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Wrapunzel – NewBorn Gifting With Innovation, Passion & Zeal

Published on: 4 June , 2018 | Ekta

When I had my first baby, it was a grand celebration with so many friends & relatives showering their love & blessings on my little angel! While this was less than 3 years ago, I vividly remember few gifts that totally stood out from the rest. While personalized gifting has become very popular, many people these days want to move away from gifting just bouquets because it becomes obsolete in 3 days or traditional silver glasses/spoons & bowls either because you won’t use or probably recycle. Wrapunzel – NewBorn Gifting With Innovation, Passion & Zeal is here at your rescue. Know how! Wrapunzel’s exclusive assembling by it’s team will leave your special ones beaming! Customizable and heart-warming, Wrapunzel’s products are envisioned with affection and passion, redefining luxury. So now, YOU can become a Santa for your loved ones! Your love is transported to your special ones through handmade and heartfelt gift hampers, to bring bliss to the ultimate recipient – "The Little One" with extra love from Wrapunzel – NewBorn Gifting With Innovation, Passion & Zeal. Once you try Wrapunzel’s exciting gift options, we bet you will go back for more! What I love the most about them is that, the creative team churns out fresh ideas every month with unconventional techniques every day. Since occasional gifting requires delivery to be “PUNCTUAL”, there is NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY & TIME.

Gifts For New Moms-To-Be

You deserve something special for nurturing a baby for 9 long months! J They have a Mommy Bag that has everything you need at that hour of time – from Energy Bars to essential oils, Bath Salt to Feeding Bottle. It is thoughtfully curated so that you don’t have to worry when you are expecting a miracle!

Our Top 3 Picks For “Mommy’s-To Be” Are

The Mommy Bag - Best Luxury Gifts For Moms-To-Be

Priced at Rs.4999, this Satin Bag is like the perfect Hospital Bag you need when you are all set for the "D-Day"! From Infant dress, socks, cap, feeding bottle, mittens & booties for your precious one to Bio-Oil, Energy Bars to recoup faster and essenital oils & lots more to pamper & take care of your body that needs more attention post-delivery.

Floral Indulgence - Best Mother-Care Gifts For Moms-To-Be

Priced at Rs.3199, this fabulous gift entails Spa Essentials like Shea Butter Scrub, Biotique Cocoa Butter Balm & Masaage Oil, Lakme Glow Face Wash & a Towel Set to bring back the glow after all the exhaustion during delivery. Now "WOW" the new "MOM".

A Hope In A Jar - Best Premium Baby Shower Gifting Options In India

Priced at Rs.3000, this is like the Pandora’s Box, with incredible number of things to offer you. A garden themed, beautifully decorated jar contains lip balm, hand sanitizer, face wash, nail polish, Apricot scrub, Ferrero Rocher and much more! After all, why should new-borns alone be pampered! :)

Gifts For New Borns

A grand way to welcome your new born, Wrapunzel offers is symphony of class and elegance. These ravishing gift hampers consists of receiving blankets, towel, diapers, burp cloth, napkins, mittens & booties and soft toys- Because your little bambino deserves to be luxuriously pampered. Its “Love At First Sight” afterall!:)

Our Top 3 Picks For The “New Born Babies” Are

Cinderella's Carriage - Best Personalized Gifting Options For New Borns

Priced at Rs.4999, Cinderella's Carriage is resplendent way to welcome your just born pretty princess. This Royal Carriage is symphony of class and grace. This stunning gift hamper consisting of receiving blankets, towel, diapers, burp cloth, napkins, and soft toys adorned by a tiara- because she is the real princess! Wish someone had gifted me this when I was a New-Mommy ;)

Cutesy Owl - Best Neutral Gifts For Infants & New Borns

Priced at Rs.1499, this Cutesy Owl is probably the cutest owl I've ever seen :) As it is considered to be the wisest bird, wish your friend's little one also become as wise as an owl. This fluffy gift includes baby diapers, a hand towel, a receiving blanket, a baby napkin and a pair of mittens and is pocket-friendly!

Bassinet - Best Baby Shower Gifts In India

Priced at Rs.2999, the Bassinet is a super impressive way to announce the arrival of the baby. It’s going to be a crowd puller as it stands amidst your best wishers. Isn’t this really what you asked for? This gift hamper contains Diapers, hooded towel, napkins, hand towel, changing pad along with other baby care products. We know you're busy. So we have brought Wrapunzel – NewBorn Gifting With Innovation, Passion & Zeal, who offer irresistable luxurious baby shower gift options for your near and dear ones. They will be thrilled when they receive a visually-appealing yet functional gift that will neither become obsolete nor be recycled. We are sure you are excited to visit their entire collection, you can head to Wrapunzel and place an order now! Happy Parenting! :) It may also interest you to read Best Personalized Gifting Options for Pre-Schoolers & Teenagers Best Stretch Marks Removal Cream & Oils In India
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rachel 2019-06-18 12:03:09

Great read, loved it., thanks for sharing...I have got a baby shower on this Saturday and i'm very confused on what kind of gifts to buy, i thought of buying this gift set - sophielagirafe but after reading your post, thinking to buy that adorable bassinet which would be the better gift I guess., thanks for helping me.., you saved so much of my time. :)

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