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Top 10 Best High Chairs For Babies, Toddlers And Kids In India, 2020

Published on: 5 March , 2020 | Premikaa Pitcheshwar

Only a mother knows what a challenge it is to feed a baby. So anything that eases this process of feeding their little minions, is a God sent boon for all moms. Who knew it would be a piece of furniture that would come to their rescue. A high chair is that which helps mothers to a great extent, by seating their older babies or toddlers at a comfortable height suitable for spoon feeding the child from a standing position. Bringing to you the Best High Chairs For Babies In India - All The Brands You Must Consider.

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LuvLap Royal High Chair

LuvLap Royal High Chair

7 height settings, 3 positions of recliner, 2 shoulder positions and 3 positions of dining tray, this High Chair is sure no less than any royal throne for your prince or princess. High on safety this high chair is equipped with 5 point safety harness and certified with European standard EN71. The food tray as well as the seat pad are both easily detachable for the purpose of  cleaning. When it comes to safety, the rollers are provided with stoppers and the seat pad has a five point safety harness. When folded, the high chair is extremely compact and can be stored even in the narrowest of gaps.

MRP: INR 8,199/-

Fisher Price 4 – in – 1 High Chair

This particular high chair by fisher price is portable, foldable and more than anything, futuristic. The feeding tray is dishwasher safe and the material of the high chair is non toxic. The seat has good cushioning to it, that is resistant to spills and stains and can be washed easily. Made for infants, as your baby grows, the high chair can be converted into a stool set and feeding chair. Folding the chair legs, this can be quickly converted into a booster chairs that can be easily strapped to any normal chair and there, your little one can enjoy family dinner time! At some point, they are no longer going to need your assistance for feeding. Then this serves as a learning chair and table. No wonder it is one of the Best High Chairs For Babies In India.

MRP: INR 9, 999

R For Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand Baby High Chair

Again feeding multiple purposes, this Cherry Berry Grand can be used as a booster seat, high chair, table and chair or simply as a chair. You can opt this chair for a 6 month old baby and use it until your kids turns 7. Arc design is adopted instead of the usual acute angle to avoid any chance of your child getting hurt by sharp edges. The high chair bears up to 20 kgs of weight. This high chair resists skidding owing to the stoppers provided and has a seven level height adjustment setting. With so much thought gone into the designing, it of course will rank high in the list of Best High Chairs For Babies In India.

MRP: INR 5, 598

R For Rabbit Marshmallow High Chair

A more advanced version of the Chery Berry Grand, this high chair has the facility of a recliner with three modes. The adjustable footrest compliments to the respective modes of the recliner. It has two trays, upper and lower, both of which are adjustable and removable. Additionally, it can also be folded, making it easy for storage and has rollers at the foot with stoppers.

MRP: INR 7, 992

BAYBEE LittleHug Baby High Chair

Though this particular high chair requires self assembling, at the end of assembling it you will find it worth every drop of sweat and penny you spent. Suitable for kids between 0 to 5 years and up to 20 kgs of weight, this has a five point harness, three recliner positions with adjustable footrest and seven levels for height adjustment. Its compact folding system enables you to slide it into any narrow corner of the cupboard until its required again.

MRP: INR 10, 990

Graco High Chair

This 2 – in – 1 chair serves also as a booster seat for your little one. When it comes to maintenance, it is made easy with the machine washable seat pads and detachable tray. The three reclining positions in addition to comforting the baby, also make it convenient for moms to choose which position suits best for feeding their baby. The one hand tray removal makes it easy for you to place and lift your child easily from the chair.

MRP: INR 15, 999

LuvLap Baby High Chair

Available in pink and green colours, this high chai is again a 4 - in – 1 convertible one. It serves as a high chair,  a normal low chair, a booster seat on floor and a booster seat strapped to a chair. The tray is detachable making it easy for washing purposes and can be adjusted into three positions along the height. Despite having strong and sturdy metal legs, the high chair also has a five point harness safety system.

MRP: INR 3, 395

Little Pumpkin 3 – in – 1 Foldable High Chair

Little Pumpkin 3 – in  - 1 Foldable High Chair can folded so neatly that it can be placed in a hand bag and carried along with you while you are travelling. It infact comes with a travel bag. Furthermore, the high chair also triples up as a booster seat as well as a short chair. The leather seat fabric can be easily removed and washed too. This economical option is one of the finest choices on this list of Best High Chairs For Babies.

MRP: INR 3996

SYGA High Chair

Yet again a multipurpose chair which triples up as a high chair, normal chair and a booster seat. Made of a metal frame, plastic tray and well cushioned seat, this chair has four height adjustment levels coupled with two reclining positions and three positions for adjusting the tray. Moreover, the tray can also be removed. The fabric of the cushion is such that it is resistant to any kind of spills and stains and can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. It is available in four colours including green, pink, brown and blue.

MRP: INR 4500

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