Common Dental Problems In Child

Common Dental Problems In Child

Kids are always adorable, cute when they are having a gala time, those innocent smiles are contagious & heart-warming. The same kids look weak, sad & upset due to “tooth problems”. Some of the Common Dental Problems In Child are tooth decay in milk teeth, gum disease and many more.

As a parent, we face unpleasant situations when our child isn’t allowed ice-creams whereas all the other kids are enjoying all the delicacies around. We don’t want to be “Monster Moms” all the time. While occasionally it may be the parent’s fault of not taking adequate care, it’s the kids who bear the brunt of it. Sometimes genetic disorders are also causing dental problems.  Check on the following content this might be helpful for you.

Baby Teeth Problems Enamel

Baby teeth are made up of three layers namely, the enamel, the dentin, and the pulp. Though the enamel is not as strong as adults, they have more exposure to sweets & desserts.

  • The weak enamel on baby teeth starts getting affected by the plaque accumulation in the pit and fissure areas followed by the areas in between the teeth. The tooth decay in toddler’s front teeth is one of the Common Dental Problems In Child as they are drinking milk through bottles and is kept for a long time preferably at night times. The sweetness in the sugar attacks the enamel very easily because at night times they sleep thus the functioning of the saliva is also slower causing lack of remineralisation and buffering. Consequently, the early childhood caries or nursing bottle caries becomes one among the major factors for toddler tooth decay.
  • The baby bottle tooth decay treatment is a regular way of cleansing of teeth. By using a soft brush dipped in water and removing the bottle during prolonged hours of sleeping is mandatory.