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R for Rabbit – Best High Chairs For Babies 2022

Published on: 28 March , 2022 | Ekta

At a point when our Baby can sit up all alone and is eating strong food at the age of 6 months, it is the ideal time to add a high chair to your kitchen set-up. Since the seat needs to endure around two years of continuous use, you need to ensure it's a model that is safe, strong, and simple to clean. Enquire before entering or buying the high chair. When it’s time to buy the high chair from visiting the store or buying it online, one should go for a check list. Read more on R for Rabbit – Best High Chairs For Babies 2022. Safety marks first on the checklist while picking a high seat. Hope the company is meeting the standards and certifications. Secondly, the buckles and straps to keep your baby safe from falling and tight on the seat with a friendly material that don’t harm the little ones skin. Third, does the high chair have cushioned seating and a footrest? Lastly comes the mess free cleaning of the food tray. Kids are messy eaters, however any parent would prefer a mess free cleanup of seat after an untidy feast. Most seats accompany a vinyl seat that can be cleaned off. A few high seats even accompanied an additional a plate so that assuming one is being washed, you have another.

R for Rabbit – Best High Chairs For Babies 2022

R for Rabbit - Candyland High Chair 2-in-1 Convertible to Toddler’s High Chair

R For Rabbit CandyLand High Chair For Baby Making children eat their meal by themselves is a tough task. Also, equally stressing is making kids sit at a place while their having meal. The solution to this is a high chair which creates a habit of being seated at one place and completing the meal. R for Rabbit has a perfect solution to make your child have a safe, joyful and comfortable high chair. The Candyland High Chair is a perfect combination of 2, one with short seat where a child can not only eat but sit, draw, study, play and can be converted to high chair to have their fun meal. Bring R for Rabbit for a safe, joyful and mess free eating. Also read Best High Chairs For Kids In India 2022 The key features of Candyland 2-in-1 convertible High Chair from R for Rabbit.
  • Safety Certified: R for Rabbit Candyland High Chair is EN71 Certified and is gone through different measurements to guarantee the total safety of your child.
  • 2-in-1 Chair: One very special feature which this chair provides it that it can change over high seat into a child's seat and can be used for various exercises like playing, examining, eating, and much more.
  • 5 Point Safety Harness: You can strap up your baby to the chair with its 5 point security saddle for the safety of your child. It has Anti Skid Rubber base which makes the chair standing firm in its place. PU Fabric which does not harm the baby while they sit.
  • Removable Meal Tray: The supper plate of R for Rabbit Candyland High Chair can undoubtedly be eliminated to clean and keep up with cleanliness. The plate likewise has a 3 level adjustment for the accommodation of your child.
  • Rubber Grips at Base: No more stresses over your child falling when situated in the high seat as it has a decent rubber base to make it stop and keep durable.
The Candyland High Chair is suitable for babies between ages 6 months to 5 years. The high chair can bear weight up to 50 kgs. Available in two colors Blue and Beige. 

Sugar Doodle High Chair - R for Rabbit – Best High Chairs For Babies 2022

R For Rabbit Convertible Doodle High Chair For Babies Change it from a high seat to a children seat in a flick and watch your child enjoy their recess. Its double dinner plate assists you with washing the plate according to your convenience. R for Rabbit Sugar Doodle additionally has a capacity crate which assists you with keeping your children's stuff in it. Also, when not being used, you can without much of a stretch overlap it and store it anyplace. Get this high seat today and bring fun to your kid's supper time. Also read Best Car Seats For Kids In India Key Features of Sugar Doodle High Chair from R for Rabbit
  • Safety Certified: R for Rabbit Sugar Doodle High Chair is made with excellent PU material to ensure total security for your child.
  • 2-In-1 High Chair: This is a convertible high seat can easily be convertible from a high chair to children seat that can be utilized for playing, studying and many more.
  • 5 Point Safety Harness: Ensure twofold safety of your child with its 5 point security so your child can enjoy their time without any worries.
  • Double Meal Tray: R for Rabbit Sugar Doodle high seat additionally has double dinner plate for your benefit. Upper plate has an opening to hold a glass. While you clean one, you can utilize the other one.
  • Elastic Grips at Base: No more stresses over your child falling when seated in the high seat as it has a decent rubber base to make it stand still and keep it solid.
Conclusion: High Chair is not just a chair but creates a discipline in a child’s life of sitting and eating at a place and also having it in a manner. R for Rabbit takes away your worries about the safety as it meets all security standards and made with PU a material which is considered safe for kids along with mess free cleaning. Additional trays and convertible options is a perfect fit to buy a High Chair for your little one from R for Rabbit.
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