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R For Rabbit Feather Diapers

Published on: 26 April , 2022 | Kanchan V

Next Gen Baby Diapers - R for Rabbit Feather Diapers

For any mother, baby smiles would mean the world to her. Any mother would wish her child to play and do different activities without the worry of personal hygiene. One of the important keys to your child's happiness is clean and dry diapers. It might sound like a matter of concern but for your baby to have a pleasant day with less irritability diapers plays an important role. This is not only related to your child's happiness but also very crucial for keeping the health of your child along with hygiene factors. Along with right food to be fed, choosing the correct diapers also form a major component of a baby's well-being. Do you know that if you don't change the diapers when required, your baby has the risk of developing diaper rash, infections and other health issues? You must be aware of diapers that can be worn like underwear with a band. Purchasing such diapers could help serve the purpose of a hassle-free experience for your child and you.

Your Baby’s Diaper Routine

Sharing some quick points to consider for your baby's diaper change routine:

  • Always keep some warm water, cotton and baby wipes handy before you start changing the diapers.
  • Have some recommended lotions or creams that could prevent a rash on the baby's skin.
  • Always use separate wipes for different parts of the urinary area to avoid any spread of infections.
  • Remember to wipe from the front to the back and ensure to clean the entire area gently.
  • After wiping, don't forget to pat dry your baby.

Hope that the details related to the diaper change routine and its importance have been useful to you.

R for Rabbit Feather Diapers

How To Choose The Best Diaper For Your Baby To Avoid Diaper Rash

Stressed over rashes, heaviness and spillage that your baby has to face? Stress no more! R for Rabbit Feather Diapers are expendable best child diapers that give answers for all your child's diaper issues. Made with pure water-based ink, these are totally safe for your child and appropriate for even delicate skin types. Dermatologically and Pediatrician tried, these diapers are without compound (0% Parabens/Latex/Fragrance/Phthalates*/Chlorine*) and accompany a wide scope of properties to make your child's diaper venture more joyful. It’s 10 Million* Breathable pores permit the air to go through, making the diapers exceptionally breathable and going about as a rash watchman for your child without any problem. Feather Diapers are additionally Leak-Proof and have instant 12-hour* super absorbing power to guarantee your child can have a good time during the day and uninterrupted sleep at night. Likewise, it gives your child 360-degree flexibility to their playtime and prevents any kind of discomfort. The most important factor to choose R for Rabbit Feathers Diapers is the wetness indicator, which changes the color of the diaper to blue to signal change of the diaper. Feathers Diaper also cares about the disposal of the diaper in a most hygienic manner. Give your child a blissful diaper venture with R for Rabbit Feather Diapers.

Salient Features of R for Rabbit Feather Diapers


It's a living thing! Do you know why? It Breathes. 10 Million Pores keep the airflow going on and on to let the skin dodge rashes.

  • Lightweight and Thinness

Bid Bye to bulky diapers and high five to Feathers Diaper. Give total flexibility to the baby with lightweight & thin diapers to double the fun & comfort.

  • Skin Friendly

Diaper so adorable taht every baby skin falls in love with it. Evenly spreading all the liquid inside makes it better absorbing diaper and protects soft baby skin.

  • High Waist and Comfortability

Find the finest flexible diapers that feel just awesome. Yoga pant style diapers to give ultimate flexibility to little munchkins to have fun all day without caring about wetness.

  • Disposable Tape

Do the diaper disposal with ease. Feathers Diaper has a Single tap strap to stick to the soiled diaper and throw it away with ease.

  • High Absorption

Absorbs much and no lumps as such! It’s not just about absorbing more but evenly spreading the liquid so that diaper doesn't make lumps & get heavy.

Size for R for Rabbit Diapers

Feathers Diapers have sizes for all the little cute bums.

                         Size To Choose                                Baby Weight
XSLess than 5 Kgs
SBetween 5 to 9 Kgs
MBetween 7 to 12 Kgs
LBetween 9 to 14 Kgs
XL12 to 17 Kgs
XXLMore than 15 Kgs

Discounts for Limited Period on First Purchase

R for Rabbit introduces India’s most breathable yoga pant style diapers named as Feather Diapers which are as thin, soft and lightweight as feather is available for trial with free sample with a pack of three diapers. Few launch offers are also available for limited period, so grab before its gone!

New Launch Offer | Apply Coupon Code: NEWLAUNCH

Limited Time Offer for First Purchase | Use Code: FIRST

Super Saver and Subscription Plan

  1. Special Price of Rs 315 inclusive of all taxes is available.
  2. Save Extra up to 10% on Every Subscription Plan.
  3. You can Edit Size, Address, Date and Cancel your subscription plan anytime.
  4. Only Cash on Delivery is available for subscription plan.
  5. Subscription plan price is inclusive of all discounts.
  6. Combo packs of 22, 44, 66 Diapers are available.

Other R for Rabbit products bought along Diapers

Along with Feathers Diapers, one can also buy R for Rabbit Diaper Bin and Baby Wipes.  In short by Feathers Diapers from R for Rabbit and have a Happy Diapering Experience!

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