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Meet IBM’s Youngest Indian Programmer, Tanmay Bakshi

Published on: 2 November , 2017 | Kanchan V

What could we imagine our 12-13 year old doing in his/her free time? Maybe watching television, playing cricket or any other favorite sport for that matter, or just trying to sneak into your phone whenever a chance permits? Well, there are kids who think totally out of the box – we generally term them as “gifted kids”. Meet IBM's Youngest Indian Programmer, Tanmay Bakshi. Google Hired Him At The Age Of 13. He who writes computer programs in his spare time. Bakshi already has a couple of apps in the Apple app store. He has been recognized as the world’s youngest IBM Watson programmer.

How did it all begin for Tanmay?

Tanmay Bakshi, a 12 year old boy of Indian origin attributes his curiosity and quest towards computer programming to his dad. His dad, Puneet was a hard core computer programmer. And when things like “hello world” or his name would display on the Windows screen, he thought it was some kind of magic. So, he started to go into the depth of it as to how it is done. And his quest for programming began.

Bakshi’s first app called tTablets helps kids in learning multiplication tables. He was just 9 years old when his app was accepted in the App store. Bakshi has his own Youtube channel where he has created many videos with the aim to help others understand the nuances of computer programming. He likes algorithms in general. So, most of his videos are about different kinds of algorithms. The biggest advantage according to Bakshi is that he is home-schooled in Ontario, Canada. So, he can align coding with the things he learns. So, if there is a maths concept he needs to learn, he uses an algorithm to make an application out of it. On a normal routine day he spends around 40% of his day on computer programming.

What makes Tanmay and his work stand out?

Imagine being invited to a TEDx event? Well, one dreams of it. But, for Tanmay it was an opportunity come at his doorstep on 17June2017.  TEDx Cincinnati event is a unique stage where brilliant speakers are invited to address a unique gathering that will help them unleash new ideas, inspire and engage them in mind-blowing conversation. In the words of Tanmay Bakshi, “ I wish to work towards changing the lives of those who are living with disabilities; those who are living, Yet NOT living as we are, and those who cannot communicate as we do.” He also shares his passion of working in the field of healthcare through Artificial Intelligence, a path very few have chosen.

What does Tanmay’s list of credentials look like?

Tanmay is a Software/Cognitive Developer, Keynote Speaker, Algorithm-ist, IBM Champion for Cloud, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor and author of Hello Swift. Tanmay is the host of an IBM Facebook Live Series called Watson Made Simple with Tanmay and has over 12,000 followers of his Youtube Channel Tanmay Teaches, with a resolve to help 100,000 and other beginners on their journey to innovate through coding. AskTanmay, the world’s first web-based NLQA-System to be powered by IBM Watson.

Tanmay Bakshi: Google Hired Him At The Age Of 13

Twitter: @TajyMany

Linkedln: Tanmay Bakshi

Youtube: tanmaybakshi

Facebook: Tanmay Bakshi


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Kanchan V

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