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Top Mommy Bloggers And Parenting Blogs In India 2020

Published on: 3 March , 2020 | Premikaa Pitcheshwar

Top Mommy Bloggers And Parenting Blogs In India 2020

Indian Parenting, or parenting in general has become a major challenge in today’s scenario. While there is so much to deal with for a child in this generation, there is so much more for a parent to handle. Technology is growing on one side, new parenting practices blooming on the other and then there’s culture refurbishing from time to time. With so much happening, there is demand for you as a parent to grow along with your growing child. Listing out the Top Mommy Bloggers And Parenting Blogs In India, 2020.

These Parenting Blogs And Mommy Bloggers have made it a little easier for us to figure out our parenting journey and make it the best possible for the benefit of our children. Read on to know more about them.

Kids Stop Press - Top Mommy Bloggers And Parenting Blogs In India 2020

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kids Stop Press

With ‘Simplifying Parenting’ as their main motto, Kids Stop Press ranks as one of the top parenting blogs in India. They are true to their words as they call themselves the digital friend a parent can turn to at any point of time in a day for any help with parenting. They are up-to-date with every rising parenting trend, best learning apps for children, how to make a meal plan for your child or even for a mother and  also help you plan your family outings and events for your kids. Founded by Mansi Zaveri, a dotting mom herself, simply explains the quality of the content- Its tailor made for parents, by parents. While making great content, they also make it a point to recognize and felicitate fellow parent ventures and bloggers annually in their Kids Stop Press Awards.

Contact: You can write to them with any of your queries or suggestions at  info@kidsstoppress.com

MomJunction - Best Parenting Community In India

Sangram Simha, Veerendra Shivhare and Chaitanya Nallan(Left to right)

The largest community of moms worldwide, MomJunction has content relevant to women from getting pregnant to understanding motherhood better, parenting doubts, raising children whether they are new borns, toddlers or teens and even on relationships and single parenting. Striving for a world of healthier moms and kids, MomJunction is that trustworthy guide every parent can turn to during their jerky moments. They know their responsibility well as they consult medical reviewers to check the accuracy of any content before it is available to their consumers. That justifies the 16 millions monthly visits, I guess. They have made the website available in Hindi too.

Contact: You can email them anytime at service@momjunction.com

Baby Chakra By Naiyya Saggi

Baby Chakra is one of the best platforms for content regarding parenting in India. Founded by Naiyya Sagi in 2015, today this blog speaks to millions- 2 million and more families visit Baby Chakra who spend about a hundred million minutes on the website on a monthly basis. Baby Chakra has created an ecosystem on the web and even on your phone in the form of an app, wherein parents can connect to other parents and experts, render relevant services and products. They have taken that extra edge to personalise your website experience too!

Momspresso - Best Moms Community In India

Asif Mohamed, Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha(Clockwise from left), Founders of Momspresso

An empowering platform for moms, by moms and of moms, Momspresso encourages women and moms to voice out their truths and experiences through text, video or even voice. Other than being supportive community of moms, they push moms to make an earning of their own through brand campaigns. The three men Vishal Gupta, Prashant Sinha and Asif Mohamed who founded Momspresso believe in real mommy stories over polished fairy tale content that no mom can relate to! No we know how it made it to the Top Mommy Bloggers And Parenting Blogs In India 2020.

My Little Moppet By Dr.Hemapriya

Dr. Hemapriya, Founder of My Little Moppet

Founded and run by Dr.Hemapriya, a medical doctor by profession, you can skip your quality check of referring to other blogs before trying something for your baby if you’re on My Little Moppet. She isn’t a practicing doctor but just as she says, is an engaged and imperfect parent, practicing parenting and getting better with it by the day! Before putting it out for other parents, Dr.Hema makes sure that she has tested the methods by trying them on her own little moppets. From the best foods to toilet training, handling a toddler to controlling the weaning, this Doctor Mom has the best to say. Moreover, she has free recipe ebooks for babies and toddlers on her website and even her own range of homemade baby food products called Little Moppet Foods! You can view the website content, in Hindi, Tamizh or English.

Contact: Based on your query, you can read and reach out to My Little Moppet here.

Baby Destination - Top Mommy Blogs In India

Tarun Dhamija, Tamanna Dhamija and Kartik Bansal (Left to right)

Baby Destination is the largest content community as wells as parenting community for expecting and new moms. The parenting community connects about 6 lakh moms to experts for guidance and sharing parenting experiences. Their content covers everything under the sun about each phase of parenting starting from the thought of planning a family. Baby Destinations has worked with major brands including Johnson &Johnson, Baby SebaMed, Pampers, Aveeno Baby and Himalaya Babycare among several others. The founders Tamanna Dhamija, Tarun Dhamija and Kartik Bansal build their client circle focusding on their user and audience behaviour. They are available in English, Tamixh, Hindi and Bangla.

