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10 reasons to love BBC Knowledge’s Anniversary Issue

Published on: 5 December , 2016 | Primrose Monteiro Dsouza

This article has been articulated by Mrs. Primrose Monteiro D’Souza, the Editor of BBC Knowledge, a magazine for the curious mind, from Worldwide Media. She has two decades of experience in writing on families, parenting and travel. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram. We are delighted to exclusively partner with one of the Best Children's Magazines in India. Let me put it out there: I am not really a science person. Physics defeated me in school, and I have been more than happy to have nothing to do with the study of chemistry or biology ever since. And yet, I was excited to take on editorship of BBC Knowledge. Because a good publication makes what seems inaccessible something you can understand, and BBC Knowledge, with its impeccable lineage in science, technology, nature and history, makes comprehension a walk in the park. The current issue’s been out a month now, and the letters coming in tell us that children are reading it cover to cover. The even more interesting news is that adults, too, seem to like it - which means that the magazine’s “for the curious mind” tagline is spot on. Which also means, even if I say so myself on behalf of my team, this is a smashing issue. Here’s why you should get your hands on a copy or download a digital issue. 1. We speak your language: A large part of our stories comes from the venerable BBC Focus, BBC History and BBC Wildlife titles. Which means the content is scrupulously researched and presented by experts in excellent English in an easy, non-intimidating way. 2. We’ve got space this issue! You and your children will soon be the experts. You’ll know where all the active spacecraft are right now, what Martian water tastes like, about every animal that has ever been out there (and who made it back) , how high you could jump on every solar system body… 3. We’ve got astronauts, too - obviously! Rakesh Sharma, Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla - we celebrate India’s peeps in space. Astronauts like Shannon Walker are also answering questions about going to the loo out there (for both ‘numbers’!), bathing and loving prawn cocktail. 4. We’ve got reader interactivity We’re just beginning to feature members from the BBC Knowledge family across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the magazine pages. We’d love to engage with and feature you too! Find our links at the bottom of this page. 5. We’re getting ready to travel - and eat! For the first time, we’re embarking on a journey across the globe, bringing you unusual facts and foods you probably didn’t know from countries worldwide. In the issues to come, expect more inspiring travel and international dining ideas to get you and your family moving! 6. We’ve got career inspirations! Gut Detective. Spider Milker. Insect Investigator. Cave Raider. Croc Psychologist. Real jobs. Real inspirations for unusual career options. 7. We’ve got unusual wildlife A primate that climbs like a mountain goat, grazes like a cow, and grunts like a belching man - the gelada of the Ethiopian highlands is waiting to be introduced. 8. We’ve got reassuring news about airplanes!  Safe flying, safe seats, batting birds away - way to go on reducing worrying about that next flight! 9. We celebrate India! Our big desi pride story this issue is about the glorious Gupta Age. The historians are divided about whether that was the Golden Age of India. This is your chance to decide. 10. YOU get a chance to shape the magazine! This issue has a reader survey form - or you could do it online at SurveyMonkey. Either way, what we do in the future is in your hands. Tell us what you like, what you don’t and what you want to see more of. There’s a lot more coming to BBC Knowledge, of course -- literature, events, a lot more India, the wisdom of principals. Join us on the journey. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [caption id="attachment_1608" align="alignnone" width="353"] The Editor - Mrs. Primrose D'Souza[/caption]    
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