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Best Baby Bath Tubs in India Reviews: Online Buying Guide

Published on: 25 November , 2020 | Ekta

Best Baby Bath Tubs In India

All of us love water – don’t we? This love for water makes us jump into the bath tub again and again! How we love it – especially in a country like our’s where Summer never seems to end! Oh yes, babies love their bath time too. Bath time is fun time and to make it a safe one it is important that we choose the right bath tub. Here are the Best Baby Bath Tubs in India Reviews: Online Buying Guide. Let us look at the factors which need to be looked into before we make the right choice of bath tub for our baby.

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  • Size/capacity of the tub: This is the foremost factor for the simple reason that the tub should be fitting the height and weight of the child. A small tub might be inconvenient and difficult for the mom to give a bath. Whereas a bigger one might pose risk factors. A Bath tub appropriate to the age is a must.
  • Material used: it is important to look for non-toxic materials to be used. A high quality plastic material free of BPA, fabric, or even a cushion.
  • Choosing the right type: Bath tubs come in different variants; namely the Standard baby bath tub, convertible baby bath tub (which could be easily converted into a bigger one), foldable baby bath tub.
  • Anti-skid material: This is a very important aspect as it hovers around the safety of your baby. As we apply a baby soap or a baby wash, the bath tub surface tends to become slippery. A non slippery bath tub ensures safety and happy times.
  • Drain plug: A pre requisite as the water needs to be drained out after bathing time is over. To make the process easy and neat the water should be unplugged as quickly as possible.
  • Water level marker: Before you settle in with your final choice, you need to check for the water level marker as the water should not exceed the said limit. In order to avoid spillage.
  • Temperature indicator: Bath tubs come with a Temperature indicator which changes colour once the maximum level is reached. This ensures the apt temperature is never exceeded.

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After having a look at the factors let us introduce you the List of Best Baby Bath Tubs in India Reviews: Online Buying Guide, in no particular order.

Baybee - Best Bath Tub In India 2021

BayBee Anti Skid Bath Tub

Going by the size dimensions of this particular Bath Tub, it is one of the largest Bath Tub available in the market. Unique design with safety support system for forearms and back allows the baby to bathe in comfort and ease. The recliner could be detached once the baby has learnt to sit. It is made from lead free, non toxic and recyclable polypropylene material. The only concern which needs to be looked into is that the baby should be able to hold the head to a certain extent atleast. That would be the ideal time to introduce this Bath Tub.

Features & Advantages:

  • Suitable for babies from 4 months age – 36 months
  • Made from lead free & non toxic material
  • Anti skid surface
  • Soft rounded edges
  • Has 2 unique positions to offer- reclining & sit up position
  • Side handles for the baby to have a grip to hold on
  • The biggest advantage being its size – 88*49*22 cm


  • The stickers are a hindrance as they tend to peel off easily

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Toyboy Foldable Bath Tub For Babies

ToyBoy Anti slip Foldable Bath Tub

Made of robust quality of high grade plastic material, this Bath Tub ensures for the safety of your baby. Ideal for babies of 6 months age & above for the reason that it is having a recliner position to give support to your baby’s back. There is a provision for soap holder/baby wash bottle in the front which makes it all the more a credible factor to be considered. Also equipped with a drain plug it serves as a perfect choice.

Features cum Advantages:

  • Made of high quality material
  • Smooth & rounded edges
  • Provision of a drain plug
  • Provision of soap holder
  • Anti-skid material
  • Foldable & easy to carry


  • Appropriate for babies upto 12 months of age only
  • Weight holding capacity is upto 10 kgs only

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LuvLap Aqua Bath Tub- Best Baby Bath Tubs in India

LuvLap Anti Skid Baby Bath Tub

EN 71 certified product from LuvLap, this Bath Tub has multi-functional features which provides multi benefits of which durability and comfort are given the utmost priority. Made of 100% BPA non-toxic material which is also food grade quality, it has anti-skid surface at the bottom. Thus ensuring that the baby does not lose balance and skid in soapy water. The arm rests are slip-resistant thus giving a good grip to hold when the baby is in the tub. Has the provision of an inclined baby seat which could be used for new born babies, this spacious Bath Tub is nothing less than a comfort place for your little one.

LuvLap Bath Tub

Features & Advantages:

  • Foldable legs which could be easily opened up to serve as a stool/pedestal
  • Adjustable incline nature of the Bath Tub to suit an infant
  • Easily convertible into a regular Bath tub for infants upto 15 months of age
  • Temperature Sensitive Water Plug which changes colour from Blue to white in case of temperature exceeding the limits
  • The legs are anti-skid and so is the base of the Bath Tub
  • Good travel option
  • Recommended age is 6 months & above


  • Not the best option for infants as the support for the baby is not adequate.

Price: Rs.2376

Mee Mee Anti Skid Bath Tub For New Born

Mee Mee Bathing Tub For Babies

Made of high quality absorbent material like fabric, this Bather Tub makes it to the list of the Best Baby Bath Tubs for babies. The sturdy metal frame coupled with durable handles and compact nature makes it a convenient one to use. The material is completely anti-skid, thus providing a good grip for the baby to enjoy her bath time. It comes with a detachable head pillow to provide that extra cushioning comfort to your baby while she is getting accustomed to her customary hygiene and cleanliness routine. There are no edges as such as the material itself is skin-friendly.

Features & Advantages:

  • Cushion curved edges
  • Compact design and easy to carry
  • Head pillow provides for extra comfort
  • Suitable for babies of 6 months – 12 months of age


  • Absence of drainage plug

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R For Rabbit - Best Folding Baby Bath Tub In India

R For Rabbit Baby Bath Tub For Infants

One of the most recommended Baby brands – R for Rabbit Folding Bath Tub is an easy to use and a compact one too. Made from high grade plastic material which is non toxic and free of BPA, this Bath Tub is also one of the spacious tubs available in the market measuring  84*50*22 cms. Its main feature is its compact nature wherein the legs of the Tub could be easily folded and the middle of the tub is made of soft material which could be folded with a gentle press.

Features & Advantages:

  • Provision of Temperature Sensitive Plug which enables the mommy to detect unexpected rise in temperature of the water
  • Made from high quality plastic material
  • Legs are sturdy and hold the weight of the Bath Tub easily
  • Appropriate for usage when the baby is able to hold its neck
  • Holding capacity is within 18 – 20 kgs
  • Innovative & unique design that enables to fold and store
  • Drainage plug provided


  • Customers have complaints with regard to the inefficient drainage of water
  • Infants could not use it, as the tub stands precariously in the inclined position
  • The slant mode feature is not very well featured

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Chicco Baby Bath Tub

Chicco Bathing Tub For Kids

Chicco products are known for safety, durability and excellent design structure. And one example of such features is the Chicco Bath Tub which comes with a unique feature of stopper which enables the baby to prevent them from sliding in water. Has in-built drainage plug to drain water. In built provision to keep soaps and other accessories.

Features & Advantages:

  • The biggest plus point is the stopper which is provided in the base of the tub which
  • The tub is made of sturdy material
  • The size is also quite big, hence is suitable for older babies upto 2.5 years
  • Provision of drainage outlet allows easy draining of water
  • Made of non toxic, lead free high grade Polypropylene material


  • Absence of a hook to enable hanging of the tubafter use
  • Not a very good travel option

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