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Best Interactive Online Classes & Online Courses For Kids: Little Indigo Kids Academy Pvt Ltd

Published on: 30 August , 2020 | Ekta

Let’s admit it!

No matter what we tell to our friends, deep inside our heart we most certainly want our child to be the BEST at school. Very bright in academics. Excellent in sports. Talented in coding. The best in IQ, EQ and everything in between. And, in this mad race of being the BEST in their class, we ruthlessly devoid them of small things that make them happy. And that’s why many parents are considering Home-schooling their kids. Let’s read more about Home Schooling In India – Best Online Classes & Online Courses For Kids: Little Indigo Kids Academy Pvt Ltd

Why Little Indigo program?

While there are numerous projects out there to show your youngster how to code or hurry up, the Little Indigo program is centered around carrying the kids nearer to this present reality around and each conceivable information about the encounters they traverse the presence. With expanded presentation to their reality, they will have the option to make better choices.

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Knowledge is power.

Knowing more is happiness and gives your child a self-sense of pride, confident and compassion to learn more. Learning not at just within schooling or preparing for future job purpose.

By guarding a child’s natural learning instinct, Little Indigo helps then Explore. Discover and Rejoice the world around! Most importantly they become a Joyful leaner for lifetime.

Little Indigo academy started as an early enrichment center for 0-9 years children known for child excellence and parenting partner. Currently, in the wake of the pandemic, they are educating children through their online courses.

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Why we love Little India Kids Academy:

1. Learning Beyond schooling.

Intellectual content for smart children to become even smarter. A plethora of topics are presented in-depth to the child – the knowledge of which would make the children stand out from their peer group.

2. Blended Learning Experience

A unique combination of an instructor led Live Sessions and availability of interactive online self-explore learning content for children that’s an open window of 100 days.

3. Learning In-depth

The Little Explorer’s program is designed for kids between 6-9 years. You can choose between the below 8 topics: Human Body, Earth, Countries & Cultures, Astronomy, Inspiration, Kids Science, Daily Life & Junior Explorer. While a child aged 7 may not know much on the topic, ‘Earth’, after this course you can be sure that your child knows significantly much more than all his peers.


Learning is not always about being ahead of others.

Learning is not always about being No.1.

Learning is not always about being competitive.

Learning it makes our child happy. And seeing our children learn new things makes us parents very happy.

We learn because there is no end to learning new things.

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Our personal experience:

Personally, not just my daughter but I also learnt many new things from the session. The team at Little Indigo Academy is extremely patient & passionate about teaching kids. Children of this age can be difficult to handle as they lose their concentration very fast. Keeping them on the same page can be a herculean task if the content is not gripping.

Little Indigo’s interactive content does just that. With short snippets & videos, they know what works best for kids.

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Meet the Founder

Mrs.Subhashini who is the Co-Founder of Bloomy Brain Toys, one of the Best Wooden Toys brand in India identified a big void in the open-ended play-way methodology of teaching Montessori kids, toddlers and pre-schoolers. When many parents were looking for good toys that could keep their children engaged for hours constructively, she decided to offer age-appropriate toys to children.

Indigo Kids Academy stems from Coimbatore and has 1000’s of parents who love the ideology of the courses offered to kids. It is practical, rational, relatable and possibly something your child will never learn at school. And that’s what I like the most about them.

If you would like to enroll your child, you can visit https://www.indigokidsacademy.com/ or www.elearn.indigokidsacademy.com Contact: 9787748450 / 9790008990 to sign up for a FREE DEMO.

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