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Random Life Thoughts – Short Poem About Life

Published on: 30 April , 2019 | AKAV

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Remember those days of your courtship
A beginning of a wonderful relationship
With love and happiness all around
With the new partner you have just found

Time always seemed to be fast flying
Departing from each other let to some crying
Those were the days for hours we sat on sand
Always cuddling with our hand in hand

Well the courtship had to end some day
Then came the most awaited wedding day
You got your license to be together always
There was no need to listen to what anyone says

As the days progressed you got to the grind
Love was the last thing that was on your mind
Hand in hand you never held for a while
Stress had already sent your love to exile

Responsibility was the only thing you had
Not meeting up to expectations made you sad
Pleasing the world was your prime motive
Holding hands was an idea so primitive

Then came a point when you had no one
Except for your only dear and loved one
Stress had finally taken its toll on your body
You hardly could stand without the support of somebody

Now what was the option that you had on hand
But to fall back on the one you forgot to hold hand in hand
Now it is too late to mend ways or say sorry
For that's the person for whom you had the least worry

Now you get back to holding hand in hand
Now that on your feet you can hardly stand
Repending is all that do for the missed time with love
Just to get what will not buy anything for you now

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