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Creta Class App – Let’s Go Higher & Faster

Published on: 5 September , 2022 | Ekta

Does your child love playing with numbers? Does he wish to learn “Tables” the easy way? Do you want your kids to be ardent admirers of Math for their lifetime, and not dread Maths? Undoubtedly. We, as parents, would love to get hold of a Math Learning App which has scientific and systematic course content suitable for every child. Imagine all learning and no fun. That’s definitely not going to work! So what are we looking for? The ultimate goal of every parent is to introduce their kid to concepts which lure them completely and get them immersed in the learning process in such a way that the learning becomes a lifetime boon for them. Know more about Creta Class App – Let’s Go Higher & Faster!

Well, having said all this we surely are looking out for a perfect App which helps us achieve our goal with ease and consistency. Let us introduce you to Creta Class App. What is it all about?

What is Creta Class App?

Creta Class is an educational product, designed and developed for kids ages 3-8 years old and aiming at making learning so interesting and intriguing that they get totally immersed in the fun-learn activities. And yes, such learning lasts a life-time, long after your child steps out of formal schooling.

The Creta Class Style

What makes Creta so special and unique is the way it approaches the young minds. Young minds cannot comprehend written scripts that easily. Creta App understands that very well. And hence, its approach is highly recommended. Teach your kids more practical knowledge with Creta Class.

 This is why:

  • Creta Class is designed to help kids establish systematic knowledge through progressive learning pathways.
  • 500 + Engaging animations videos to make learning attractive and fun.
  •  2300+ Interactive exercises facilitate maximum participation.
  • AI-based classes make learning more fun and engaging.
  • 500+ Knowledge points which you can have access to anytime from anywhere.
  • AI Adaptive Learning allows children to learn independently and facilitate them to stay motivated throughout.

Guideline framing of Creta Class App:

  1. Their professional and research centre is led by graduates holding master’s and doctoral degrees from IVY League Schools and other prestigious universities.
  2. Scientifically and systematically staged lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
  3. With Creta approach, the immense, interactive and fun-filled AI Math courses makes them passionate learners.

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Creta Class App Tools

  1. Videos- Engaging animations and immersive life scenarios bring entertainment and effective education together.
  2. Quizzes & Puzzles- Brain storming sessions help enhance their thinking skills and problem-solving skills.
  3. Math Talk- This encourages the kids to speak and express themselves with ease and confidence. The resulting advantage is that their thinking and analytical skills get sharpened.
  4. Real-Time Feedback- AI real-time feedback provides positive motivation for children and customizes their learning pathways.
  5. Momo Call- Momo is a favourite among kids as it is an attraction to kids who can ask any kind of questions and get answers to them.

Creta Class’s unique USP?

The best part of Creta App is that it makes it very easy for the parents to monitor and observe the child’s progress. Let us tell you how.

  1. 3 Level approach- Cognition, behaviour and society.
  2. 9 Abilities- Imagination, creativity, discovery, thinking abilities, analytical skills, logical skills, building focus, passionate learning capacity, and systematic learning.
  3. 16 Thinking Methods- including substitution thinking, corresponsive thinking, logical thinking, etc.

Why do we recommend Creta Class App?

To put it in a nut shell; these are the major advantages of Creta Class App.

  • Helps create spatial awareness
  • Makes your child think arithmetic is doable and easy too.
  • Helps develop problem-solving skills
  • Encourages your child to exercise critical thinking
  • Building self-confidence and esteem
  • Horn thinking skills in your child
  • Each and every activity is fun-based and interactive. So the 15 minutes session flies away in no time.

Are these reasons not enough to choose Creta Class App?

How to get started with Creta Class App?

Creta Class App facilitates Learning with ease Anytime, Anywhere. 15 minutes per session/weekday. And your child is sorted.

Visit the official website of Creta Class App

  1. Click “try it now” and select a course- according to baby’s age
  2. Book a Maths Trial lessons and a mentor will contact you
  3. Download the App. The App is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store

What makes Creta App such a hassle-free one?

  1. Getting a refund made easy
  2. In case you have forgotten your course type, on the Creta Class App you click the “Learn” module to check your purchased course.
  3. The course starts on a Monday only with updates happening from Monday to Friday
  4. Customer Service support system in place through WhatsApp.
  5. Constant Personal feedback from the Monitor with regard to your child.

Our real time experience with Creta Class:

As parents, we know that we should guide our kids to study but most of us are facing so many questions: how to make them study? what pattern should we follow? Creta Class actually do it for us parents with a calendar per week and follows up a pattern which makes it so effective for our kid's studies.

Creta Class includes most of the topics kids need to know, such as arithmetic, shapes, measurements, money and time.  Alongside the core topic, the activities and lessons support kids as they develop logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

The lessons feature high-quality animated videos that are narrated, attractive, and explain the concepts clearly and accurately.  The videos pause for learners to answer questions related to the content.

After the videos, learners have a quiz to complete. These have varying question types that use different methods of interaction.

Creta Class also has a predictable structure, both in the single lessons and over each week. Monday to Wednesday is for introducing new content. Thursday is for reviewing the preceding days’ learning, and, finally, Friday provides reinforcement to embed the new skills and knowledge more firmly.

Moreover, parents can view how their children have done on each lesson by checking the associated report screen. Also, in Creta Class, kids have 1-1 mentoring and will be guided with personalized learning plan.

I feel this is really nice and This AI-based app. made huge efforts for 3-8 years kids. Creta Class is a very good platform for kids to learn maths through stories and games. Highly recommend Creta Class for your kids.

So what are you waiting for? Just get started and be amazed by the experiential learning that both you and your child are going to embark upon. The beginning of many such beautiful journeys – Creta Class App.

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