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Best Diaper Bags For New Moms To Buy In India 2020

Published on: 5 December , 2020 | Ekta

At every step we parents crave to keep our little baby happy and content. The tough part is that we do not understand her language. As her only way to express her pain/needs is crying. And you definitely would not want to prolong it for even a few minutes. Therefore it becomes imperative for you to understand her needs and organize her essentials efficiently. A diaper bag helps you do that. We bring to you the Best Diaper Bags For New Moms To Buy In India 2020.

When you are at home then your ways of organizing might be different. But when you plan to step out for holidays or just a walk down town, then it requires a whole new agenda. You have to pack a zillion things before you even step out. Imagine your little one pees and you struggle for stuff required to change her. All this confusion and stress can definitely be avoided. Gone are those days when we used to rely on hand bags for outings with our babies. For all the new mommies out there, there is a new invention just for your convenience- Diaper Bags. Trust us mommies after reading the pros of a Diaper Bag you would definitely want to settle in for anything but a comfortable and compact Diaper Bag.

Diaper Bag With Changing Mat

Why Do I Need A Diaper Bag?

  • Makes things look organized

Imagine searching for a rattle in your bulky handbag, with your little one wailing in your arms. This is where a Diaper Bag comes as a savior because it has many compartments and has a padded portable diaper changing pad. The more the compartments the more things could fit in, and you know exactly how to pack them according to your baby’s priority needs.

  • Makes Diaper change an easy affair

It is difficult to judge when your baby would pee or poo. Cleaning the mess is definitely something which is difficult when you are travelling. In such a case you definitely need a Diaper bag which makes diapering much easier as it is provided with a removable changing pad.

  • Easy to carry

Diaper bags are light weight, atleast most of them within 1 kg, yet they could hold a hell lot of baby essentials, and your personal stuff too. As mommies who choose to carry Diaper  Bag do not generally carry a separate Hand bag for their own needs/accessories. And which type of Diaper bag you choose also holds lot of importance. Will point out the types of Baby Diaper Bags in the next check list. The shoulder straps (if you pick the back pack style/Messenger style especially) have padded straps and long ones too which help the weight of the loaded Diaper bag be comfortable distributed on your shoulders.

  • Looks stylish and elegant

There are forever new styles being introduced in the market, each one above the other, offering several attractive features and having new additional benefits with every new product. Thus, stylish Diaper Bags is a reality Moms, yes it is!

  • Hands free experience

Does it sound like a far-fetched reality? Well, nowadays certainly not. As Diaper Bags offer you the comfort of being hands-free. Especially if you settle in for a backpack diaper bag or a stroller diaper bag, (depending on your requirements) then nothing like it.

Before you choose a Diaper Bag, it is necessary to look out for these factors which define a good Diaper Bag:

  • Long, adjustable and padded straps
  • Stroller clips in case you choose a stroller diaper bag
  • Material should be soft, preferably nylon, rexine or fabric
  • Compartments and pockets should be sufficiently inbuilt
  • Changing diaper pad
  • Base of the bag should be strong
  • The quality of the zippers and locks should be sturdy quality
  • Colours options should be available
  • Comes with an instruction manual with warranty, as you are surely going to use it for a minimum 3 years

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Best Diaper Bags For Moms To Buy In India 2020:

  1. Backpack Diaper Bags

By far the most popular type of Diaper Bags, Backpack Diaper Bags are easy to carry around and are definitely a hands-free option for all you Moms out there. The look is stylish and looks similar to a normal back pack, except that it is inbuilt with many compartment and bottle holders.  The advantage of a Back pack are many. Firstly it allows the weight of the diaper bag to be evenly distributed along your shoulder due to its broad shoulder straps so that your back does not go for a toss. Secondly, it makes it easy to organize your baby’s stuff. The only disadvantage being that it is difficult to access the bag contents without removing from your back.

