Going Gaga Over Golas, Gelatos & Groovy Gifts This Summer!

Going Gaga Over Golas, Gelatos & Groovy Gifts This Summer!

Shumee Toys

Summer holidays are here! With good-byes to exams, school, play-time & friends, it is a herculean task for kids to battle the ogre called ‘boredom’ & more importantly for parents to keep their kids away from screen time to avoid jadedness. With kid’s pool & house parties this summer, if you are wondering what to gift your child or your child’s friend for her birthday or a season, well, thankfully, this blog-post has come to your rescue. While going gaga over the golas, gelatos, gol-gappas groovy gifts this summer, your children will have newer reasons to smile. While we will help you choose fabulous toys to keep you hyper-active brats occupied, enjoy this summer bonding with your little munchkins, play interactive games, read out a story & take them for a swim! 🙂


As a smart parent, we often choose toys not just because they look good or they are pink or blue in colour. We also keep in mind –

  • Safety – child safe(no sharp edges & harmful chemicals/dyes)
  • Quality
  • Durability – Long-lasting (Definitely not a use & throw)
  • Interactive – It should be engaging with my child.
  • Early learning & development of the child
  • Either or a combination of applying Social, Physical, Mental, Logical, Analytical, Fine Loco-Motor, Problem Solving skills
  • Use of materials (eg. harmful plastic. Which toddler does not put toys his mouth)
  • Investment (commonly said as ‘Cost’)
  • Pollution of sound (I am particularly not very fond of loud music that keeps buzzing from Chinese toys).
  • Attractive & Appealing (well, most toys are intended & designed to be)


Considering all of the above, there is one brand of toys I love called “Shumee”. What is Shumee? Meet Meeta Sharma Gupta, the Founder of Shumee who has graduated from IIT & Harvard. She has added a whole new dimension to eco-friendly wooden toys ‘Made In India’. Awarded as the Best Toy Brand For Kids at KSP 2017, Meeta takes pride in introducing her latest collection of hand-paint