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Detailed Review On MamaEarth Babycare Products

Published on: 11 February , 2017 | Ekta

The word “MamaEarth” depicts – “Mother + Nature”. Can it get any better? The love & care of a Mother and the purity & gentleness of Nature. MamaEarth combines the expertise of Organic Science & the goodness of Ayurveda to ensure that your baby’s soft, supple & sensitive is not harmed using harmful chemicals and toxins. Rashes, dry skin & spotting are common problems that can be completely eliminated using these products. They are Asia’s only clinically tested MadeSafe products that are available in India. Go ahead & read our review on MamaEarth Babycare Products.

Personally, I refrain from using lotions, shampoos & body wash more than 2-3 times a week. Simply because I know most products available in the store contain chemicals. I use Oats + Milk, Curd + Gram Flour to massage my little one & give her a bath. But, MamaEarth is the answer to every mother’s concern who wants to use nothing but the best for her little one. When I was introduced to MamaEarth, I was delighted because I saw a phenomenal difference in the quality of the products. It came in a classy pouch & each of the product has a cute little animal like an elephant, tiger, panda or a fish. My 1.5year old daughter absolutely loves them. Indeed making teaching & bathing fun.

What you will read further is my personal experience with each of the products:

Body Lotion

  1. The texture was light, hence easy to spread & absorb.
  2. The fragrance was mild.
  3. It does not contain parabens, petroleum, dyes, sulphates or mineral oil – which means no toxins & chemicals.

Body Wash

  1. Gentle on skin, no tear formula making it ultra awesome.
  2. The lather is just perfect: Not too frothy or dense.
  3. The aroma does not go overboard - Subtle & pleasant.


  1. My toddler did not sob while giving her a head shower. In 4/5 cases she does. This can’t be a mere coincidence because we have used it thrice & it does not overflow & get into her face & eyes.
  2. Mild foam means gentleness personified.

Massage Oil

  1. Massaging the baby with oil is an age-old practice. The goodness of Almond oil & Jojoba Oil ensures great skin & strengthening of bones. Mission accomplished!
  2. Lighter than most oils I have used. The scent is not over powering.

Diaper Rash Cream

  1. I feel in love with the packaging of the product even before I could open & use it. Every product comes with a laminated covering to prevent leakage.
  2. I have not used the diaper rash cream because thankfully, my chid does not have rashes. I prefer wearing diapers only when I am travelling or when she needs to sleep through the night.

Insect Repellent

  1. This is one product that I have never used on my child. The apprehension was because I had heard alot about how insect-repellents can cause skin-allergies & can be cancerous.
  2. But, MADE-SAFE, CHEMICAL-FREE, TOXIN-FREE, DEET-FREE insect repellent was a first to me. MamaEarth is probably the answer to the worries of the young mothers in the perennial mosquito-stricken city.
  3. The smell is not over-whelming. Dab a pinch of the lotion on the hands & neck and your baby is all set for a peaceful night.

To summarize, priced at Rs.299, you are paying a premium for all the products. It costs about twice of what most brands charge. But why the price difference? It is simply because the Detailed Review On MamaEarth Babycare Products are CHEMICALS-FREE & TOXINS FREE. There are many products that claim to be herbal. But the FACT is that some products may contain few ingredients that are herbal, but rest of the ingredients comprises of various chemicals. Perhaps, that’s why the difference in price. Common, what are you trying to compare here? An IPhone with a Xolo? So, think again before you buy something for your most precious little one.

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Mandeep 2020-01-08 11:11:25

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Richa Choudharry 2017-03-29 06:06:40

Did you get mosquito repellant and diaper rash in that 299 pack?

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Richa Choudharry 2017-03-29 06:06:40

Hi Richa, the basic essential kit did not contain the repellant & diaper rash cream. However, the premium kit that came with a carry bag did contain both of them :)

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Thank you for the comment!