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A Second Chance – Poems For Kids

Published on: 30 April , 2019 | AKAV

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I remember when I was a kid
Used to do things that all kids did
Used to play about and have a merry time
My adventures as a kid had no ways or rhyme

When my Mom used to catch me when I was on prowl
I used to pretend as if I hadn't done anything fowl
But when my lie was laid open and when I had no escape
I assured my mom that I will never behave like an ape

I used to promise to her with a face of sorrow
That I will start afresh to be good from tomorrow
Time went on and I grew up to be a teenager
Started doing things that got a bit crazier

But when my Mom caught me to my great sorrow
I used to tell her that I will improve from tomorrow
Growing up wasn't all that tough the way they say
My life was filled with all that one could ever pray

For whenever I was on the wrong my escape was narrow
For I always said I will improve from tomorrow
Time waits for no one and I say this with sorrow
I have grown old and I don't know if I'm there tomorrow

Now I have no friends or family for I betrayed them all
Never cared for anyone and took them for granted all
Now there is no one to tell me that I am right or wrong
And I can't even sing that excuse like a song

That I will start improving from tomorrow
That I will start improving from tomorrow

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