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Best Rockers Napper for Babies in India 2020

Published on: 4 December , 2020 | Ekta

We bring to you the Best Rockers Napper for Babies in India 2020. For every New Parents (first timers as we refer them to) each day is a learning experience in itself. It is a wonder to see your little bundle of joy grow. To facilitate happy and a steady development, both physically and mentally, it is important for her to get enough rest. There is no better place than the Mothers’s arms, and I am sure all we Moms agree with this. At the same time, we also know the challenges of putting a New Born to sleep at ease and in a giffy. The traditional methods of rocking the baby in the arms, or patting the baby to sleep on the shoulder is quite a tedious everyday task. Which is why we need an equipment designed especially to rock the baby to sleep – giving it the exact feeling of rocking in her Mother’s arms.

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Yes, especially for those first months, there is a piece of equipment which you could rely upon. And that is a Baby Rocker / Baby Napper/ Rocking Chair. As the names suggests there are a couple of options available with distinct features – which you need to look into before choosing the one which exactly matches yours and your baby’s needs. A rocking Chair could also be converted into a Baby Bouncer or even a Rocker –cum- swing. Appropriate to be introduced for New born babies until 9 months of age, this Rocker Napper is a must have equipment.

Best Baby Rockers & Napper In India 2020

Benefits of a Baby Rocker:

  • Saves you a lot of time which otherwise would have been spent on rocking and putting your baby to sleep
  • Rocker tends to give the feel of the Mother’s arms, as if it was actually the Mom rocking her to sleep
  • Rockers/bouncers come with colorful toys which keep the baby engaged
  • The rocker produces vibrations that are similar to the rhythmic sensations the unborn baby feels in the womb
  • Portable and easy to store

Baby Rockers come in various specifications like height, weight, age, purpose, etc.- which you need to decide upon based on your requirements. Having looked at the benefits of the Baby Rocker, let us look at the Best Rocker Napper for Babies. So here is the list, in no particular order.

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Fisher Price New born to Toddler Rocker

Fisher Price Rocker

Fisher Price is associated with Quality, Efficiency and Durability. Fisher Price Toddler Rocker is an example of one such equipment with these consolidated qualities. This Rocker has sturdy chair and durable frame which has the provision of sitting option. The calm vibrations in the Rocker give a soothing comfort to the babies and help the baby to go to sleep. Provided with 3 point safety harness and a good locking mechanism, this can be easily converted into a baby seat when the baby grows up. Suitable for babies from 2 months upto 36 months of age.

What makes this special?

  • Provision of Play bar with musical toys
  • Rocker chair cum infant seat 2 – in – 1
  • Machine washable rocker seat
  • Spacious Rocker seat


  • Portable and easy to store
  • Supports weight upto 18 kgs
  • Easily convertible into infant seat
  • Musical toys provided encourage the baby to develop motor skills, visual skills, and auditory senses


  • The Toy Bar creates an obstruction while feeding the babies
  • The battery consumes a lot of power while in use

Price: Rs. 4,699/-

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Graco Duet Soothe Swing + Rocker

Graco DuetSoothe Rocker

Graco Products have some of the premium range of baby products. It’s 2-in-1 purpose Swinger cum Rocker makes up for a must have Baby Equipment, considering the unique benefits it has to offer. Easy to store, easy to use, portable, 3 swing positions, and 6 degree of swing speed options are the main benefits.

What makes this special?

  • Made of sturdy plastic and metal frame confirming with all safety standards
  • 2 in 1 purpose – infant seat cum rocker chair
  • Sturdy rocker handle makes for a good grip while travelling
  • 3 swing positions – side to side, front to back, stationary swing mode
  • 6 degree of swing speed options


  • Settings to change the degree of swing – calm the baby, play mode or sleep mode
  • Battery life is a good 3 hours
  • The fabric of the infant seat is easily removable and machine washable
  • Requires the use of rechargeable batteries
  • It offers different recline positions so that you can adjust it according to your baby’s comfort
  • Plug-in option is available instead of the battery option
  • Equipped with a 5-point harness system
  • Suitable for babies from 0 months – 12 months
  • Recommended weight limit is 10kgs


  • Rocker weighs much higher than the usual ones – 9kg 530 gms
  • Extremely heavy priced
  • Not suitable for toddlers

Price: Rs. 23,195/-

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LuvLap 3-in-1 Baby Rocker Napper with musical vibrations

LuvLap 3-in-1 Rocker Napper

In the list of Baby products, LuvLap never ceases to appear as it has always been a popular brand recommended by mommies all over the India. Made of 100% breathable and soft fabric, the seat cushion is extremely comfortable which makes your baby doze off to sleep within minutes. It comes with a 3 switch positions which helps you to adjust the rocker to 3 different incline positions- to sleep, feed and nap. Its unique feature is the mosquito net covering which is so apt for a tropical country like ours where we always struggle with mosquito menace.

What makes this special?

