Arham Pregnancy Review

Arham Pregnancy Review

“Life of a child does not begin when he or she is born, but right from the moment of conception”. A mommy-to-be feels ecstatic when she feels the kick in her womb. It is heartening to see her dream, smile, silently pray for the wellness of her baby & possibly knitting colourful socks for her unborn child (well this is a rarity these days). Suddenly there are many reasons to thank God, to pray to him & ask him to grant you those secret wishes. In this phase when you unconsciously tend to align yourself to everything positive, with the science of the mind hoping that it will have constructive effect on your baby. Read more about arham Pregnancy Review.

Your joy knows no bounds if your child grows to be purrrr-fect kid every parent years for. Perfection is not just being successful & buying an independent home in Aamby valley. It is someone who is responsible, noble to the society & an idol for generations to come. Arham Pregnancy believes that a mother imbibes the good qualities in the foetus even before birth aiming to reform & mould the unborn child to be a boon for the society.


I was introduced to Arham Pregnancy through one of my friend. A holistic approach to pregnancy can last a lifetime. The ideology is that when you sacrifice & dedicate so much since birth, why not right from conception. Laying the right foundation with an ideal healthy diet, lifestyle, physical activity & meditation benefits the parents & the child physically, mentally & spiritually. Arham Garb Sadhana is a non-profit foundation that aims to harness spiritual energy to the child.

Arham Pregnancy Review – My personal experience

I met Mrs. Rachna, (my teacher/facilitator) during my 2nd trimester at Vepery, Chennai. I had a couple of personal one-on-one sessions with her. She encouraged me to attend the sessions with my husband. She emphasized both parents to jointly as a happy frame of mind & vision creates positive vibes for the child too.

Session 1:

Introduction to Arham Garbh Sadhana

Basic introduction – Education to lay emphasis on the importance of improving the intelligent, emotional, social and spiritual quotient of the unborn child.

Health history – Information on the mother’s health history, any complication or previous medical ailment or allergies that is prevalent.

Importance of Arham Pregnancy – The rhythmic harmony of “Arham” is aimed at awakening the several centres of consciousness & kindle the life-force.

Arham Pregnancy

Session 2:

Power Of Namothunam – Chanting of Namothunam; the meaning, importance & power of the mantra. Channelize your spiritual energy to little one angel.

Alternative therapies to problems – AGS believes that every problem should be countered with naturally available foods & spices. Allopathic medicine can provide immediate but temporary relief. However, it has other side effects that is harmful to the baby. Natural medicine tackles the problem from it’s roota & eradicates the problem thereby strengthening the immune system.

Diet Plan – Your baby eats what you eat. Avoiding preservatives, fried, sugar packed foods is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Introduction of wonder foods that help you prepare your body physically & builds energy to nurture the little one.


Session 3:

Chant of Mantra : Chanting of mantra using colours forms the fundamental foundation of meditation. The recitation ensures health & imparts tranquility. The incantatory word – “Arham” produces powerful vibrations that yields long-lasting peace of mind & happiness.

Dealing with Challenges – Gestational Diabetes, fatigue or vomiting – there is an alternate therapy to