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How to Maintain a Bedtime Routine for Kids? 6 Tips to Follow

Published on: 4 April , 2022 | Kanchan V

Do you often struggle with getting your kid to sleep? Well, you are not alone. A large number of parents complain about it. But setting a smooth bedtime routine for your child is important. Unless they get enough sleep daily, it will affect their emotional health. They may start feeling irritated. Also, chronic sleep deprivation in kids may lead to behavioural problems. So, make sure that the little one gets enough sleep (at least 9 to 12 hours a day). How to Maintain a Bedtime Routine for Kids? 6 Tips to Follow.

Bedtime routines play a significant role in helping little ones sleep better. With proper sleep schedules, children find it easy to fall asleep quickly. But how to maintain a smooth bedtime routine for 12 year old kids or younger ones? To get some useful sleep tips, parents can dive into the below section now. But before that, let's check out the consequences of sleep deprivation or insufficient sleep in children.

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How to Maintain a Bedtime Routine for Kids

The Health Effects of Insufficient Sleep in Kids

Unfortunately, lack of sleep in kids can cause a lot of health problems. There are chances that they get sick if they fail to get enough sleep for a long time. Here are the physical and mental health issues they may have to deal with due to insufficient sleep –

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Poor decision-making skills
  • Difficulty in paying attention
  • Anxiety and mood-related issues
  • Decreased brain development and more

Tips on How to Set a Bedtime Routine for Children

1.    Set Particular Bedtime

So, what time should an 11 year old go to bed? Usually, kids who are aged 11 or above should go to bed before 9 pm. But different routines work for different kids. However, it is necessary to go to bed early, as teachers in the best daycare think.

Make sure that your little one goes to bed at the same time. Set a particular bedtime schedule for him or her since this will help the little one gets plenty of sleep daily.

2.    Set a Fixed Wake-up Time

The wake-up time should be set as per the sleep needs of your kid. Remember, setting a wake-up routine is as much important as creating a bedtime routine. Being consistent with the sleep schedule is equally important. Preschoolers stay happy throughout the day when they get enough sleep. It also makes it easy for parents to manage their work.

3.    Stop Using Phones Before Going to Bed

Melatonin helps people feel sleepy when it is at the highest level. As per research, blue light from screens may interfere with melatonin hormone production and thus, can prevent both adults and kids from getting deep sleep.

To ensure a good night's sleep, consider avoiding watching TV, phone or computer. Make sure that your child does not use these electronic devices at least two hours before going to bed. According to teachers in a reputed daycare, the bedroom should be a screen-free zone. This will be helpful in getting deep sleep every day.

4.    Deal With Sleep Problems

So, how would you know whether your little one has sleep problems? Here are some signs to look for – struggling with falling asleep quickly, getting up in the middle of the night, loud and heavy breathing during sleep, snoring etc. Also, parents may notice some changes in kids’ behaviour. Little ones may feel exhausted and sleepy during the day because of a lack of sleep.

Before setting a bedtime routine for your child, try to deal with all his or her sleeping problems. If you fail to do it, feel free to discuss all these issues with a paediatrician. Thus, it will be easy for parents like you to fix the sleeping problems of preschoolers. 

Set A Bedtime Routine For Kids

5.    Be There When He or She Sleeps

"Mom/Dad! Where are you? I can't sleep; I am afraid of dark." Kids are often scared of darkness, and many of them find it difficult to sleep alone. Sit there beside them until they sleep. Also, they may need to go to the bathroom and need your help. Anticipate their needs and help them fall asleep. What preschoolers sometimes need is parents' attention. Be available for them and make them feel safe.

6.    Create and Maintain Sleep Environment

Maintaining a sleep environment is as important as setting a bedtime routine for your child. To ensure deep slumber, use soft bedsheets, keep the room dark and quiet and be there by your little one. Also, it is important that they stay calm. It helps them fall asleep soon.

So, these are some gentle parenting bedtime routine tips. In the beginning, it will be difficult to get him or her to bed on time. Here, consistency and patience are the secrets to achieving this goal. If you are wondering what are 4 parts of a good nightly routine – here is our answer for you. Both childcare experts in a well-recognised daycare and child psychologists think – comfortable outfits, hygiene, prayers, and final goodnights are four major parts of successful bedtime routines. Take care of your kid, let him or her get enough sleep and help him, or her grow fast.

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