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12 Early Signs & Symptoms Of Pregnancy In 40 Days

Published on: 8 April , 2016 | Ekta

Knock! Knock! Baby on board? So you know that the deed is done are you are yearning to know if you are pregnant. You may experience one or more of these symptoms that have been enlisted below. Some mothers may not experience any of these symptoms at all. Listen to your body, as it is one of the best way to indicate the coming of your bundle of joy. However, these are just indications. You can take the home pregnancy test or consult your doctor to confirm & announce your pregnancy. If the tests are positive, then, hurrah! Congratulations! Enjoy your motherhood! Read below to know the 12 Early Signs & Symptoms Of Pregnancy In 40 Days.

Signs & Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Discharge

What does pregnancy discharge look like? A woman's cervical mucus discharge keeps altering throughout pregnancy and menstrual cycle. A thin & milky white substance called leukorrea is discharged - marking the fertilization of the egg. The quantity of cervical fluid increases with time and turns into the mucus plug which protects your baby from infections and breaks down during the delivery.

Missed Periods - Evident Symptom Of Pregnancy In First Month

This is an obvious one, right? If you are blessed with regular menstrual cycle, and you happen to miss it in a particular month. There is a very good chance that you may be expecting a baby. Missed periods is a sign of fertilization of egg. If you periods are irregular & the gap is long, you should probably visit your doc.

Sore Breasts - Pregnancy Symptom Week 3

Due to plummeting of hormones & increased blood flow, your breasts & nipples become tender & itchy. The areolas (the portion around the nipples) becomes darker in colour. This is due to the increase in melanocytes. It is sign that your body is preparing to welcome & feed your little one.

Morning Sickness - Signs & Symptoms Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

The hormonal rush causes morning sickness or even night sickness. Research has proven that more than 50% of women suffer from nausea & dizziness. Do not panic. Stay calm, eat frequent small meals, drink plenty of water and get good rest. 

Spotting/Cramping - 3 Days Pregnant Signs

When the egg & sperm meet, the fertilized egg called as the embryo is formed, which takes about a week to implant itself onto the uterine wall. This leads to slight bleeding or pinkish-brownish vaginal discharge for a couple of days. Do not panic. If the bleeding continues, you should probably consult your gynaec.

Food Cravings

Can’t get enough of pickles? More than 80% women experience food cravings in their first trimester. It could be tamarind, chocolates, ice cream, sushi, mangoes or even pani poori. Deficiency of any mineral & vitamin leads to these cravings. To make up for the nutrients that the body requires, you can indulge moderately. But, be cautious about the extra (unnecessary) calories which you may put on. (Losing which, is a Hercules task). Eating a double burger which was an impossible task is now a child’s play. Thanks to your increased appetite.

Elevated Body Temperature or Fever

If you are feeling weak because of elevated body temperature that lasts beyond two weeks, you should visit the doc or take a home pregnancy test. Your fever will most likely 

Frequent Urination

Well, this is one of the most common symptoms that can get worse with each trimester as your baby gets bigger. Your body produces more fluids during pregnancy which makes your bladder work over-time. A hormone called the human chorionic gonadotropin is released by the body which helps you confirm pregnancy in the urine test. This also releases estrogen & progesterone which is essential for the development of the foetus.

Backaches and Headaches

If you are a victim towards frequent back aches, this is possibly because the ligaments in your body are loosening up to support your posture when your body gains weight & shifts the centre of gravity while bearing the child. Headaches are also caused due to hormonal changes in the body. Avoid ibuprofen & saridon. If it becomes intolerant, please consult the doctor before taking medication.

Fatigue - Pregnancy Symptom Week 1

Pregnancy can take a toll on your overall health & affect your energy levels considerably. This owes to the fact that your body is undergoing drastic hormonal changes & preparing itself to nurture the new being in your womb. Avoid getting exhausted as it helps in controlling birth defects.

Heightened sensitivity towards smell or food aversions

Can’t stand the smell of onions or eggs? Sounds familiar? Unfortunaltely there is not much you can do about it apart from keeping away from those foods that bother you. After all, this is just the beginning & motherhood teaches you important virtues of tolerance & patience.


Again, a very common occurrence among expecting women. A sudden rush of estrogen & progesterone causes you body especially hands & feet to swell up in you first trimester & can continue through out all three trimesters. Why does this happen? The progesterone relaxes your smooth muscle tissues in your body. When these muscles in your GI (Gastro Intestinal) tract are in a relaxed mode, your gut works slower rendering more time to the body to absorb the essential nutrients & transfer them to your baby. This delayed process causes formation of gas in the stomach & hence the discomfort. The best way to combat bloating is to avoid gas forming foods like cabbage, beans, excessive consumption of pulses, fried foods & ghee sweets. Eat small meals regularly & slowly. You hate to feel bloated & fat in your favourite dresses & this hopefully, will provide some relief.

Shortness of breath

Just like you need oxygen to breathe and grow, the foetus also needs enough oxygen for good development. This occurs from the second trimester as the baby starts thrusting pressure on your lungs and diaphragm; making it difficult to catch your breath while climbing up stairs or walking.

Mood Swings

The dormant volcano inside you suddenly becomes active when your husband forgets to throw the soiled pair of socks into the laundry basket. You can become unreasonably irrational and get upset on penny things when your emotions go on a roller coaster ride. Dearest husbands – All the best!

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