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Tap Into The Right Side Of The Brain With Tickle Right

Published on: 2 November , 2020 | Ekta

"An online class for a child aged 1.5years? " , I asked myself. A fantastic confluence of music, dance, art, general knowledge, painting, scientific experiments, and an introduction to  foreign languages itself implies that quick 2 minute activities help keep your tiny tot glued to what’s being taught. Boring slow-paced classes where children have ample time to gaze, yawn, and daydream do not fall into Tickle Right's domain. We are talking about those 40 minutes where your child has more on her plate than she can possibly handle. Yes, you heard it right, and with time, your child learns to get accustomed , and eventually becomes a natural at observing, comprehending, processing & storing information at lightning speed, to which she has been exposed to repeatedly over time.

A genius is no longer defined by one’s capacity to store information and facts, but measured by his capability to create new designs and well-thought-out, well-processed information. Introducing Tickle Right – An after-school programme to enrich Your Child’s Right Brain Development from the tender age of 16 months. We know that 90% of a child’s brain develops before the age of 5. But what we aren't aware of is its incredible prowess to process and store information from infancy. 

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Did you ever feel the necessity to teach your 4 year old child how to operate a smart phone?

Did you have to teach your parents how to operate a smart phone?

Strikingly, children do not need to be taught as they grasp things very quickly. Their processing speed is much faster than ours. Perhaps, this is the reason behind parents being advised to introduce their children to new/foreign languages from an early period in their lives. Scientific evidence suggests that an infant’s miraculous ability to learn diminishes as she grows older, if it isn’t stimulated. This would mean a 2-year-old is capable of learning faster than a 3-year-old! 

As parents, we must understand that our child needs exposure to a plethora of activities to ensure that both hemispheres function in tandem. Founders Pranay Dattani and Dr. Munira Saheb understand the importance of fostering a child’s curiosity and enthusiasm,  and channeling them to ensure your child has the upperhand, that cutting-edge, razor sharp mind which is the need of the 21st century.

But how would that be possible? By enhancing skills and traits that leave a long lasting impact. A few of them are as follows : Enhancing Positivity And Confidence In Your Child, Speed reading and listening, Enhanced Creativity, High Speed Mass Memorization, Heightened Intuitiveness, Photographic Memory, Musical Appreciation, Empathy, And Encouraging Abstract Thinking. 

This is what we love best about Tickle Right

  1. Mandala Art – Identify the pattern, colour schemes, and reproduce them on paper. This helps your child observe, memorize quickly, and deliver as quickly as possible. 

2. Interesting experiments – A hands down winner! My daughter always looks forward to the classes because she absolutely adores these experiments. From refraction to all things fun with water, every child wants something unique, something different from  mundane academics.

3. Introduction to German (foreign language) – I strongly advocate the introduction of foreign languages to little ones right from childhood. Who knew my darling daughter would know “Guten Abend” at age 5?

4. General knowledge – From different types of shells to Marine animals and brass instruments – all of these were completely novel to her. Well, many of these are new to parents as well – some perks of attending online classes with kids.

5. Memory & Logic skills. That’s my favourite – activities that help you sharpen your logical skills. Great memory skills are a rare find these days. With parents complaining of ''lack of attention span”, memory games are a clear winner.

6. Match-Stick Mania – Children are given 2 minutes to identify a pattern and create it using match sticks. These aren’t shapes like a regular square or a circle, they are fairly challenging and require adequate concentration abilities.

7. Enthusiasm – The one thing that is more important than 'content' is the 'presentation'. Tickle Right team has enthusiasm that’s tough to match. Their instructors are vivacious & full of zest. After all, children always gravitate towards excitement and happiness, don’t they?

The functionality of the left and the right hemisphere of the brain is very different. While formal academic curricula emphasizes the development of the left side of the brain, Tickle Right is committed to nurturing and developing your child’s brain to maximize its phenomenal potential.

The right lobe of the brain relies on visual and graphical stimulation. This ultimately develops remarkable photographic memory abilities, excellent visualization skills, and astoundingly brilliant creativity. It also enhances a child’s learning ability which allows your little one to absorb new information quickly and easily. 

If you want your child to have a solid foundation, ‘Tickle Right’ is definitely the ‘Right’ choice.

Tickle Right is not one of those classes that teaches you level 3 of phonics or 4 sessions of Bollywood freestyle. It is a journey that we recommend your child should start early in life. As early as 16 months. Your child thrives and evolves to be smarter & sharper when she is nurtured in an environment that challenges him at regular intervals, but in bite-sized portions. And that’s the magic of Tickle Right!   

So this pandemic, if you are looking for the Best Online Class For Kids, you know where to go! Tickle Right is undoubtedly the ideal choice for your tot's right brain development. 

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