  • Messenger / Sling/ Satchel Diaper Bags

These are the most commonly opted for Diaper bags in case you are looking out for easy access to the contents of the bag. It is apt for moms who have to step out only for a bit. As the downside of this Bag is that it is less spacious with less pockets and compartments. The weight of the bag hangs on only one shoulder, so chances to develop shoulder pain are high.

  • Tote Diaper Bags

Tote Diaper Bags are also popular, as they are more compact and more suitable for toddlers whose requirements are not vulnerable. When you know the exact limited stuff you need to carry, then it is best to choose a Tote Diaper Bag. You compromise on the spaciousness, but it still has a couple of compartments and a portable diaper changing pad. Secondly it looks stylish and could be carried in parties too.

  • Stroller Diaper Bags

Stroller diaper bags are becoming increasingly popular, as strollers are a necessary Baby Gear. Hence, Stroller diaper bags go best with it. Moms become hands free and becomes easy to access the bag, just clip on your bag and becomes hands free. The only drawback is that you cannot over stuff your bag, else the Stroller might topple.

  • Convertible Diaper Bags

They are similar in looks to a Tote Bag. They come with adjustable straps which could be attached or detached depending upon your requirement.

So now you understand the need of choosing a good Diaper bag. Let us list out the Best Diaper Bags For New Moms To Buy In India 2020:

Mee Mee Multipurpose Diaper Bag

Mee Mee Diaper Bag

The most popular brand of Diaper Bag is the one which is offered by Mee Mee. The multi-purpose Diaper Bag has all that you are looking for in a Diaper Bag. It has 7 inside and 4 outside pockets, inspite of being called a compact Diaper bag. Made of 100% polyester material, it is durable and suitable for all weather conditions.

What we loved about it:

  • Has 7 inside and 4 outside compartments
  • Perfect for travel option
  • Pocket friendly

Price: Rs. 1,599/-

BabyMoon Back packs

Baby Moon Back Pack

Another Diaper brand which is associated with classy, elegant and stylish looks is Baby Moon Back packs. It has more than 15 prints to choose from. Has the provision of 2 tin foil bottle pockets to accommodate 2 milk bottles. Thus making it an ideal choice for long journeys. It is definitely a multi functional – as in it could be converted easily into a shoulder bag, tote bag, stroller bag or a convertible bag as well. so basically an All-in-1 option for Mommies out there.

What we loved about it:

  • Multi-purpose bag
  • Provision to keep 2 milk bottles
  • Made of fully water proof, polyester material
  • Stroller straps are provided with extra clips
  • Comes in 15 exciting designs to choose from

Price: Rs. 1,699/-

LuvLap Best Diaper Bag For Moms & Babies

LuvLap Best Diaper Bag For Moms & Babies

LuvLap Lily Diaper Bag is meant for all those busy Moms who are always on the go. Equipped with 15 pockets (7 inner and 8 outer), as well as a spacious centre with a provision of 1 bottle holder. Easy to wash and easily foldable Diaper bag makes for a great travel option. Provided with an incorporated changing mat to ensure that diaper change is no more a messy business.

What we loved about this product:

  • Adjustable shoulder strap makes it an easy convertible Bag
  • Water resistant
  • 2 Insulated Bottle compartments for maintaining adequate temperature for baby food/milk
  • Made of polyester material, this Bag is provided with padded shoulder straps
  • Removable nappy changing mat is present
  • 15 pockets for multi-storage of essentials
  • The centre of the bag is spacious

MRP: Rs. 2,495/-

Robustrion Stylish Waterproof Multi Functional Waterproof Bag

Robustrion is a fairly new entry in this category, but has made a mark for itself within the Parenting circle as one of the most popular bags. Made of nylon material it ensures that your bag is protected from any spillage or stain. Easily washable and low item weight makes it a good travel option. The shoulder straps and easy to carry handle make it for a customer friendly option, making it an easy job to carry around.

