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Study Math for a Better Path – Mathpid App

Published on: 28 November , 2022 | Ekta

So, the same way, kids nowadays are attracted towards the subject and not any more scared of it. Yes! It’s true. Math learning is done in many fun ways that the children are excited to do the addition, subraction, multiplication & division sums with ease. Gone are those days where children used to only adhere to the Math textbook and notebook. Many teachers and counselors have come together and created fun and smart ways to learn Math. Children perform Math activities practically to understand a tricky concept in an easy way. Now, you will think what can be those easy ways to teach Math to kids? Well, let me help you to make your kids love Math and learn in such a way that it becomes their favorite subject and also them being one step further in understanding the subject. 

How to Make Math Interesting and Simple for Kids?

Let us share a few points which will make Math interesting for your little ones. 

  1. Math Learning App
  2. Allow Kids to Apply Math in Real-Life
  3. Playing Games Related to Math
  4. Number Activities 
  5. Math in Kitchen 

Let’s check this in detail as to what this really means:

Math Learning App

Digital era is very advanced, I think more than us kids are actively using the digital advantages. Why don’t we use them in a right way by engaging them with educational apps? There are many Apps developed in order to make these numbers and their sums easy for your kids. One of the best and smart App I would suggest is Mathpid. Now when I choose one particular App, you must be thinking why Mathpid only? (You can check their website over here https://mathpid.com/

Why Mathpid?

Mathpid is designed by a team of experienced Math experts while delivering the concepts in simple and fun way to your kids. A group of 300 tutors and teachers together brainstormed and researched the problems faced by parents and kids while learning Math. After their brainstorming with the responses, they have designed this amazing and unique Math learning App for kids. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Math App 

The Tutoring system of Mathpid App is qualified and advised by Silicon Valley experts. Once the AI App is enabled, it will analyze problems faced by kids during attempting Math sums. First step is Math Skill Diagnostic Test, followed by which the child will get a customized based learning. Most importantly your child will get a 1:1 tutor support with personalized question bank. 

Practical Application of Math with Fun Games

This App helps in reducing fear and anxiety in children towards the subject. In fact the App facilitates games for kids with different concepts so that the child can learn it fun and better understanding rather than penning it down in sheets. 

Boosting Morals of Kids

 The App gives child the opportunity to create their own character which presents them with feedback on sums like add, divide, multiply and subtract. These positive feedback even when the child is wrong boost their morals to do better again and learn that way. 

MathFarm Game

The MathFarm concept is designed especially for 7 – 10 years of age group. Farm Stimulation Math game helps the little stars to solve and answer real life scenarios.  

Camera for Solving Math 

 This App includes a camera where the child can scan the problem from his or her notebook and get their solutions instantly.

Practice Worksheets 

Educational experts with more than 42 years of experience design such worksheets and are shared with kids to practice them. 

Easy Access

Whether it’s Mobile, Laptop, Ipad or any smart device, Mathpid is easily accessible anywhere at your convenience. Imagine due to some reason or emergency you are not able to give time to your child who is having a test tomorrow. What will you do? Well, here Mathpid helps you out with zero ads that mean no distraction between your child and Math from any smart gadget. You can download Mathpid app for free through Google Play Store (https://bit.ly/3LwugyM) and Apple store.

Allow Kids to Apply Math in Real-Life

Our day to day life is surrounded by Math. We just need to explore it and encourage our children to apply them on real-life. Sharing this out of my personal experience, one day I took my son to a toy shop to buy his favorite toy. It cost me 30 rupees and this he heard it. I gave 50 rupees to him and asked him to pay it at the cash counter. For a minute, I noticed him standing still at the cash counter waiting for the man to return him the remaining 20 rupees. These made me realize that practically, every child has to identify concepts and apply it in real-life.

Playing indoor games specially board games like Business, Chess, Scrabble and other games will help the child to understand and apply Math concepts well. This includes card games like UNO and other playing cards for shapes and numbers. 

Number Activities 

Study Math for a Better Path - MathPid

According to suitable age group you can take wealth out of waste materials like cardboard, bubble wraps and many other waste items and make Math activities out of it. Do It Yourself (DIY) activity boards can be created to have a fun filled time with your kids learning Math.

Math in Kitchen 

You must be wondering Math in Kitchen too, well, our kitchen is surrounded by numbers, examples 500 grams of Rava, 5 kilograms of Rice, 1 litre Milk, 1 tsp Sugar, 1 tbsp Salt, etc and the list is on. With the help of this the child will understand basic Math concepts like grams, kilograms, litre, weight, etc.    


Hope this article helped you in understanding how you can make your child to love Math and apply their concepts in real-life. Mathpid AI App is the smart Math App to make your kids excel in their field.

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