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Concept of Childproofing – How To Ensure Your Baby’s Safety

Published on: 18 July , 2022 | Kanchan V

Babyproofing is becoming the new buzzword with today’s parents. Even before your child enters this world, we have their protection and safety in our minds, thus making Safety & Protection – our foremost focus. Whether it be food, clothes, environment – related elements like beds, equipment, crib, swaddle. Every single detail has to be covered.  Read more on Concept of Childproofing - How To Ensure Your Baby's Safety.

As the mobility of the infant increases, the safety aspect has to be extended until every inch of the house is full-proof secured. It becomes necessary to eliminate or minimize potential hazards. Keeping him safe is no easy task!

R For Rabbit Indoor Gate Safety Protector For Baby

Definition of Childproofing

Childproofing is the act of making an environment or object safe for infants. This reduces risks to a level considered acceptable by a society, an institution, parents to be specific. Ideally, Childproofing aims to restrict infants to safe areas or preventing them from entering/accessing unsafe areas.

Checklist of Childproofing

Right from the stage of infancy to crawling to ‘baby cruising’ to walking, every stage requires various aspects of childproofing. Let us know about it.

General pointers:

  • To minimize exposure to lead, plan for lead-safe pieces of furniture and wall paints.
  • Look out for pieces of furniture/items that come with anti-tip kits and have higher safety standards and also less chemicals in production.

Pointers with regard to the Kitchen

  • In today’s world, where space constraints mark the shape of every modern home space, it is not an uncommon sight to spot an open kitchen or compact living room. In this scenario, it is the best to fix childproof cabinet locks. Magnetic locks work the best as they can be mounted on the inside of cabinets while offering the same safety features and easy adult access as the steel/plastic locks
  • Stove knob covers are a must if your kitchen top is not at a great height from the floor.
  • Cleaning equipment and essentials are to be kept away from children at a high reach level storage space.

Pointers with regard to Living Room:

  • The biggest risk for babies is undoubtedly the risk of falling / colliding with a wall or any other object. Furnitures have sharp edges, so it is best to add some stick-on corner cards. The best option from the word Go will be to invest in rounded-corner furniture pieces like coffee tables or soft ottomans that can replace tables.
  • Child proof outlet coverings for any electrical gadgets/outlets which includes socket cover guards.
  • Never opt for corded blinds or curtains, as they pose a very big strangling hazard to the children.

Pointers with regard to Nursery:

  • The baby’s Nursery should be covered with a thick piece of carpet or a rug to cushion falls.
  • The storage boxes should be well beyond the reach of the children.
  • Avoid  hanging anything directly over the crib and make it way beyond their reach.
  • Keep the furniture pieces minimal so as to making it easy for your child to move around freely.
  • It is highly recommended that you include finger-pinch guards for hinges on doors.
  • Vacuum regularly to ensure that all the loose things lying on the floor like paper clips, pieces of paper or pieces of toys that can cause choking
  • Cover generators and heating outlets to prevent accidental burns.
  • Keep toy batteries in a safe place so that kids do not touch them, as they can leak acid.
  • Investing in Safe guard bed rails would be an excellent option, as it minimizes the impact of any falls or collisions.

R for Rabbit Safety Protector Kit- what is it all about?

R For Rabbit Child Proofing

One Safety Kit that solves all the problems related to baby proofing is here. R for Rabbit Protector Multi safety Kit contains 19 units of different safety products which make Home the Safest Haven for your toddler. The pack contains:

  • Socket guards- 6 Nos
  • Corner cushion protectors- 4 Nos
  • Corner cushion for glass- 4Nos.
  • Finger pinch guard- 2 Nos
  • Cabinet lockers- 3 Nos

Why should you choose R for Rabbit Protector Kit?

R for Rabbit gives you the complete experience of breathing a sigh of relief when it comes to Child Safety and Protection. It’s pack is a comprehensive and an all-inclusive one which covers each and every safety aspect. It minimizes the risk of your child’s exposure to-

  • Harmful pieces of furniture
  • Protection of your child from electric shocks
  • Safeguard your child from sharp edges
  • Protection from sharp glass/mirror objects or edges
  • The pinch guards help to protect your child’s fingers from getting hurt
  • Cabinet lockers help to avoid getting hurt from accidental opening of cabinets
R For Rabbit Safety Protector For Baby

Highlights of R for Rabbit Safety Protector Kit

  • Easy to install each and every part of the kit.
  • Made from high quality materials. Be it the silicone mesh, thesoft cushion material used in the cushion protectors, glue used in the cushion protectors is of good quality
  • Comes with excellent Customer Care Service
  • The door guards are on unbreakable quality
  • Good value for money

The concept of Childproofing is catching up with young parents. With the advent of R for Rabbit Safety Protector Kit, the safest option, you have nothing much to worry about. Finally, you can be carefree and allow your child to move around freely and without any inhibitions and restrictions. Let her explore and grow well. As R for Rabbit very well understands what your Child’s Safety and Protection means to you.

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