What we loved about it:

  • Weighing only 700 gms approx, it makes for a good travel option
  • Has 7 compartments to store baby essentials
  • Made of 100
  • 5 waterproof material
  • Pocket friendly option
  • Colour options are many
  • Spacious from the inside


  • Material used is not of the best quality
  • Comes with no warranty

Price: Rs. 1,299/-

BabyHug Diaper Bag – Floral print

Baby Hug Diaper Bags For Moms

A Multi purpose Diaper bag which can be easily convertible into a Tote Bag, shoulder bag as well backpack. Made of Oxford fabric(high quality cotton fabric), it is an extremely user-friendly Diaper Bag with spacious compartment inside and pockets outside(total 8). In addition to this, there is provision of 3 insulated pockets to keep feeding bottles to ensure that your long journeys are comfortable. Available in trendy and attractive designs.

What we loved about this:

  • A spacious bag consisting of 8 compartments and 4 insulated bottle pockets
  • Made of good quality Oxford Fabric
  • Available in trendy designs
  • Easily convertible into a Tote Bag, shoulder bag
  • Broad straps which are padded
  • Pocket friendly
  • Appropriate for babies 3 years of age

Price: Rs. 1,746/-

R for Rabbit Carmello Delight Diaper Bag- Sky blue

R For Rabbit Diaper Bag For New Moms

Made of high grade Oxford fabric and waterproof material, this Diaper Bag surely makes it an excellent choice of a Multi-functional Diaper bag. It is so huge and spacious that a 15 inch laptop could easily fit into it. comes with spacious 9 compartments, this Bag is all what you need to pack before you step out. It can be converted into a shoulder bag or even a back pack.

What we loved about this:

  • Available in several designs and colours
  • Has 9 pockets inside and outside for storage
  • Has the capacity to hold a 15” laptop as well
  • Comes with a changing mat which comes handy during nappy change
  • Lightweight weighing only 600 grams

Price: Rs. 2,099/-

Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bag

Motherly Diaper Bags For New Moms

A fairly new brand which makes quality Baby products, this Diaper Bag is made of waterproof material which is durable and easy to maintain. Machine washable and comes with instruction manual as well. This is one of the Diaper bags that has 13 pockets – both internal and external, and provision for storage of 3 milk bottles. On the outside there is a provision for tissue pocket and a water bottle pocket. It is easy to carry along bag which could be easily convertible into a shoulder bag, back pack as well as Tote bag.

What we loved about this:

  • Has the maximum number of pockets for storage– total 14
  • Has a tissue pocket too
  • Made of water proof material
  • It has good strap mechanism which makes the bag secure to carry
  • Pocket friendly option
  • Light weight bag weighing only 792 gms
  • Incorporated upgraded design – zippers, rivets, gauge buttons
  • Cushioned back straps for 3-way carrying – shoulder, back pack and sling


  • The stitches are not secure
  • Absence of changing diaper mat
  • Absence of bottle cover

Price: Rs. 1,549/-

House of Quirk Baby Diaper Bag

House Of Quirk For Moms & Babies

The last but not the least to figure in our list is – House of Quirk Diaper bag. Made of High quality Oxford fabric which is durable and easily washable – it passes all the tests of durability and comfort. Well designed spacious centre space equipped with 9 pockets to store various essentials – feeding bottles, nappies, towels or snacks. It is well designed to incorporate Wet and Dry Separation design to separate wet and dry items. The top of the bag is quite wide making it easy to access the inside of the bag.

What we loved about this:

  • The top of the bag is wide open with a provision of zipper, hence could be easily accessed
  • A compact Diaper Bag that symbolizes style, comfort and ample space
  • Wet and Dry Separation design to separate wet and dry essentials
  • Contains 9 individual pockets for multi storage
  • Pocket friendly
  • Available in several colours and designs
  • Weighs only 520 gms

Price: Rs. 1,299/-

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