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Top 10 Best Baby Wipes Which Are Safe For Use On Newborns, 2020

Published on: 31 March , 2020 | Premikaa Pitcheshwar

A baby’s buttocks are the most prone to irritation considering the number of diaper changes the little one has to go through in a day. As important as it is to choose the best fitting and best feeling diaper, utmost attention is to be given to the wipes you would use too. After all, it is the wipes we use to clean their delicate bums. To ease out your brainstorming, we have listed out the Top 10 Best Baby Wipes Which Are Safe For Use On Newborns In India, 2020 in no particular order.

MamaEarth’s Organic Wet Wipes

MamaEarth is the first brand to launch India’s 1st Organic Bamboo based Wet Wipes. These wipes completely eliminate polyester as they are full and full made of bamboo fibres. Enriched with shea butter, almond oil, aloe vera, lavender oil and vitamin E, it is no surprise that the wipes nourish the baby’s skin apart from cleaning it.

Cost: INR 249 for 72 wipes.

LuvLap Moisturising Wipes With Aloe Vera

LuvLap’s moisturizing baby wipes with aloe vera has the combined the soothing properties of aloe vera with the moisturizing vitamin E and antiseptic property of chamomile extracts. Furthermore, these dermatologically safe wipes are free of parabens and alcohol, are pH balanced and carry a mild fragrance. The hypoallergenic formula prevents the baby from suffering unwanted skin rashes. Other variants of LuvLap wipes include Fragrance Free Sensitive Wipes, Pure 99% Water Wipes, Moisturising Wipes With Jojoba Oil and Extra Thick Moisturising Aloe Vera Wipes.

Cost: INR 99 for 72 pieces of wipes.

BabyHug Premium Baby Wipes

BabyHug is a home brand of FirstCry and you would not expect any less of it hence. BabyHug Premium Baby Wipes are manufactured keeping in mind the supple skin of newborns. Alcohol and paraben free, the wipes have the apt pH balance and contain vitamin E and aloe vera to retain the moisture on the baby’s skin. They can be used for cleansing the baby’s buttocks, hands and feet and face too.

Cost: INR 145 for 80 wipes.

Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes

Huggies is one of the predominantly used diaper brands in India. That being the case, their wet wipes for babies cannot wrong and not make it to our list of Top 10 Best Baby Wipes Which Are Safe For Use On Newborns In India, 2020 isn’t it? Lightly fragranced, 68% of each wipe is pulp, resulting in absorbent clean. The combined richness of aloe vera and cucumber extracts along with vitamin E soothes and moisturises the little human’s skin.

Cost: INR 220 for 72 wipes.

MotherSparsh Water Wipes

These completely biodegradable wet wipes are made from medical grade and plant derived cotton fabric. MotherSparsh Water Wipes are free of parabens, petrochemicals, dyes and other chemicals and is made of water making upto 98 – 99%.

Cost: INR 149 for 72 wipes.

Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes

It is no new news that Johnson & Johnson is one of the leading brands for babycare products and widely opted and trusted by parents for their offsprings. Their wet wipes are 100% clinically proven to be gentle and soft on the baby’s skin in addition to being allergy and dermatologist tested. Moreover, the wipes are soap and alcohol free and have three times the weight of the moisturizing lotion.

Cost: INR 220 for 80 wipes.

Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes

These lotion based wipes are dermatologically tested. The wipes are soft on the buttocks and face and bear a refreshing and mild scent. The protective click lock lid on the packet helps in locking the moisture and keeping wipes wet and fit for use. Additionally, the wipes are also hypoallergenic

Cost: INR 185 for 64 wipes.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes

When you rub this wipe against your baby’s skin, you are rubbing off the power of herbs onto it. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes is packed with the richness of Indian aloe vera and Indian lotus extracts for moisturising the skin and keeping it soft and supple respectively. Furthermore, they are formulated for pH balance and are hypoallergenic, thus reducing skin redness, irritation and rashes.

Cost: INR 175 for 72 sheets.

Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes

The safest option of wipes for your pocket would be Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes. However, there is no compromise on the quality of the product. The thick texture is rich with the goodness of aloe vera coupled with a soothing smell. It is best suited for use during diaper change.

Cost: INR 99 for 72 wipes.

Mamy Poko Anti – Bacterial Wipes

We all are familiar with Mamy Poko Pants and the white baby, thanks to their successful television commercial. Mamy Poko Anti – Bacterial Wipes are no less familiar among the parent circle for being soft and yet cleaning effectively the baby’s bottoms. With green tea extracts and purified water (without alcohol), these wipes are suitable for daily use on new borns.

Cost: INR 99 for 50 wipes.

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