10 Best Interesting Baby Shower Games

10 Best Interesting Baby Shower Games

While lifestyle & preferences are rapidly changing with time, yet, there are some age-old traditions that are endowed like a legacy from one generation to another. One such endowment practiced since time immemorial is celebrating the arrival of the baby. This ceremony conducted during the 7th or 9th month is called as “Baby Shower”. A poetic way of presenting baby shower may be described as “showering” the expectant mother with gifts for her expecting child. It is a culture present amongst many people who celebrate the transition of a woman into a mother; such a divine transition! Baby shower games are the highlights of such celebrations organised to rejoice in a woman being pregnant. We know some common ones like ‘Baby Bingo’, ‘Scramble’ and ‘Guess Who’. To know more on some unfussy easy games, go ahead & read the 10 Best Interesting Baby Shower Games:

10 Best Interesting Baby Shower Games

  1. Don’t say “Baby”
  2. Don’t say Baby is an interesting icebreaking game which is started just as the guest enters the door. Each guest entering the session is awarded with a diaper pin to wear on their dress. As the game starts, all are informed that they are not to use the word ‘baby’ during the shower. If someone notices the other using the forbidden word, he could snatch away his diaper pin. At the end of the game, the one with most pins wins.

  3. Dirty diapers
  4. A dirty diaper is usually the most hated amongst all the shower games. And what if you have to lick a dirty diaper? This is the game. Melted chocolate candies of different flavours are placed in baby napkins and the gamers are to lick the thing and find out the chocolate flavour.

  5. Birthing babies
  6. This is an anxious ice melter game. Before the day of shower, tiny plastic babies are frozen along with ice cubes. When the guests arrive, these cubes are given to them in a cup of water. As the times passes, the ice melts and the one who gets the baby out first, wins the game.

  7. Guess the Baby game
  8. Blushing cheeks and beautiful memories flourish as we play this game. The setting up is started at the time of invitation sending itself. All the guests are asked to bring pictures of their childhood when coming for the shower. Each picture is assigned a number and is pinned onto the walls. The game is to recognise who the baby is and the person who recognises the most number of babies is the winner.

    Interesting Baby Shower Games

  9. Tinkle in the pot
  10. The pregnant ladies usually run to the bathroom most frequently. This game is to express this funk in a funny way. Some jars are placed in one side of the room. The guests line up on the other end with a filled balloon on the stomach and a penny by the knees. The players ought to place the penny tightly between their knees and run as fast as they could to the end point where they are to ‘pee’ the coin onto the jar carefully. The fastest one wins the game.

  11. Mommy and Daddy’s secrets
  12. Ask the mom and dad for answers to some questions in a significant order and make sure that the significant other is not in site. After noting all the answers, the game starts by placing the mom and dad in the hot point and asking the stated questions. Ask each question answered by the partner and the poll it to the audience to see who thinks the right answer. Everyone is a winner in this game.

  13. Bobbing for nipples
  14. This may be the favourite game among the males at the baby shower. A row of large buckets is dropped with some baby milk bottle nipples. Each guest is to kneel down with hands tied at the back and bob for the nipples in the bucket. The person with most number of nipples at the end of two minutes wins the game.

  15. Place the baby on the Mommy
  16. This is similar to the ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’, a classic party game. Make a poster sized picture of the mom standing with her pregnant belly in the picture. Each player is blindfolded and after a couple of spins, they are given a baby shaped pin and asked to pin it onto the mother. The closest to the belly pinning is the winner.

  17. Baby items in the bag
  18. This game keeps the guests in a practical guessing mode. At least ten common, useful baby stuffs are placed in a bag. Fairly inexpensive stuffs are preferred considering the practicality of the play. The guests are to feel the goodies without seeing what’s in the bag. They are allotted a 2 minute time and are supposed to write down what they expect them to be into a piece of paper. The winner is the one who guessed most number of articles correctly and the bag with the baby essential goodies goes to the parents-to-be.

  19.  Baby Dec-a-Cake

Before the shower party, a batch of cupcakes are baked and a small plastic baby is dropped randomly on one of the cups. Without disclosing the secret pregnant cupcake, the guests are given candies and decorations. After all have decorated their cupcakes, the mom-to-be selects her favourite and she is the winner. It is then published that the one with the hidden baby cupcake is the next in line to be the mom.

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