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Best Ways for Kids to Learn Coding Online: HackerKid

Published on: 30 January , 2021 | Ekta

We all know that almost every parent is curious about the best ways to teach coding to kids. Especially amidst of temporary halt in formal schooling & continual virtual classes. We as parents are concerned about their cognitive development. I.e The ability of children to think, explore and figure things out.

Best Ways for Kids to Learn Coding Online: HackerKid

Know - How coding is useful for kids here

Although coding has numerous advantages & bright career prospects for our kids, It isn’t a cake walk to draw our childrens’ interest into coding. And, Insisting kids towards rigid coding classes does burden them more than benefiting. Well, the intention is to boost our kids’ academic performance & make them gain the coding skills. The learning journey needn’t necessarily be hard and costly. So here we have a happy solution to achieve this through HackerKid.

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What’s so special about HackerKid?

Many E-learning coding sites have focussed on generic packages or stiff online sessions that compresses kids in their learning process. While HackerKid deals it other way around. HackerKid’s adopts the kid’s style in making them to learn coding - How exactly? Alright! It’s through ‘Coding Games’. 

Learn Coding With Hacker Kid

Games are Fun. So are Coding Games! 

HackerKid is India’s first extensive gamified coding platform that has introduced block coding to kids age above 7 years. Here “extensive” is about the gradual leveling up of kids’ exposure in programming with new game levels and new programming languages. 

Learning To Code Games

Introduction with Python!

Entering the world of programming with the right programming tool and language is very much essential to maintain the drive in our kids towards coding. HackerKid has aptly set a professional programming laguage like Python(unlike an amateur language like scratch) through block-coding in its coding games like - The Turtle & Zombieland. Here, Our kids re-arrange the fun code blocks with mentioned hints and instructions. This further generates the python code enabling children to understand the logic and syntax in an exciting way. Also, Beginning with python is a big plus as it lays a better foundation to learn advanced programming languages in later stages, while grasping the main programming concepts like Variables, Syntax, Loops, Functions & Data Structures, etc. 

Most Loved Features of HackerKid:

#1 Challenge their limits to soar high

Kids can experience the taste of success upon winning code challenges. Throwing new challenges to fellow coders develops a sportive spirit & creativity among kids. Effective to come up with efficient solutions for coding problems. 

Coding Challenges

#2 Baby steps to success through LeaderBoard 

There is no thrive or enthusiasm to achieve something big unless there is a boost up that is given to our kids by recognizing their talent. A leaderboard updating the game’s latest coding achievements of our young minds makes them ready for competitive coding.

Hacker Kid Coding Challenge

#3 Mentorship to guide kids in their exploration

Doubts are inevitable and they indicate a positive sign towards growth, but they are to be addressed for sure. Mentors with relevant coding expertise & knowledge are merged whenever needed. While, kids explore coding games, giving a stress-free environment in learning.

#4 Coding Profile & Progress Mail to Parents

GUVI Coding Course

This is the favorite part of many kids and parents including me. Active mini coders are rewarded with coder certificates by IIT-Madras incubated company, GUVI. And, Parents are kept abreast with weekly progress mail. This has the development and analysis graph of our kids’ involvement in various coding concepts.

HackerKid: Practice Coding Online

Know about the Innovators of HackerKid

Founded by an IIT-Madras incubated company - GUVI - A team with broad technological expertise that has been imparting profound programming skills to 5+ lakh learners since 6 years of its inception. Alongside, shaped the careers of thousands of job aspirants in IT industry through its BootCamp program - ZEN class

This cool geeky team was appreciated by Ministry of Education-India for innovating HackerKid. GUVI keeps up the good work to bring smiles among thousands of parents. Children’s learning process shouldn’t skip the playful present. Just as HackerKid has the perfect motto: Practise. Compete. Learn Coding.

Let your children practise coding through playing on HackerKid for FREE. Visit here - https://www.hackerkid.org/

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