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Best Cake Shops & Bakers in Kolkata

Published on: 8 August , 2018 | Suvajit Banerjee

We bring to you the Best Cake Shops & Bakers in Kolkata. Cakes are an integral part of all birthdays and celebrations and to be honest, who does not like to take a bite on a delightfully tasty cake. The art of cake making is quite ancient and most cities have their own master bakers who have made their way to fame by capturing the taste buds of the cake lovers. The city of Kolkata with its colonial past has some of best cake makers who have perfected their baking arts since the British era. So if you want to explore the world of best cake bakers in Kolkata, you can easily look beyond the traditional Rosogolla and Mishti Doi and venture into the yummy world of a variety of cakes. We have our list ready for you to find out the best spots for delicious cakes in the city. To choose the best from the many master bakers and cake makers of Kolkata is not simple. As along with the traditional baking houses, various new bakeries have come up making their mark establishing a market presence. So we thought that it will be best to prepare a list incorporating both the traditional and the contemporary names in it. You can also read on The Best Cake Bakers in Hyderabad

Best Cake Shops & Bakers in Kolkata

Nahoum and Sons Confectionery

This is one famous name which is always counted among the best bakeries in Kolkata and the only Jewish run bakery of the city. Established in the year 1902 Nahoum has preserved that ambience in it's shop even today with wooden setups and old glass showcases. The cakes of this bakery, specially the fruit cake, the plum cake and the Black Forest cake have delighted the food lovers since a century. They also offer brownies, biscuits and fudges which are all of the best quality and very reasonably priced.  So it is no wonder that the traditional bakery of Nahoum takes the first spot in this list. Address : F47, Hogg Market, New Market Area, Kolkata. Phone: 033 65269936


This is another charming and peaceful tea room and confectionery which was established in the year 1927 in the vibrant Park Street area of the city. One of the Best Cake Shops & Bakers in Kolkata, it was established by a French couple and it was not until 1965 that it was sold to the Appejay Surendra group. The menu of Flurys has remained same all through these years and every item is handmade with due care. The Blackforest cake, Truffle cake and the plain Christmas cake are some of the extremely popular items of this confectionery. Among the others , cube pastries and rum balls are a few favorites. Address: 18, Park Street Area, Kolkata. Phone: 033 65269936

In Good Taste By Crafts Factory

In this home bakery, the warmth of the oven is matched by the warm welcome that the customers are received with. The variety of cakes, specially the red velvet cake, of this place are very popular due to their moth watering taste. The craftsmanship and the overall décor of the cakes is of very high quality. The prices are very reasonable and they also offer home delivery. This is one bakery that you will definitely want to visit, time and again. Address: Sector-1, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700091 Contact: 08697342174

Lalit Great Eastern Bakery

The classic ambience and aesthetically designed interiors, maintained in this bakery is ideal for any cake lover to spend some quality time in this shop. This bakery has a 173 year old tradition and there are people in Kolkata who do not celebrate Christmas without a customary plum cake from this bakery. Special fruits and spices are used to prepare the chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, cookies and also the puffs and pastries. Another signature item of the bakery is the Belgian Chocolate cake which has its many admirers. Apart from its usual location, the bakery has also opened a branch near the New Market area very close to Nahoums. Address: The Lalit Great Eastern, 1, 2, 3, Old Court House Street, Dalhousie Square,Kolkata. Phone: 033 44447777.

Kookie Jar

Founded in 1985, it is a relatively new entrant in the bakery world of Kolkata but is counted among the best cake bakers of Kolkata at present. There are people who have grown up with the taste of Kookie jar’s cakes, pastries and chocolates in their mouth and still are big admirers of these items.  Kookie Jar has preserved their taste and craftsmanship and quality through the years and their items are always original and fresh, baked with purely natural ingredients. Apart from the delicious lemon tarts and tasty chocolate boats, there is a great demand for their cakes during any special occasion. Address: 42A, Auckland Rd, Elgin, Kolkata 700017. Phone: 033 2281 6589

Yummy Puds

The creative force behind Yummy Puds is Parwati Ladha and her speciality is cupcakes of various tastes and flavours. Starting from a very reasonable price , these customisable cupcakes are available in a variety of flavours like zesty orange, mojito, bubble gum and many others. She even prepares cakes, cookies and puddings in these flavours. So if you want some of the best customised delicacies while in Kolkata you can definitely contact Yummy Puds. Address: Saltee Plaza,Flat-1/C, Nayapatti, AN Block Road, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700091 Contact: 09830963104

