Getting Pregnant After 30

Getting Pregnant After 30

Motherhood – there’s no bigger bliss known to a woman! Motherhood symbolizes warmth, patience, care, sacrifice and immeasurable love. You may associate these adjectives and more to a mother. When a woman chooses to embrace motherhood, she dives in whole heartedly, giving in her entire known persona to become an individual she didn’t know she was capable of becoming. In these times, there are innumerable women who are opting to embrace motherhood in their 30’s. Here we look at what it means to “Getting Pregnant After 30”.

Does age really matter when it comes to getting pregnant?

Look around and you’ll see that women are getting pregnant across varied age groups, ranging from 20’s to 30’s and even 40’s. Women who have kids when they are still in their 20’s are blessed with a bountiful of energy and novel sometimes even crazy ideas at parenting and you may literally grow old with your child too! 30’s is a wonderful time too given that a woman has had some time to herself and her career and hopefully some with her partner too. Women who opt to get pregnant in their 40’s may lie low on energy but are secure financially to give their brood an extravagant upbringing.

Every decade in a woman’s life in terms of getting pregnant and embracing motherhood, brings advantages and disadvantages. Experts have determined certain age brackets to be a better time to get pregnant but it is spot-on to say that a woman’s health largely depends on her lifestyle choices and well-being. An older woman taking precise care of her health can far outdo her younger counterpart at times!

Which is the best age to get pregnant?