  • This Rocker Seat could be easily converted into a toddler seat when the baby grows up
  • 3 point harness safety system
  • The mosquito net covering makes it a unique and a much desired rocker, as it is of extreme utility
  • 180° rocking napper
  • Attractive toy bar
  • Options of 10 different melodies options with volume adjustment, which definitely makes it a popular and durable one
  • Suitable for babies from 0 – 24 months


  • Made of heavy frame
  • Limited colour options
  • Slightly heavy priced

Price: Rs. 9,599/

Baby Bucket New Born to Toddler Portable baby Rocker

Baby Bucket Rocker

Baby Bucket has to offer one of the most durable and affordable Rocker Chairs in India. The Rocker chair is very appealing at the very first look and gives it the feel of an engaging and attractive Rocker chair. The credit goes to the colorful palette which is been used in the making of this Rocker. It has a 3 point safety harness system ensuring safety and comfort for your baby. The toy bar provided is decorated with colorful toys which encourage the child to go for them, thereby developing their motor skills. A simple, yet an affordable Baby Rocker can be easily converted into an infant seat.

What makes this special?

  • Comes with colorful options of seat designs to choose from
  • Equipped with a toy bar consisting of coloured toys to keep the baby happy
  • Easily foldable and occupies less storage space
  • Easily convertible into infant seat
  • The vibrations sensation in the Rocker gives soothing feeling to the baby


  • The seat of the rocker could be easily washed
  • The Rocker has 3 positions – reclining, upright (feeding) and sleeping position
  • Battery operated Rocker
  • Portable and a good travel option
  • Budget friendly and worth the money
  • Suitable for babies upto 18 months of age


  • The rocker does not come with a handle, so poses difficulty to carry around

Price: Rs. 3,499/-

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R for Rabbit Lullabies – The Auto Swing Baby Cradle

R For Rabbit Swing Cradle

R for Rabbit is an extremely mom-friendly product as it has many products in it’s lineage that are of top notch quality. R for Rabbit Lullabies – the premium luxury rocker is what we have chosen to feature in our list as it has got features that no other Baby Rocker has. To keep baby’s development on track it is important for the baby to have a good sleep, and has a happy time all the day. This helps to develop his cognitive and social skills. R for Rabbit Lullabies is a multi-functional cradle – Baby rocker, Swinger and a Cradle. R for Rabbit means Safety First- which is why it’s products are EN certified. The Cradle is covered with a beautiful canopy with an attached mosquito net to protect your baby from the mosquito bites.

What makes this special?

  • The name itself suggests that the Cradle is Automatic swing with a 5 speed motor option making it convenient for moms to adjust the speed of the swing action
  • It is a Smart machine equipped with On/Off technology, making it easier to set the timer to 15 , 30 or 60 minutes
  • There is a volume controller too for volume adjustment
  • Power source is rechargeable batteries / plug in option , both at your disposal
  • The lullabies music library has 18 tunes to choose from in addition to 6 nature soothing sounds
  • The swing lock could be locked / unlocked
  • The seat is made of extra cushioning fabric which gives that extra edge in comfort aspect
  • It has 3 point safety harness system
  • Appropriate for 0 months – 18 months
  • Can hold weight upto 15 kgs


  • The Auto Swing mode could be put on/off according to your convenience
  • Set the timer to Swing mode for 15/30/60 minutes
  • Also has a manual swing option in case your baby does prefer it
  • Lullabies has an attractive canopy attached with mosquito net to provide protection to your baby
  • Lullabies Cradle has 18 tunes and 6 nature soothing tunes to choose from, also comes with a volume controller
  • 3-in-1 purpose Cradle- Cradle, Rocker, Napper


  • Colour options are limited
  • Heavily priced rocker

Price: Rs. 3,680/-

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Webby Fiddle Diddle Portable Music Rocker

Webby Fiddle Diddle Rocker Bouncer For Babies

Webby Rocker grows with your baby – right from an infant to 3 year old toddler. It can be easily convertible from Rocker into an infant seat by removing the kickbacks. By removing the toy bar it could be used as a seat or a recliner. Made of soft cushion material, it is easy to wash and maintain.  A table for feeding is also provided.

What makes this special?

  • Multi functional rocker – recliner, rocker and a feeding seat
  • Can be easily converted into a toddler seat
  • Supports weight upto 20 kgs
  • Suitable for babies from 0-3 years age
  • Has a low profile frame and calming vibrations which are soothing to the baby
  • There is an attractive toy bar which helps in developing the cognitive and motor skills of your baby


  • Rocker plays soothing music which puts your baby to sleep
  • 3 point safety harness to ensure safety of your child
  • It can be reclined to 3 different positions – to suit your baby’s comfort
  • The carrier seat is easily removable and washable
  • The toy bar height could be adjusted according to the height of your baby


  • Limited colour options
  • Height adjustment of the Seat is not available, do not suitable for older toddlers

Price: Rs. 4,511/-

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