, irritation or arrogance, eating habits, declined interest in normal and healthy activities, sudden display of anger or indifferent attitude, dropping grades in school and college & preferred isolation are all signs of depression. Immediate parent intervention is crucial for such problems faced by teenagers. When they exhibit one or more of these symptoms, swoop in to comfort your child. Parents should validate their feelings by listening to them without interrupting the conversation.

What am I supposed to do as a parent?

One of the most critical things you can do is to work on strengthening your relationship. Try to build empathy and trust by putting yourself in his shoes. You might be frustrated that he seems irritable & has lost interest in most things including conversing with family or friends. But if something has hurt or disappointed him deep down in his heart, it’s understandable that he might avoid things he used to enjoy and prefer to stay isolated in his room. Be compassionate, gentle and not emotional & judgemental. Give him the benefit of doubt & convey that and you’re trying to understand his situation & not fix him. Teenagers in these circumstances do not like to be fixed.

Drugs and Alcohol

Girls & boys both, especially those who take to drinking early in life, put themselves at risks for many problems that can have a long-bearing effect on the teens. It is an imperative that parents, educational institutions & media educate the young children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but peer pressure, wanna-be-cool, relationships & break-ups and the adrenaline rush at prime Teen-Age is far more stronger than any educational information that is provided in any form.

What am I supposed to do as a parent?

Sometimes people that we love make choices we wish they didn’t. It is tough to get them off drugs or alcohol. Your child must make that decision for themselves. Many young people try drugs and drinking in their teenage years. For many this may not become a serious problem. But unfortunately for some it does. When a child is found to be a victim of drug abuse, naturally the parents want to be tough to ensure that they out an immediate end to the problem. Instead, try to agree on the right approach with your child. Drug and alcohol problems take a long time to fix. Patience & perseverance along with professional help may be the ideal winning combination to deal with this situation.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, many issues that children face today are multifarious & interrelated causing a snow-ball effect. It is shocking that even in strong family circles, teenagers may struggle to cope up with issues problems like unsafe sex, alcohol, drug abuse, bullying or relationships issues. There is no way to be a perfect parent. But you can be a great one! The values you inculcate in the formative years of your child, stay with them forever & will be their guiding light throughout their lives.

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