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Best Baby PlayPen / Play Yard In India 2020

Published on: 15 November , 2020 | Ekta

Babies & toddlers are high on energy – agile, lively & love exploring new things. They love playing. Everyday is a new adventure for them. And while they are crawling, walking & having incredible fun, they tend to get injured very often if left unattended. Since they are innocent they may not be able to detect danger the way we do. And while playing is THE most important exercise for a child, as a parent we want to ensure that our child plays in a SAFE-ZONE. A “PlayPen” does just that. Here are the Best Baby PlayPen / Play Yard In India 2020.

As a new mommy if you thought nurturing a newborn baby & sleepless nights are tough, then wait until the day your baby starts crawling & walking. Step into the kitchen to cut an apple & your baby is either climbing up the stairs or dabbing some powder on his face. You cannot monitor your child 24*7, however, the need the freedom or mobility, which is critical for early development in their formative days.

Best Baby PlayPen / Play Yard In India 2020

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Why should you buy a PlayPen for your baby / toddler?

  • Save your time: A Play pen allows you to run errands while your child is playing in it’s safe province. Your child needs no constant adult supervision.
  • Protects the baby: While your child’s safety is of supreme importance, a playpen is a gated space which allows mobility but makes sure your child is in close vicinity & it’s movement is restrcited.
  • Colourful: Playpens are super fun. They are colourful and come with many features like ball pool, extended tunnel and many more.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Playpens are strong & durable. There are a plethora of options but make sure your pick is worth your investment.
  • Eat No Crap: We all know all children are gifted with the innate ability of picking “ANYTHING & EVERYTHING” from the ground & putting it straight into their mouth. A bead, a dead mosquito or a piece of leftover food that you possibly didn’t see can’t escape his/her sight. A playpen ensures that your baby plays only with what you want him / her to play with.

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We bring to you the Best PlayPen For Kids In India 2020 in no particular order.

Graco - Best Baby PlayPen / Play Yard In India 2020

Graco PlayPen

Graco is one of the finest Baby Gear brands for kids in India. Graco is known to offer very durable & sturdy baby care essentials. This playpen is designed for children between 0-24 months

  • 2 levels: 2 levels of playpen floor. The Second level can be used as baby cot
  • Multi-purpose: Can be used as diaper changing table
  • Compact Design: Light weight and compact fold making it quick & hassle free. 20% more compact fold. Total weight 10.3kgs.
  • Toy bar: Toys bar with 3 hanging toys 
  • Mesh Storage : Mesh storage pouch for keeping baby's essentials right on playard
  • Wheels: 2 9cms sturdy wheels for easy movement
  • Carry Bag: Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage

Price: Rs.8449 buy Graco PlayPen here

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LuvLap Play Pen – Best Baby PlayPen For Kids In India 2020

LuvLap Sunshine Play Pen

LuvLap Sunshine is one of the Best Baby PlayPen / Play Yard In India 2020. The Sunshine playpen is Compact, Light Weight yet very sturdy, Easy to set up and pack up too. The 2 wheels at the rear enable it to be wheeled from one room to the other easily. Very stable.

  • Travel and storage convenient, compact, easy to fold and carry
  • Certified as per EN standards, making it safe and healthy ; Wheeled Bottom: Yes
  • Durable frame and easy-folding system makes this play yard ideal for travel
  • Airy mesh on 2 sides for ventilation and visibility
  • 2 handy wheels, convenient to move from one room another
  • Zipper Door: For baby to play by stepping out and in, 2 cm mattress makes it comfortable for Baby to take nap when tired
  • Mosquito Net: Protects baby from mosquitoes

MRP: Rs.4199/- buy LuvLap PlayPen here.

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RForRabbit Smart Folding Cot / PlayPen

RForRabbit has a wide array of baby gear products and the Play Pen is one of the Best Baby PlayPen In India.

RForRabbit Play Pen / Play Yard
  • Safety First: Hide and Seek Baby Bed cot is EN 716 certified for Safety. Every minute details are considered while designing to make it Safe and Secure for your little one.
  • Best Ventilation: Designed for best ventilation for your little one with Air Mesh on all the 4 sides.
  • Bassinet Layer: With Additional Bassinet layer and mattress it’s a ideal place for new born to have a sound sleep. Ideal for 0-12 months.
  • Baby Bed/Cot : With removal of Bassinet Layer it can be turned to Baby Bed/Cot and can be used from 12 months - 36 months of Childs Age
  • Wheels and Legs: With the combination of Wheels and Legs it make baby bed / cot stable and portable and easy to move around the House.
  • Toy bar: Comes with a cute Toy bar to engage your little one while playing.

Price: Rs.5499 buy RForRabbit PlayPen here.

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BayBee - Best PlayPen For Toddlers

BayBee Play Pen
  • Stable & Durable: An open-view, breathable mesh material, non-toxic, no-smell and easy to clean play pen that is sturdy. The frame is very durable after assembled.
  • Smart design: It comes with a handy pocket. You can put your baby’s daily necessities in it when you go out, such as feeder and diaper.
  • Smaller than a traditional playpen: This variant of BAYBEE Travel Lite crib has a space-saving design that's 20% smaller than most available in the market. It's a great size for small rooms or apartments, and can fit through doors more easily too. It weighs less than 10 kg, so it's ready to go.
  • Wheels for mobility: It is fitted with 2 wheels for mobility. Also, it has automatically folding feet which allows for more compact fold & to store.

Price: Rs.5999 (discounted) on Amazon.

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DOTMOM – Best Portable Playpen -Foldable For Baby’s Safety

  • Large Play Area: A playard of 100x100x76cm size with a huge play area. A zippered entry to comfortably move in and out of the play area.
  • Portable: Anywhere in the backyard, park, or at grandma and grandpas, this light weight portable baby playpen made of nylon, lets your child enjoy playtime anywhere.
  • Stable and Safe: Made with ultra-stable steel frame and reinforced stitching to ensure high safety standards. Holding rings on all the sides for support during your baby’s play time. Perfectly designed for kids aged within 3-36 months.
  • Clear Visibility: Peace of mind for everyone now! The playpen fence uses a secure, see-through mesh that allows you to watch your baby, and your baby to see you.
  • No more bugs: A mosquito net to completely secure from insects and mosquitoes making it a perfect cot/bed for your baby.
  • Quick Installation & Compact Fold: Fun shouldn’t have to stay just at home! A quick and easy one-step installation to immediately setup the playard and can be folded back in just one-step. A carry bag to carry the lightweight playpen easily for outdoor activities.

Price: Rs.5999 on Amazon.

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Conclusion Play Pen & Play Yard for babies comes in various sizes. Some are designed for children upto 1 year while the others can last upto 3 years. It’s ideal to choose one which can accommodate play room for a child upto 3 years or can be turned into crib/cot accordingly. Make sure the frame is very strong to avoid accidents. Additional accessories like gate, fence, zipper, canopy, and other pockets to keep accessories in-hand for your ease.

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