3D Colouring – A dream come true for your child

3D Colouring – A dream come true for your child

Have we ever wondered why is drawing & coloring slowly losing it’s sheen with the kids? This generation has a lot more entertainment and gaming options than we could ever imagine of in our days. Thanks to the arrival of Ipad and Iphones, coloring has taken a backseat. In our frantic efforts to keep this lovely activity alive, we order a dozen of coloring books of different cartoon characters. We have always wished to transform their skills & imagination to the next level. Some people have sensed this urgency and designed unique activities that elevates coloring to the next level with a unique 3D experience. Drum Rolls please – Introducing you to Cretto – 3D Colouring Book– A dream come true for your child. 3D coloring books which merges coloring with the latest technology to make it more exciting!

How has Cretto succeeded in making this happen? Augmented Reality is the latest buzz in the field of edutainment. Augmented Reality, or AR, as it is popularly known, is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing an augmented look of the real world. We all know about the “Pokemon Go” mania right? Now the question is, how does AR help in making coloring more exciting?

AR makes space for the developers to facilitate audio visual effects in live camera feed to make the experience more exciting. Cretto comes with a Companion App that brings coloring to life. Which means the characters can talk, walk, make sounds or dance to your tunes too! The biggest advantage is the interactive element involved in these 3D Coloring books.  They have proved to be effective learning tools making learning so much fun. The kids are bound to be lured by these books, as each picture has its own 3D effects. As the 3D image will take form of the colours used in colouring book, your child can think of all the possible color combinations for his picture, resulting in an element of uniqueness in every picture.

3D colouring book

So, how does Augmented Reality come to play?

For example, a kid could be coloring a Santa Claus picture, then we scan the picture using the App. Then the magic unfolds, we can hear the Santa Claus sing, dance or even giving gifts to kids, shaking hands and everything cute you’d love children to enjoy watching! Another example could be students scanning the cover of a book and getting the overview of the books in the form of videos, documents and pictures. The pictures become alive and pose like they are surreal. That’s so much of fun… what more could a kid ask for?

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Besides being a recreational activity for the kids, coloring as an activity, also is known for its multi-fold benefits. Some of them being basic motor skills, improved hand-eye coordination, ability to focus, unleashing the hidden creative talent, as there are no boundaries to a kids’ imagination.

Cretto’s 3D Coloring Books facilitates an improvised learning approach where kids can also interact with their subject matter rather than just listening to it. This encourages the kid to stay glued to his coloring book, as every picture has a unique surprise hidden in it! The parents are giving it a big thumbs up, as it is very engaging when in comparison with the traditional coloring books, which are relatively “outdated”, after these AR Books have entered the edutainment arena.

The superior audio-visual experience that is rendered to the kids through these books is simply amazing. All that you require is an Android or an IOS phone.  The element of fun combined with learning makes it an excellent choice for gifting purposes too. These 3D Coloring books are a new entrant, hence slowly but steadily gaining popularity.  They can be introduced to kids aged 4 years & above. They have two editions – Jungle Toons 1 & Jungle Toons 2. Each book contains 10 unique characters and 22 Magical experiences.  All this for an unbelievable affordable price of Rs.249 only. They also have a combo pack to choose from.

3D Colouring – A dream come true for your child

What we loved the most:

  1. This product enables better utilisation of kids’ screen time and also reduces the amount of time spent on the screen at the same time.
  2. The characters will appear in 3D in the same colour kids have used in colouring the character.

In this gadgets- enslaved world, it is indeed challenging for us as parents to hold on to our kids fantasies. We can’t say no to everything; but these Cretto 3D Coloring books are sure to appall your kids by adding an element of fun and excitement to their coloring. Rest assured, they are great entertainment and learning tools too! Grab a book for your chils on www.cretto.com or visit Amazon to make your purchase & gift Cretto – 3D Colouring – A dream come true for your child.

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