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Can Someone Get Me A Nanny Please?

Published on: 15 March , 2017 | Ekta

Our childhood Aaya or Akka has left an unfading imprint on our minds. The nanny or the Aaya has always been the third parent, like a third mother, especially if you live in a nuclear family.  She spent more time than your dad ever did. And in some cases even your mom. From doing all the dirty work like washing soiled nappies smelling of poop, taking you for a jolly ride in the park, entertaining you while your parents could have a relatively peaceful dinner occasionally at a restaurant, packing your lunch box to baby-sitting you while your mother was taking a much-needed quick nap while nursing you – she was always there like the ‘salt’ in the humble daal. And while she was doing all of this, she was weaving a special bond with you, nurturing you like a guardian while carrying her baggage of traditions, beliefs & experiences that kept mushrooming every now and then; sometimes aiding in taking the right decisions, sometimes baffling them. Well, it has to. No two women can think & act alike. While most women prefer a nanny who can talk in the mother-tongue, English/Hindi or the local language, an Anglo-Indian nanny was like a top-class reward. She can teach your child some rhymes while he is jabbering the first few words in his own language. Even if it has to go like - “Tuinkal Tuinkal Little Star… How I Wonder What You Are…”! You are worried that your baby might pick the wrong phonics & pro-nun-ci-a-tion, but alas, you say to yourself…”All izzz well!” Despite the superstitions, hygiene factors & the never-ending odd nap times, God is witness that IT IS HARDER TO FIND A NANNY THAN TO FIND A GOOD HUSBAND OR TO PERSUADE HIM TO BUY YOU A DIAMOND NECKLACE. Both come only with great luck. After several failed attempts to find a full-time au pair for her toddler, Amrita Banerjee gave up her job to look after her kid. They tried everything – references, agencies, constant reminders to the watchmen, chai-walas, corporation workers, neighbour’s maid, friend’s maids – everything you could think of. But all efforts were futile. It is difficult to find a trustworthy & reliable full-time nanny who can take care your most precious little one. With cases of kidnapping, heinous crime against the parents, slacking away from feeding the baby (or eating the food herself) or spanking/torturing the baby, many parents are not confident about leaving their kids with a nanny. For some fortunate couples, they have atleast one of the family members to ensure things are in place & well-taken care of. But what about the rest? Even if both the parents are not working, with the demanding lifestyle, we all love to enjoy the luxury of having a nanny for our child, EVEN IF WE HAVE TO PAY A PREMIUM FOR IT. With factory jobs sprouting all over the country in small towns, it is challenging to find a full-time maid these days. So what is the solution to the ever-rising demand? Meet Abhilash, The Founder of Prenu, who has pioneered the unorganized (much-in-demand) market of providing Nanny Services for parents across the South India(Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Calicut, Coimbatore & Mumbai), Qatar & Dubai. The staff is meticulously screened, chosen & trained to take care of your child & teach the right values. Why request for Nanny Services from Prenu?
  • They typically offer an umbrella of 3 services – Baby Sitter, Baby Care, Home Nursing, Maternity Nurses & Baby Photography and Maternity Shoot. Every child is unique. So is every family & their requirements. Whether it is full-time, part-time or for massage, they have it all.
  • Prenu verifies the antecedents of the nanny, governess, home nurse or the care taker with the help of police & known sources. The due diligence & ID proofs are collected to ensure that your family is well-protected by performing criminal background check, occupational check, drug & health check.
  • With limited reliable sources of nanny agencies, Prenu is one of the Top 5 organizations in India which trains their staff in various languages to aid a mother who is challenged with cross-town commute for proper child care. You can request for a nanny who can speak various languages like Kannada, Tamil, Marathi or Hindi.
  • Massage Therapies – We all know that mother & baby massage are an integral part of post-delivery recovery process to strengthen the muscles & bones thereby improving blood circulation propelling holistic good health for the duo. You can choose from Swedish Massage, Jamu Massage, Acupressure, Herbal Bath, Thai Massage & Ayurvedic Massage which re-iterates their ideology & robustness – “GENTLE HANDS, STRONG EXPERTISE!”
“THE REPLACEMENT POLICY” A Full refund is provided if the applicant/maid/nanny fails to take up the job or leaves within 8 weeks of employment if no suitable replacement is found. So now, you can – If you know of any sources who can help connect new-mommies with nannies, please feel free to share on this forum for the benefit of other parents. If your requirement for a nanny or a care-taker for your parents is a pressing need, you can contact Abhilash from Prenu.in on 9535514414. Happy Parenting! :)
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Richa Choudhary 2017-03-29 06:03:45

Wow!! i have friends in south i am definitely going to tell them about this service. Thanks

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Richa Choudhary 2017-03-29 06:03:45

Thanks Richa, glad you found it useful! :)

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Thank you for the comment!