Contact: They have a forum called Ask Moms for all your queries!

Confused Parent - Top Mommy Bloggers And Parenting Blogs In India 2020

Ekta Chawla, Founder of Confused Parent

Confused Parent is one of the fastest growing parenting communities in India with a 5000+ moms only community. With over a 3 lakh visitrs per month, Confused Parent keeps its users engaged with exciting giveaway, fun contests and informative blogs, all focused on motherhood, parenting, raising children and everything of priority. The founder Ekta Chawla strongly believes and insists on an information driven approach only as there always is going to be a hunger for entertaining content but the need of the hour will always be legit information and guidance. Confused Parent has been carefully curated keeping in mind a confused parent’s concerns!

Contact: ekta@confusedparent.in

Parentune - Top Parenting Blogs In India 2020

Nitin Pandey, Founder of Parentune

Founded by Nitin Pandey, this pro parent community believes that if parents are aided with appropriate and personalized support by means of expert opinions or fellow parent experiences, every parent can achieve the best for their child. Apart from blogs on the usual topics like breastfeeding, child nutrition, health and education, Parentune also covers bullying, hobbies, autism, raising a child with autism, understanding child psychology and many more. With surplus written content, they also have exceptionally informative video content. They encourage a lot of guest blogging and are open to accommodate the views of any parent provided the content is upto or surpasses their benchmark. You can switch the language to anything out Marathi, Telugu, Tamizh, English and Hindi based on your convenience.

Contact: helpdesk@parentune.com

The Champa Tree By Vaishali Sharma

Vaishali S Sharma, Founder of The Champa Tree

Vaishali S Sharma, a mommy herself, lives by the thought that no question is too silly for a parent to ask when it comes to their child. So she built her blogging empire The Champa Tree a.k.a TCT, where she tries to help out as many parents as she can reach out to with her blogs. Furthermore, she has a section contributed solely to real life stories of moms under the umbrella called Real Moms where they talk about. Amidst all the seriousness surrounding parenting, TCT makes it a point to swoop in with some parenting humour now and then because come on, parents also need a break!

Contact: thechampatree.in@gmail.com

Bumps N Baby By Sangeetha Menon

Sangeetha Menon, Founder of Bumps N Baby

Business Analyst turned Parenting Blogger Sangeetha Menon promises the ‘A to Z of motherhood’ through Bumps N Baby. She represents strongly for the working class of mothers and gives them the break they need from hearing about how wrong it is to send their children to daycare centres. She caters to her 6000 and more subscribers with unique recipes for children, food charts, pre and post pregnancy care and so much more. Despite the high quality content she generates, she insists that parents only treat her blogs and anybody else’s blogs as opinions and valuate their experiences accordingly because she is a mom herself, and having been closely tied up with the internet, she knows its flooded with anything and everything and can sometimes be misleading.

Contact: She is ready to hear all of your parental queries at sangeetha@bumpsnbaby.com

Artsy Craftsy Mom - Best Creative Mommy Blogger In India

Shruti Acharya, Founder of Artsy Craftsy Mom

Keeping your child engaged is a major challenge that parents face. That’s where comes Artsy Craftsy Mom, the top Indian hobby, art and craft blog for kids. While every blog out there highlights Indian parenting, child education and pregnancy care, Shruti Acharya throws the limelight on art and craft exercises for kids while giving away a few parenting tips. She shares easy, fun and kid friendly activities and fun family activities, all mom tried-and-tested several times a week. Her consistency and freshness is what makes Artsy Craftsy Mom notable. This seems like a great way to put the little hands to work, minds to be engaged and hearts to be filled with joy, isn’t it?

Mom’s Cove - Best Mom Blogger In India

Meghalee, Founder of Mom's Cove

Right when you are thinking every parenting blog and every parenting blogger is the same, you stumble upon Mom’s Cove. This blog is one of its kind and that is not being said simply. Recently, many claim themselves to be pet parents. For all of them, this maybe your encyclopedia. Their emphasis is however on mother’s happiness and well being with special attention given to stay at home moms. True to its tagline- Pets, Parenting, Positivity- Mom’s Cove really does warm you up for parenting the right way!

Contact: Direct all your good wishes and love to editor.momscove@gmail.com

Women's Web - Best Women's Community In India

Women’s web, though centered around women empowerment, has some abundant blogs on parenting because Parenting sure does involve a level of discretion, but taking some solid advice from other parents is only good, right? A 6000+ community of writers, they urge women and enable them tell and share their stories. They have published some compelling real life stories from moms, for moms and parents.

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