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This Is How A Nine Year Old Had Me Beat

Published on: 11 October , 2016 | Ekta

This Is How A Nine Year Old Had Me Beat.

Below is a conversation between my 9-year old niece and me.

Jiya(My niece) – “Masi, do you know which is the world’s tallest building?”

Me – Burj Khalifa (hah...that’s easy! I said to myself)

Jiya – “Correct Masi. This was easy. One more?”

Me – (Quite confidently, with a smile on my face) Bring it on!

Jiya - Do you know which is the world’s tallest skyscraper?”

Me – “Er… No. Do you?”

Jiya(Chuckling) – “You don’t know? It is Petronas Tower”

Me – “Really? Hmmm…” (She knows & I don’t?)

Jiya – “Ok another one Masi, please?”

Me (My smile fading away) – “Ok go ahead.”

Jiya – “Which is the most expensive spice in the world?”

Me – “Vanilla?”

Jiya (Feeling victorious) - “Haha… No Masi. It is saffron. One more please?”

Me (Trying to avoid) - No princess. I got some important work. Later please?

Jiya – “Please Masi. One more. One more. Which animal can produce the loudest noise?”

Me – “Is it the Lion? It is the king of the jungle, right?”

Jiya (Laughing out loud) – “No Masi. It is the blue whale. It’s sound can be heard even 800 kms away.”

Me – “Hey, this is too much! How do you know all these things? Did your friends or teachers tell you”

Jiya – (Still laughing. Victorious but innocent) “No Masi. I don’t think my friends know because they didn’t teach this at school.”

I was impressed with her knowledge but embarrassed that I was ignorant of things a 9-year old knows. I couldn’t contain my curiosity. She ran and got me a copy of her RobinAge newspaper. She proudly said – “No Masi. This is how I got to know. I love it”.

It was the weekly issue of RobinAge - September 29-October 5. At first I thought it was a joke. I was spell-bound. So many interesting things packed fabulously in a 16 page newspaper. Did we just say “newspaper”? Yes, we did. Since when did we start buying newspapers for children? I asked myself. I grew up reading Tinkle & Champak as a kid; occasionally. Reading interesting stories & parables with morals, funny jokes or spotting the odd one out was what interested us. But look at what kids can learn these days. It is absolutely amazing to see how much a kids newspaper can offer.

Knowledge is available in abundance. As a parent, it is our duty to inculcate the habit of reading by introducing them to the finest source of interesting content that can keep them glued to reading & grasping as much as they can. This will ensure that our children have the cutting edge & have the ability to think beyond just academics. Building logical & analytical skills is taught even at schools. But, to boost your child’s holistic development, you need something more. And RobinAge is the answer to the young inquisitive mind. This is why –

  1. It stimulates reading by representing content with great visuals
  2. It is supplemented with a 4 page Jr. RobinaAge newspaper for younger minds
  3. It entails a slice of history, arts & craft, news around the world & in your neighborhood, interesting stories & exciting contests.
  4. About 25% of the content is contributed by kids. So let the creative juices flow. Your child will be delighted to see his contribution being published in about 17,000 copies.
  5. The newspaper is available online & offline as well. The digital version of the newspaper is a great way to get the kids excited about reading. The online version is available through the Magzter app ( http://www.magzter.com/IN/Deep-Prakash/RobinAge/Children). In the print version, the copy is packed and sent in the name of the child. Care to need more?
  6. Since they provide a weekly edition, the child retains it’s excitement & looks forward to the next issue every week. Afterall, we know how challenging it is for kids to focus & continue reading with a million distractions that excite them much more.

RobinAge is undoubtedly one of the best children's magazine/newspaper available in India. You can read about the top magazines for children in India here. You can view a sample copy and subscribe by visiting www.robinage.com/subscribe or calling 022-66626818/ 19. You can now use the code 'CP' to avail a special discount of 10% on your subscription

Please let us know if your child enjoyed reading RobinAge or any other magazine/newspaper that you would recommend to our other readers. If you also loved it, you know what to gift your child’s best-friend next time. Spending money on an expensive toy car or investing in your child’s holistic development by subscribing to a child’s magazine – The choice is yours.

Smart parents. Smart kids. Happy Parenting!

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