8th Day Café and Bakery

For a person who enters this bakery, the superb aroma of freshly baked products is good enough to set the mouth watering. Anyone willing to enjoy freshly baked cakes, rolls and scones, prepared in American style, can go for a few bites in this bakery. Though this place also serves lunch and dinners after 11 am, the true essence of this bakery is found in its delicious multi flavoured cup cakes, brownies and cookies. For those who want to indulge themselves in an authentic taste of American style delicacies, this bakery, located in a prime spot in Kolkata is the right place to be. Address: No-6, Ground Floor, Arcadia, AJC Bose Road, Elgin, Kolkata 700017. Phone: 033 65005553

The Rouge

This bakery is the newest of the entire lot and it was set up in 2012. But within a short span of time it has carved out its own space among the cake lovers of the city. The ambience and the interiors of the place are unique and one will definitely notice the displayed paper napkins over which the guests have written their comments through time. Coming back to the products of the place, they are good enough to steal the hearts of any cake lover. The cupcakes, especially the red velvet cupcake, tea loaf cakes and the macaroons are delightfully tasty. Address: AJC Bose Rd, Ballygunge, Kolkata 700017 Phone: 033 4067 6111


This is another home bakery which has become a top choice of cake lovers in the city in recent times. All their products are prepared with the right care along with the best ingredients to bring out the perfect flavours. The chocolate fondant cakes, chocolate truffle and cupcakes from this bakery are some of the best you will ever taste. They also bake cakes of exquisite tastes during the period of Christmas which remain in high demand. Address: 267, Jodhpur Park, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata- 700045 Contact: 09062006377


This is one cake shop which has become a must visit place for cake lovers in Kolkata. It is especially famous for its birthday cakes which are baked with extreme care and are great in design and taste. Apart from cakes, they also serve other delicacies like puffs and patties which are equally good. The dark chocolate truffle cakes, lemon tarts and pineapple pastries of this bakery have already gathered a fan following. They have multiple outlets across the city so it is quite easy to find one and get a taste of some of the yummiest cakes baked in Kolkata. Address: 42A, Rawdon Street, Loudon Street Area, Kolkata. Phone: 033 22804980

La Patisserie and Deli

This is one of the best bakeries in Kolkata located in the Taj Bengal hotel and has been a favourite among the connoisseurs of cakes in the city. It offers a wide variety of cakes, pastries, desserts, ice creams and beverages prepared with the best ingredients, bringing out the best tastes. Some of their famous items are the Red velvet cake, chocolate truffle cake, lemon berry cake, croissants and a wide variety of pastries. This is a must visit shop for anyone in search for the best bakeries of Kolkata. Address: Taj Bengal, 34B, Belvedere Road, Kolkata-700027 Phone: 033 6612 3939


Another new entrant in the city’s list of  home bakeries is Chocotarian, which has become very popular . They design special cakes for occasions like birthdays and engagements with personal care turning the art of baking into an act of love and dedication. From a variety of delicious cakes to brownies and cupcakes, this bakery has a wide range of baked goodies that you can chose from. The added advantage of their products is that all of them are purely vegetarian. Address: C.I.T. Road, Kankurgachi, Kolkata- 700054 Contact: 09836737712

Mrs. Magpie

Another new entrant in the bakery zone of Kolkata, Mrs. Magpie has found popularity with its multiple branches placed throughout the city. It has a cosy and homely atmosphere with nicely designed interiors. Some units even have a play zone for kids to enjoy inside the shop. Though the items border towards expensive, it is hard to find an empty table in most of the shops. They also offer main courses in addition to cakes and pastries but the most popular items are the cupcakes, caramel custards and blueberry scones. Address: 570, Lake Terrace Rd, Keyatala, Kolkata. Phone: 033 40041114

FairyTale Cakes

Fairytale cakes was created by home baker Nidhi Chopra and the bakery specializes in preparing specially decorated cakes for any particular occasion.  The butterscotch cakes and Cranberry fudges from this bakery are a delight for cake lovers. The unique design and concept of the products can really turn an occasion like a birthday into a fairytale scenario. So if you are planning a special occasion, this is one bakery you can definitely visit. Address: 29/11 Ballygunje Park, Kolkata- 700019 Contact: 09831210006

Little Pleasures

Tucked away in a petite corner this small shop produces some of the best cakes, pastries and pies in the city. This is actually a takeaway joint but that does not bother the foodies who regularly visit this place to taste their products which literally melts in the mouth. Most of the items in the menu are delicious but a few like the lemon cake, chocolate Belgian cake, hazelnut cake and the chocolate mud pie deserve special mention. Address: 8/1, Loudon St, Elgin, Kolkata-700017. Phone: 033 30990284 These are the best cake bakers of Kolkata who offer some of the tastiest cakes in the city. So next time when you find yourself looking for some delicious cakes in Kolkata, you will know the right spots to visit.
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